Time and again, the phrase ‘Never Give Up’ has repeatedly been used to give hope and inspire people to push their limits to achieve set goals.  Sometimes things don’t work out, and an individual contemplates on giving up on a dream. But the fighting spirit should continue to light up the burning desire to see the dream become a reality.

No one demonstrates the spirit to never give up better than Crowdfunding, Indiegogo’s founder Danae Ringelmann. Danae had this distant vision of establishing a platform, where people with a noble cause, but lacking in necessary capital, would ultimately be able to source it from well-wishers and donors. Her motivation stems from her experience growing up and watching her parents who were entrepreneurs struggle with capital issues.

When she had the idea for the platform, and together with her partners, Danae ironically embarked on the same mission Indiegogo was supposed to address, soliciting for capital from investors. From one investor to another, the team could not get any funding for their cause. It was not until being turned away by 90 investors that Indiegogo finally succeeded and overcame all initial hitches. To date, Indiegogo has been very instrumental in seeing various missions’ success through them. It’s important to note this clear demonstration of never giving up, that ultimately helped the company grow to the successful position it is in today.

When things are looking challenging, you think you’ll never be able to do it, and you feel like quitting, think of Danae. Never give up! Below we highlight some key guidelines that may help you when you feel like your dreams have hit a dead end.

never give up

Believe in What You Are Doing

Ideally, it’s easy to put work into your goals. Pushing a cause you believe in will ensure that when all the fun is over, and the hill gets steeper, you will have the determination to keep going and to never give up. Some dreams become Mt. Everest, but keep believing in them. As with Danae, her strong belief in the cause of Indiegogo and what it would potentially achieve pushed her from one investor to another. When you believe in something, the number of doors shut in your face would be just a minor setback and should never define what you want to achieve.

Be Realistic

Usually, ‘dream big’ and ‘nothing is impossible’ are slogans that are repeatedly used to emphasize the greater potential that is lying within us. Nonetheless, there is nothing like being overly ambitious. When outlining goals that you want to achieve, it is imperative to be realistic and set logical achievable goals. For instance, it would be almost impractical to seek to start a venture and have overnight success. When realistic goals are set, you can never give up since everything you planned will be achieved in small milestones. Cumulatively, and over some period, the major goals will have finally been met.

Be Consistent

It is easier to build onto one venture or chase one dream than trying to be in every other place. Essentially, being consistent towards one goal assures that you become a master at one thing rather than a jack of all trades. Most often, giving up arises from the realization of available fall back plans that may be the cause of divided attention in the first place. If Danae had not been consistent with the crowdfunding idea in the first place, it would have been easier to give up after 2 or 3 unsuccessful investor meetings. However, she was consistent and emphasized her genuine spirit to never give up!

never give up

Never Compare Yourself with Others

Naturally, humans are prone to drawing comparisons to themselves and their peers. But know each journey has a different narrative to it and no two are ever similar. Never give up should be a mantra that pushes you to do your own best without looking at others’ successes. Comparing oneself with others will only lead to a sense of inadequacy. In retrospect, it pays to maintain a positive attitude and hold your head high even when things are not looking very well. Attitude towards a particular challenge determines its associated outcome significantly.

Have Role Models

From the preceding, it is true that to assure that you never give up, little or no comparison to others should be practiced. On the other hand, it is hugely beneficial to identify role models. Role models are people that you admire their skills, expertise, and insights on given matters. Role models act as motivators when you are faced with uncertainties on particular issues. Role models need be those individuals who have previously faced challenges you are currently facing and are thus likely to give credible advice.

Be Open to Criticism

When pursuing a certain cause, and in the quest to never give up, most people occasionally turn a blind eye to critics and brand them as naysayers. However, critics are an invaluable source of feedback. It is important to engage constructively and appropriately adjust wherever amends are needed. Be open to a voice of reason that may come along to point out some areas that you may have overlooked. The mantra ‘Never give up’ should never be used as a reason for ignoring the voice of reason.

Ensure That You Take a Break

Frustrations and fatigue can be some reasons that may be attributed to giving up. When you have invested too many resources and put in a lot of hours into a cause, it is very easy to give up when things do not work out as anticipated. It is paramount to take a break from your routine tasks and engage in relaxing activities to ensure that you never give up on your goals. Take the time to clear your mind and then go back to work and face its challenges. Resting rejuvenates the body and mind thus enhancing concentration and assuring that you keep on track with your dreams.

So take these tips into consideration when mapping out how to make your big idea into a reality. Think of Danae, and don’t let rejection be your downfall. Never give up, and believe in your dreams and maybe you could be the boss of the next big innovative company.

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