World ranking: 13th

Total number of students: 33,200

Total number of international students: 8,230

Total number of faculty and staff members: 1,660

University Location

Nanyang University is a public university in Singapore. It has two other campuses; one in Novena and one at One-North.

About Nanyang University

The school was first founded in 1956 as the only Chinese post-secondary institution in Singapore. Nanyang University merged with the University of Singapore in 1980 to form the National University of Singapore, which was later taken over by the Nanyang Technological Institute (NTI), a new technical institute, in 1981. The school was upgraded to university status in 1991. It has been ranked first in the world among new universities.

Academic Reputation of Nanyang University

The university is regarded as one of the best universities in the world in all the major university and college rankings. In Asia, it is considered the second best university. The university’s College of Engineering is ranked 6th in the world by QS World University, which is worked out by an international committee of respected faculty. The Nanyang MBA program is ranked 29th in the world, according to the 2016 Financial Time’s global rankings and 59th globally by The Economist Intelligence Unit. The university’s Business School has also been ranked the best business school in Singapore. Nanyang University has 19 subjects in the world’s top 50 rankings in terms of quality, level of study and results. They have two subjects in the global top 10. The University has been consistently recognized for high academic performance in different fields.

Employer Reputation

The university has built quite a solid and well-regarded reputation in most areas of study. Due to its fine academic performance, it has gained the top ranking in the job market. Graduates from this institution are highly valued because of their high levels of performance. Nanyang University has an employer reputation of more than five stars and is in 20th position in the world, according to the QS 2015 World Ranking Employer Reputation. Employers from different organizations in Singapore often have Nanyang University on top of the list of universities from which they’ll find employees.

Research Aspects

Research done at Nanyang University has been recognized globally. It has several research institutes which are well established. Some of these research institutes include Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institutes, Institute for Media Innovation, Energy Research Institute, Institute on Asian Consumer Insight, Institute of Catastrophe Risk Management, Institute of Sports Research, Institute of Technology in Medicine and Health, Air Traffic Management Research Institute, and Center for Research and Development in Learning. Nanyang University has won various awards for research in different fields, both locally and internationally recognized. This is a symbol of excellence that the school is proud of. The school has a research ranking of 61.3.


Nanyang University also has eight libraries which are available to all staff and students who attend the university. The libraries include the Lee Wee Nam Library, which is the main one, the Business Library, the Humanities and Social Science Library, the Chinese Library, the Medical Library and the Art, Media and Design Library.

Faculty to Student Ratio

Nanyang University has a total of 33,200 students, of which 24,300 are undergraduates, and 8,900 are postgraduates. The female to male ratio stands at 48:52. The total academic staff totals 1,660, while the total administrative staff is 5, 647. It currently has a faculty to student ratio of 16:2. There is enough personnel and human resources for students to have as much support and tutoring as they need.

Recent News About the University

A prototype robot to be used in sports rehabilitation was recently unveiled at Nanyang University. The prototype is set to help athletes who have muscle problems or injuries. The robot was designed by AiTreat, which was founded by a university graduate Albert Zhang.

Nanyang University received a $1 million gift from an award-winning entrepreneur from Singapore, Mr. Von Lee Yong Ming. The gift was given to start a new endowment that helps needy students.

Nanyang University developed energy saving filters for wastewater treatment. The development was made by scientists from the university to reduce the energy needed to treat wastewater by up to four times.

Extracurricular Activities

The school offers a number of extracurricular activities for students to participate in. It offers activities such as sports, clubs and societies, which students are encouraged to join and participate in. Some clubs available include the Ice-Skating Club, Motoring Club, Outdoor Adventure Club, Rider’s Club, Snooker and Pool Club, Shooting Club etc. Sport available includes windsurfing, basketball, netball, volleyball, floorball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, and Tchoukball. Martial arts such as aikido, judo, silat, and taekwondo are taught and practiced.

Courses Offered at the University

Some of the courses that Nanyang University offers are Education, Engineering, Humanities, Science, Sports Science, Communication Skills, Accountancy and Business. The University has a good reputation and ongoing excellence in the aforementioned fields.

Opportunities for International Students

Nanyang University offers opportunities for students from overseas to apply for any courses they care to. However, students applying must have met certain requirements before applying. The school also offers scholarships for the best international students, which helps with their accommodation and tuition fees. The application procedure and admission requirements to Nanyang University can be found on the school’s website.

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