Founding Year: 1980
Address: 70 Lienhai Road
Gushan District KHH 80424

Key Statistics

National Sun Yat-Sen University was ranked by the Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2016 in 501 – 600th position and the Asia University Rankings 2016 placed it at 73rd, while BRICS and Emerging Economies 2016 ranked it at 57th. The Student: Staff Ratio is 19:6, while the female to male ratio is 37:63. It’s one of the top 50 universities in the whole world and has the best mathematics research college in Taiwan. It also has the third best business school, and the 6th best ranked Higher Education Institution.


National Sun Yat-Sen is a public research university situated in Sizihwan, Gushan District, Kaosiung, Taiwan. It’s a think tank, more than half of its organisations are research centres.

Despite being a medium-sized university, it is considered to be one of the most prestigious universities in the cross-strait Economic Zone. NSYSU was founded in 1980, and is named after Dr Sun Yat-sen and has since remained one of the most promising universities in Taiwan. National Sun Yat-sen University aims to pursue excellence in teaching and research. It also focuses on Humanities, as well as Engineering and Science.

NSYSU was granted by the Ministry of Education through Aim for the Top University Plan’ in 2006 to improve on research and teaching. Thanks to the university’s outstanding achievements, it has become one of the world’s top universities in many academic rankings. NSYSU is renowned for its cutting-edge technologies, oceanography and is among the four institutions that make up Taiwan’s Public Ivy – The Taiwan Comprehensive University System.

The NSYSU campus is located on the edge of the Hsitzi Bay, which overlooks the Kaohsiung Harbor with mountains at the back. This strategic geography prompted the university to focus on advancements in marine research to become the leading marine sciences academic institution in Taiwan. NSYSU also encourages interdisciplinary collaboration between marine studies and other academic departments, so as to stimulate research and new ideas. Besides research and academic prestige, the breathtaking beach offers a natural venue for water sports and other forms of recreation activities. Its famous sunset is a popular attraction for many tourists from around the world.

Key Facts

Outstanding Disciplinary Influence

NSYSU has six colleges, including Science, Liberal Arts, Engineering, Social Sciences, Management and Marine Sciences. The university offers 18 undergraduate programs, 35 masters programs, and 26 doctoral programs. NSYSU was ranked among the top 200 education centres by ESI, in the fields of Mathematics, Engineering as well as Information Technology. The university is home to highly competitive departments – Electronic Commerce, Engineering, Optoelectronics and Material Science.

NSYSU has over 500 full-time faculty members.

National Sun Yat-Sen University Enrollment

After the university was founded, it only had 189 students, but today it has over 9500 students, which can be broken down into 4,635 undergraduates and 4961 graduates. The university is also dedicated to creating a globalised environment and hence enrols 1200 international students a year who are on exchange programs, degree programs, language learning as well as research fellowships. This facilitates interaction between domestic students and their foreign counterparts and helps all sides bridge cultures differences.

High-Quality Cultivation Of Talent

It has indicators which affirm that the National Sun Yat-sen University plays a major role in the development of talent in China. Some of the indicators include high employment rates as well as a high degree of job satisfaction among both graduates and undergraduates. There is also a high pass rate for major professional qualification exams, among the National Sun Yat-sen University students.

Continuous Increase in Quality of Education and Research Capacity

NSYSU was named one of the country’s seven major research universities in 2002. It is recognised as one of Taiwan’s paramount learning and research institutions with global distinction. The University also has the Office of Research and Development which is responsible for managing NSYSU’s research activities. It advocates for research needs and resources, provides support for campus-wide research efforts, as well as promotes the contributions of NSYSU’s research internationally. The university also has a resourceful library and multimedia facilities, as well as computer labs and good internet.

The university is very devoted to providing a great learning experience for its students from across the world. NSYSU has an English curriculum and integrates various activities to create a rewarding and productive learning environment. It offers sports courses as well as art and culture activities.

NSYSU has a research centre located at Pratas Island.

International Exchange

NSYSU has collaborations and agreements with more than 160 universities from over 30 countries from across the world. This enables students to take part in exchange programs, joint dissertation supervisions, dual degree programs, co-sponsorship of symposium as well as research collaborations.

The University welcomes over 50 international exchange students to study in NSYSU, focusing on management and business and learning about Taiwanese culture and Chinese Culture.

The university also has a different language institute which facilitates the learning of Taiwanese and Mandarin.

The National Sun Yat-Zen University has an International Student Association that is very active. Between 2009 and 2010, NSYSU has more than 250 international students as members of the association, and they participated in more than 20 student events. The association has five key points including Public Services, Scholarships, Student Services, Social Events and Sports.

Social Activities

The university has several sports and recreational facilities including a fitness centre, tennis court, gymnasium, outdoor basketball and volleyball court and a swimming pool. It also has many students associations with recruitment taking place on a yearly basis. The University encourages international students to join extracurricular activities as this helps them ensure that their students become well-rounded, competent individuals who can compete on the global level. Some of the activities organised include sports competitions, tourists’ visits to major tourist spots, a graduation party, a welcoming party and a New Year party.

Recent News and Upcoming Events

There is so much information about upcoming events, as well as news of what is happening at the National Sun Yat-Sen University, which can be accessed by clicking on the University’s official website. You will also find videos about the university as well as other relevant information on the site.

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