University Details:

Name: National Central University

Address: No. 300, Zhongda Rd, Zhongli District, Taiwan 320

World Ranking: 330

Total number of Students: 10,915

Number of International Students: 600 plus (6%)

Number of Faculties: 746


National Central University was created in 1915. At first, it was situated in China, Nanking, however later, after the partition of Taiwan from China, it was restored in Taiwan with the same name. It was initially based in another city of Taiwan (Maioli) in 1962 but was later moved 1968 to where it is now.

It specialises in subjects such as: Social Studies, Hakka Contemplates, Geophysics, Space Sciences, Remote Detecting, Cosmology, Optoelectronics, Nano SciTech, as well as Business Administration. The different diverse subjects taught and the achievements in each field of study prove that the university is unique.

National Central University is gearing up to compete with some major universities in China. Because of its the same geographical location, foreign students are beginning to consider National Central University as well as one of their choices to study in Asia.

NCU is without a doubt one of the best colleges in Taiwan. It is less expensive to study there. With such a large number of courses being offered by the college and schools, NCU certainly has a superior scholastic reputation. In terms of exams results, NCU is also considered to be one of the best colleges in Taiwan.

The understudy to staff proportion of the college is just about ten which demonstrates that there is one member of staff for every ten undergraduates. With regards to social activities; there are clubs and music groups.

The Academic Reputation

The University has different colleges offering various types of courses are seen as some of best colleges of the country. There are eight (8) offering courses and degrees.

NCU has eight universities in various regions, with departments in Human Science, Law and Government. The distribution of subjects and disciplines in all the regions is quite extensive. The calibre of exam results and students can rival some of the biggest University in the world.

Every school houses various research centres such as the Center for Space, as well as Remote Sensing Research, Hazard Mitigation and Prevention, Taiwan Economic Development, Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering.

Altogether, the eight schools contain 19 undergraduate divisions, 48 graduate organisations, and 38 research faculties. This is the area where the National Central University still needs to work on, so that it can compete with similar international universities.

The universities also hold contests and activities among themselves, and since the National Central University is the biggest of them, the events usually take place there.

International Students

International students are motivated to join NCU as there are different ways they can be offered a place at the university. There are scholarships and special courses offered to International students.

There are almost 700 International students studying in NCU right now, which amounts to 6% of the total number of students.

NCU with more than 700 workers is one of the greatest businesses in the nation in instruction industry. It has a reputation as being a good employer.

Research Work

Furthermore, the universities have developed research centres for subjects like Nano Technology and Neuro Science. The universities have also started a partnership with the National Central Universities, and they have launched several inter-university courses and programs.

National Central University in 2000 the NCU joined three other universities which were geographically close to it. The merger helped NCU to combine its research work and force with the other three universities, and in so doing improve in the field of Research.

The research work done by National Central University is one of the best in the country. The way in which the institute has grown stronger and has promoted education to the people of the world proves that the National Central University can compete on the world stage.

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