Founded: 1919

Address: 250, Guo Kuang Road

Taichung TXG 402


Key Statistics

National Chung Hsing University was ranked by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016 at position 601- 800th, while its Asian University Ranking 2016 is at position 131-140th. The student to staff ratio is 20:3, while the female to male ratio is 39:61. According to the Ministry of Education rankings, it’s the best university in Central Taiwan. National Chung Hsing University is a research based, comprehensive university situated in South District.


National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) started out as the Advanced Academy of Agronomy and Forestry when it was established in 1991. NCHU has since been at the center of Taiwan’s agricultural prowess. At the moment, CHU is a research oriented university renowned for its precision engineering, agricultural biotechnology, material science and environmental engineering programs.

NCHU was among the universities chosen by the Ministry of Education, under its five year program, which aimed to improve tertiary education in Taiwan. The university’s staff and students have in turn made efforts to implement the plans of the project and made major improvements in the areas of administrative and institutional reform, teaching quality, academic research, academia-industry collaboration and internationalization.

Ratio of Students to Faculty Members

National Chung Hsing University has an enrollment of 18000 students, which can be broken down to 1,662 doctoral students, 9,730 bachelor students and 5,867 masters students. The number of international students is about 600. NCHU has around 900 faculty members; 383 professors, 218 associate professors, 141 assistant professors and 300 administrative staff. National Chung Hsing University recruits the best faculty members out there, which creates a stimulating environment for research as well as learning.


Currently, NCHU has six colleges and two evening schools on campus. The main campus consists of the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Science, the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the School of Innovation and Industry Liaison, the School of Law and Politics, the College of Life Sciences and the College of Engineering. NCHU owns four experimental forests in Tainan City, New Taipei City, Taichung City and Nantou County. It also has two experimental farms in Wuri and Wufeng districts in Taichung city.


NCHU was among the top 12 research-oriented universities that received awards from the Ministry of Education in 2006. It is the only high ranking research university in Central Taiwan and statistics show that the university has great potential to become one of the world’s best universities, following its research in biotechnology and agriculture. The university is working on establishing four research centers, including the Center for Advanced Industry Technology and Precision Processing, Biotechnology Center, Environmental Restoration and Disaster Reduction Research Center as well as the Center of Nanoscience & Technology. There is also plans to establish a Research Center for Social Science and Management Development.

NCHU has reached major research milestones, especially in the field of agricultural biotechnology. The university was the first in Taiwan to develop the transgenic papaya resistant to papaya ringspot virus, computerized image-treating fish counters, developed research on genetic diversity of colocasia and xanthosoma, among so many other scientific breakthroughs.

International Collaboration

NCHU initiates and takes part in various international activities, including student and faculty exchange programs, dual-degree programs, study abroad programs, international symposiums and conferences and mutual visits by scholars. The university has established partnership connections with over 150 universities in America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Student Support

National Chung Hsing University provides students with guidance, assistance, encouragement, as well as services to help them in daily life. The university makes an effort to keep in close contact with the families of students in order to maintain high moral standards.

Extracurricular Facilities

The university has more than 120 student societies and clubs relating to sport, social services, music, art, literature, language learning, religion, philosophy and humanities. The main objective of extracurricular activities is to ensure that the students comprehend the importance of independence within a group while remaining within the university’s regulations. The students are expected to get acquainted with the essence of intellectual, ethical, social and physical standards.

The National Chung Hsing University provides a variety of facilities, including the Computer Service Center, the library, the Arts Center, the Language Center, athletic and recreational facilities and also bookstores. There are ATMs situated at the Student Center as well as at a nearby post office. The sports complex provides the following facilities: a gymnasium, swimming pool, basketball courts, tennis courts as well as an all-weather athletic track.

International Students

The university has a goal of supporting international education and therefore recruits a considerable number of international students. The academic exchange department is instrumental in organizing the international student summer programs, forming sister university relations, the reception of international visitors and guests, as well as expediting faculty and student exchange programs. The Foreign Student Affairs Department recruits and admits international students and provides student counseling.

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