Nanyang Technological University is one of the best research-intensive universities in the world that acknowledges strengths in science and technology.

Its root dates back to 1955 when it was set up as a teaching university to preparing practice-oriented engineers for the restructured Singapore economy, and in the year 1991, it merged with Nanyang Technological Institute that was set up in 1981, to form a global research-intensive university you see today.

Before the inauguration, all students were expected to undergo an in-house training that gave them a hand in hand experience before going for industrial attachments. In 2006, NTU became a non-profit limited by guarantee under Corporatizations act (cap.1192A).

NTU main campus is located in a 200-ha private ground, the same ground as former Nanyang University, near Southwestern part of Singapore along 50 Nanyang Avenue which makes it the largest university in Singapore. The other campuses are located in Novena, Singapore medical district, and One North; both campuses are easily accessible by all means of transport.

World Ranking

Last year Nanyang Technological University was ranked 13 globally, up 26 notches when compared to the previous year and place amongst the top best beautiful university in the world. This means the university standing is steadily rising every year.

By subject, NTU is ranked 7th in engineering and ranked as the top world’s best young university. Their MBA program has been ranked 29 worldwide by Financial Times Global MBA rankings, and the business school listed as the best by The Economist Intelligence Unit 2015. The university president Tan Chin-Chuan has several strategies in place to improve the ranks in the next few years to come.

These ranking reaffirm high qualities of education, research and innovative programs in NTU.

Total Number of Students and Faculties

It’s currently a home to more than 33,000 undergraduate and post- graduate students, hailing from more than 83 countries across the globe, enrolled in different institutes and centres. This includes Center on environmental life sciences engineering, Institute on Asian Consumer Insight, observation of Singapore and recently they joined with Imperial College London to offer opportunities to thousands of student who wants to pursue a medical career. The university is organised into eight schools offering courses in engineering, art and social science business, humanities, and science, plus the medical offered by Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine. The university has over 7300 experienced faculty and research staffs that bring dynamic international perspectives.

University Reputation and Support

The University programs have reaped dividends in the form of strong support from industry leaders and separate corporation across the globe. This support includes research funding, partnerships and global internship for all the students regardless of the course. In the year 2011, NTU won more than 1.3 billion dollars in competitive research funding, and most these grants were from the NRF. The university has also won over $270 million in government funding on its two research centres.
This is one of the reasons, over 40% of the employee population are research staff. The support staff comprises 22%, the faculty comprises 23% and the remaining percentage is the management team. NTU scored high mark among other global academics due to an incredible student/faculty ratio. Their reputation has also improved among global employers, from 43 to 35 positions internationally which is currently the highest ever.

Student Experiences

While you will study in a similar way as other major universities, life at NTU can be very different, in a better way. There is pretty of campus accommodations, which are incredibly cheap, roughly $ 1000 per year; unfortunately, you might have to share a room, this is not a drawback because you get to meet and make friends from different backgrounds.
There are also tonnes of great sporting facilities, including an outdoor swimming pool, running track, basketball and tennis court, football pitch, weight and gym rooms. There are also a very organised sports club and student clubs that any student can join. The vast number of students and sports clubs means that there are tonnes of events on campus throughout the year.

There is a staff bar, which is a haunt on international students, a place you can socialise after hours, and many other off the campus places to have few drinks and the famous Nachos. There is much more entertainment outside the campus, all withing the reach with public campuses, among the place thousands of student lands is the man-made Santone Beach, a place to relax with newly made friends.
Just a few days ago, NTU received a one Million dollars gift from an entrepreneur, and an award-winning developer behind the SupeTrees, Mr Von Lee Young, to start a new endowment to benefit the student. This gift matched with the recent government funding totals to $ 2.5 million which should provide financial support to undergraduates pursuing Engineering.

They have also signed a collaboration agreement with National Environmental Agency to co-contribute the development of a Waste-to-energy Research facility in Singapore which is expected to be the first of its kind.

Courses Available

NKU offers many degree programs to suit each and every individual requirement. There are also some minor programs that one can take to broaden study options. The university recently introduced 16 undergraduate offerings including arts humanities, journalism, and communication, business, engineering, social science and science. There are many more disciplines that one might want to consider, depending on the course requirements.

Opportunities for International Students

There are tonnes of opportunities for international students, but it’s advisable to look for relevant information before enrolling. This includes the course requirements, student pass, and the cost of living. As an exchange student, you may decide to live in residential halls with other NTU undergraduates, after application through the Exchange student portal on NKU website, but there are also some affordable off-campus rooms for rent. There are no arrangements of employment for graduate students. All studies abroad participants will be required to have a passport before any visa deadline.

Application to undergraduate programs can be made from the comfort of your home. Ensure that you have the document required for submission and ensure they are scanned in the format provided on the submission page.

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