Address: No. 1001, Daxue Rd, East District, Hsinchu City, Taiwan 300

Number of students: 12,000 plus

Number of international students: 1500 plus

World ranking: 35th in the world in IT in 2013 and 50th in engineering

Country ranking: 3rd

Total Number of faculties: 588

National Chiao Tung University was originally founded in Shanghai, China before the Civil War but as the Civil War started, the alumni moved to Taiwan and so did the University. Since then it has been located in Hsinchu province in Taiwan. National Chiao Tung University is said to be the leading public research University in Taiwan. It has currently been ranked the 3rd best University of Taiwan.

Although the University and its infrastructure have not yet developed fully, the progress with which it is going is remarkable. The reason why the University is ranked as one of the best Universities in Taiwan is because it has grown a lot in different fields and aspects including faculty and research.

Academic Reputation:

The National Chiao Tung University comprises a total of nine colleges which provide students with different disciplines. The campuses offer so many different studies and degrees which make the National Chiao Tung University one of the biggest universities in Taiwan in regards to the courses and discipline offered. The nine colleges of the National Chiao Tung University are:

College of Engineering, College of Electrical Engineering, College of Management, College of Computer Science, College of Science, College of Biological Science and Technologies, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Hakka Studies, School of Law, Centre for General Education, Chalmers International Taiwan Office, and National Chiao Tung University Europe at Chalmers.

Employer Reputation:

National Chiao Tung University is situated at the hub of Taiwan’s IT industry i.e. Hsinchu Science park which makes it the best place for advancements in technology as well as academic growth. Apart from that, National Chiao Tung University has distinguished alumni and two-thirds of them are employed with the park at the post of CEO or General Manager.


The colleges mentioned above are almost all offering the best research facilities in the country. They have various types of research centres which are working in the respective fields with the professors from all around the world. The University organises research in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences, Disaster Prevention, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, Cultural Development, and Film.


The National Chiao Tung University along with focusing on the academics has a great focus on extracurricular activities and sports. The University is known for its well-engineered sports arena which is open to all the students because the National Chiao Tung University believes that it is not only the mind which should be exercised but the body as well. Apart from that, the University has different societies which help students mix with each other and get familiar with the university’s norms and culture.

International Students:

The international students who come to the National Chiao Tung University are never disappointed by the hospitality and the services provided by the university. For a university of this stature, it becomes necessary to do so to make its way outside of Asia as well and in the whole world. The University offers different Scholarships for international students, and they also provide accommodation facilities for the students.

Faculty-Student ratio:

The National Chiao Tung University’s faculty-student ratio matches up with what the world’s best Universities have. With the ratio of about 10-15, the University also ranks as a well reputed one in the world in this aspect as well. With this ratio, it becomes easier for students to communicate with the faculty and solve the problems they have because each faculty member can give a sufficient amount of time to the students and listen to their problems.

Academics and Research

The National Chiao Tung University has a variety of major disciplines and it holds the significant edge in them over the other universities in the country and outside Taiwan. The university’s Applied Chemistry is one of the famous disciplines of the university, and it is said that the National Chiao Tung University employs up to 15-20 professors in the discipline of Applied Chemistry.

The Business Administration field at the University is one of the finest in Asia and is ranked as the fifth best throughout Asia. The National Chiao Tung University has produced business executives of top class, who are working throughout the world at some top positions in different countries. They have students in Business Management from countries and continents like North and South America, Europe and Asia every year.

Engineering at the National Chiao Tung University is also ranked as one of the top engineerings majors in Asia, with current ranking in the top 10. The University also for this matter pays a lot of attention to this field and is striving to make it the best in Asia. The field of computer science is also one the best fields offered by the National Chiao Tung University. It is ranked 21st in the computer science field worldwide which shows the quality of education and academics they are providing in the field.

The university has worked well with its other sister campuses like Shanghai Jiao Tong University which is still in China, the two campuses share experiences and culture with each other, and despite being in two different countries, they work together and help each other.

Best Courses Offered

The NCTU offers state of the art courses in various subjects like Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer science, and biotechnology. The university was awarded the Prize of Excellence Of campus internationalisation in the year 2015.


In spite of offering such variety in courses and studies, there is still discontentment among students as they find a difference in the curriculum in comparison to western colleges. Also, the cost of living in the university is slightly higher when compared to other colleges in that region.


Despite this NCTU remains the first choice for college education for students of as Pacific region more so because of the facilities offered and the proximity to the technology hub. The university as such is a perfect place for students who want to achieve the impossible.

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