National Chengchi University world ranking – 501.
Total number of students – 16,247.
Total number of international students – more than 5,000.
Total number of faculty – 1,546.

Location and Transport

The school is located on the Southern side of Taipei City, and about 20 minutes from the metropolitan districts. Accessing the school can either be by taxi, bus, or the MRT system. Using the bus is more convenient and less expensive since there are several operating bus services in Taipei.

About the School

The National Chengchi University, known as NCCU, was established in 1927 in Nanjing. It was built by the highest academic institution of the Republic of China, National Central University. It merged with the Central School of Cadre in 1944 and was named the National Central University of Governance which was later suspended in 1949. It was later reopened in 1954 as The National Chengchi Univesity. This
Chinese University is among the most prestigious higher learning institutions in Taiwan. Initially, the school only admitted graduates but in 1955 it began to admit undergraduate students.

Academic Reputation

The National Chengchi University is noted for its social sciences and humanities disciplines. It currently houses nine colleges which include Law, Commerce, Foreign Languages and Literature, Liberal Arts, Science, Social Sciences, Communication, International Affairs and Education. It has 33 departments, 2 Ba modules, and 48 graduate institutes, with 32 graduate institutes offering Ph.D. programs, 5 English-taught degree programs, and 16 on-the-job master’s programs.

The university has an affiliated high school and an experimental elementary school by which it forms a consistent education system beginning from pre-school level proceeding all the way to Ph.D. level. The National Chengchi University aims at building a first-rate social sciences and humanities academic center and nurture global and innovative individuals for the future.

Employer Reputation

The National Chengchi University makes sure that students leave the school with proper knowledge in all applicable areas. Since the University equips students with the right knowledge in an on the job environment,  it ensures individuals get a better understanding of employment opportunities. Due to the school’s reputation on giving quality education and knowledge, employers often look to employ individuals who have graduated from the National Chengchi University. The university provides many options which mean more opportunities for employment.


The National Chengchi University facilitates intensive and informative research for students from all departments and colleges. It has well-equipped libraries which have over 2.6 million books, periodicals, and more than 500 newspapers. All these are to help the students in their research and also in their studies. It also has modern well-equipped laboratories for different departments like the science departments where students can carry out experimental research.

The university has also established themselves as good centers of learning, because of the strong technical background and the research-based curriculum that is prevalent in these centers of learning. The courses of degree programs offered are a proof of research based curriculum in the university. Students who take up the different courses in the university are interested in learning and academics as well as in research projects, for which the chances are many.

Faculty-Students Ratio

NCCU has a total of 16,247 students, of which 9,736 are undergraduates, 6,511 are postgraduates, and 963 are doctoral students. It has an academic staff of 1,367 and 179 administrative staff. This shows a well-balanced ratio between the students and the faculty.

In the News

1. The National Chengchi University launches Innovation and Entrepreneurship Platform for creative venture fellowship with funds donated by some enterprises and corporation leaders.

2. The National Chengchi University set up the Asia-Pacific Spatial-Temporal Institute to help in further research on digitization.

3. The university opened a new building for carrying out research and entrepreneurship opportunities for the students.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities play a big role in any institution as they help students take a break from their busy study schedules. The university offers activities such as sports, including swimming, tennis, martial arts, soccer, rock climbing, baseball, and basketball. All the facilities have been well maintained to give students the full experience in sports and include

Best Courses

The university has nine colleges which offer various courses for students. These include college of commerce, communication, foreign languages and literature, law, liberal arts, education, international affairs, and social sciences. The college of commerce is ranked one of the top business schools. The school recently added information technology and natural science to the curriculum.

Some students in The National Chengchi University take up short term courses that take three months or certificate programs of a year or so. Some students go for the full-fledged 3 or 4 years of studies in the university and end up taking up jobs in multinational companies. National Chengchi University, which has a good degree of development, will be considered a world class university in the near future.

Opportunities for International Students

For international students who wish to join the university, they can apply and submit their applications to the university before the university’s set deadline. The school has some requirements that applying students must meet. Scholarships are also offered for excellent students from other countries who wish to join the university.
Properly utilizing the resources on offer in the institution is something that the students can do with their personal interest, as opportunities to make use of these resources are the core aim of this top university. The popularity of this higher learning institution has helped the students achieve success in their careers and thus has made a good number of students come for completing their education.

The Downside…or Upside?

Despite the university being one of the best universities in the world, it has some downsides. First, for the international students from abroad, adjusting to the new environment is difficult, especially for students who do not know the local language. The good news is that this will encourage foreign students to learn Chinese, which is a reason many people study abroad in China.

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