Founded back in 1922, The National Taiwan University is a Research and Academic Training Centre operating as a non-profit organisation in Taiwan. Having been earlier opened during the Japanese reign as a Taiwan Provincial College to nurture native students who would help with the governance of the region, the University was re-established by China in 1946 to accommodate the national and international needs of its students. It subsequently lost its image as a specialist centre and was given a facelift to re-establish it as a place for further education for everyone.

Nowadays the National Taiwan Normal University, commonly known as NTNU, is widely recognised as a leading university in the field of science and research. However, it is also well-known as an institution that teaches international students Chinese. Transformed over the years into a centre of excellence, the National Taiwan University is generally recognised as a place, which offers a healthy nurturing academic environment for bright minds.


It currently has three campuses in Taiwan, located at:
Shuiyuan – 162, Sec. 1, Heping E. Rd, Taipei City.
Gongguan – No. 88, Sec. 4, Tingzhou Rd, Wenshan District, Taipei City.
NTNU Linkou – No. 2, Sec. 1, Ren’ai Rd, Linkou District, New Taipei City.

World Ranking

The National Taiwan University was the number one Taiwanese University in 2015-2016, according to the International Outlook Rankings of top universities around the world. It was also ranked 44th in Education and Training, 58th in the Asian University Rankings, and overall, 376th among the top universities in the world.

Total Number of Students

NTNU has 15,826 students from all around the world. 7,658 of them are undergraduates, 6,925 of them are postgraduates, and 1,243 of its students are in overseas Chinese preparatory programs.

Total Number of International Students

It has over 2,500 international students, mainly from Europe, USA, Africa and other parts of Asia. The diverse mix of cultures from different regions of the world enriches its education system.

Total Number of Faculties

Being one of the top universities, not only in the Taiwan but also in the world, The National Taiwan Normal University currently has 9 top faculties and has won 3 Nobel prizes. The nine colleges are comprised of 54 departments and one affiliated senior high school in the three campuses highlighted above.

Academic Reputation

NTNU with its long history of excellent teaching staff is known in Taiwan and the rest of Asia as a top university with modern facilities that help ensure its students are a success. It has over 1,163 academic staff of which, more than 50% are permanent employees.

The university employs professors from around the world, which is great for its international and local students. It also offers a lot of opportunities for students who are in need of financial aid, or want to apply for internships or research opportunities.

The university is also internationally well known for its Mandarin Training Centre. The school is one of the oldest of its kind and employs a unique approach to guiding and teaching overseas students who want to learn the language and assimilate the culture. Some of its other famous colleges include the following departments: Liberal Arts, Arts, Science, Education, International Studies, Social Science, Management, and Music.

Note: National Taiwan University courses, meet the requirements of US credit transfer guidelines.

The University continues to strive to offer internationally recognised programs, by ensuring that certifications gained for its various departments are of global standards. As a result, their programs are also of a similar standard to those offered in Europe and the US.

Employer Reputation

As a top public Education and Research Centre, NTNU provides the necessary facilities for research advancement. Its extensive physical and online libraries, coupled with its laboratories, ensure that students have all that they need to fulfil their dreams. As well as offering internships, the university partners with overseas and local companies to help their bright students find employers, especially in: Communication Science, Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, Education and Electronic Science.

Research Aspects

The National Taiwan University focuses on Research and Innovation that help Societal Growth, whist laying emphasis on the need for scientific solutions to solve emerging problems around the world.

It has a budget of over NT$2.1 billion set aside for research projects and has sponsored over 1,100 of them to date. Students are given a chance to work with other NTNU partners in education, such as Johns Hopkins University, Radford University, University of California, University of London, University of British Columbia, as well as universities in Russia, Japan and Singapore. Such opportunities give students the required exposure in their field of interest while bringing together a diversity of minds to achieve common goals.

Faculty to Student Ratio

Standing at 18:1, National Taiwan University has one of the best faculty-to-student ratios in the whole of China, and that ensures that its students learn in spacious facilities in which, without placing too much strain on the facilities on offer, they can receive personal attention from their professors.

Social Activities

NTNU is not all about work and no play. It understands that its diverse mix of students have other non-academic talents that need to be nurtured. As such it gives equal importance to other extra-curricular activities. There are a good number of sports facilities, ranging from football fields, lawn tennis and basketball courts, as well as athletics tracks. Their martial arts department has some of the best instructors.

The university also finances a number of associations and clubs that students open to student membership.

Best Programs Available

The Mandarin Training Centre has an exceptional reputation and is considered by many of its present and past international students as being a great teaching institution. It attracts over 1000 students from the US and more than 70 other countries worldwide.

Note: most language courses are taught on a 3-months basis, making it easier for international students to enrol over the summer holidays.

Academic and Research Opportunities for International Students

As a top university with a large number of international students, NTNU has over the years evolved to suit the various needs of its students and have plenty to offer. Whether a student requires financial assistance or wants to apply for a sport or academic visa, or even a research visa, the university will and can help.

It takes care of international students and when it comes to research, National Taiwan University offers the same opportunities to its international students as it does to its local students – something which is made very evident by the billions of cash pumped into its research projects over the years.

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