Nankai University is a private research university based in Tianjin, China. Founded in 1919 by prominent educationists Zhang Boling and Yan Fansun. Nankai University is one of China’s most prestigious universities and boasts of alumni scholars like Zhou Enlai and Nobel Prize winners Chen Ning Yang and Tsung-Dao Lee. The University occupies an area of 4,489,700 m² with a floor space of up to 1,368,000m².

Address: The Tianjin campus of the University is located at No.94, Weijin Road, Tianjin

Total No of Students: Is estimated to be 33,043

Total No of International Students: Out of the total no of enrollments, the number of international students is 1001 which is approximately 3% of the total count.

Total No of Faculties: 4336 teachers in total.

World Ranking

Nankai University has been consistently ranked among the top 10 Universities in China.In a ranking of the top 50 universities in China which was released by Renmin University of China in June 2011, it was given a ranking of number 10. Again in the next big ranking of the year in 2011, is ranked at number 10. In 2013 the QS World University Rankings ranked Nankai at 62 positions among other reputed Asian universities, and at number 11 amongst Universities of China. The Nature Index Global 2014 Ranked Nankai at number 83 among the universities of this world and in China it secured a number 7 position.

Academic Reputation of the University

Nankai University is considered to be a comprehensive university and offers a very wide range of disciplines to its students. The University has 22 academic colleges, coupled with the Graduate School, School of Continuing Education, Advanced Vocational School, and Modern Distance Education School. The Nankai University is known in academic circles for having a vastly developed education system which produces graduates, undergraduates, postgraduates on master’s and doctoral programs and post-doctoral researchers.

Employer’s Reputation

The Nankai University is amongst the few universities in China who have established themselves in the fields of higher education and therefore it has established for itself an international reputation thanks to the programs offered. Since it’s origins in 1919 Nankai has been known to recruit the best talent in teaching the students best regarding the competition existing in the job market. The Universities faculty team comprises of many scholars. Its student body is a mix of focused and committed students with a flair for academic excellence.

Research Aspects

In terms of research, Nankai University has collaborated with Glasgow University and their institutional strategic partnership has resulted in some very successful joint research projects. Most of this research is shared along with the Scottish Centre for Research in China whose membership boasts of key scholars from both the universities. The Research Centre for Human Rights in Nankai University founded in the year 1994. This centre provides research solutions in the human rights field and providing the students with par excellence education in the above field.

Extracurricular Activities

Studying at Nankai University is more than just reading your books and memorising your lessons. In the university, you build a career through their workplace oriented programs and extracurricular activities. The University has established collaborative relationships with more than 200 universities all over the world. Nankai has also created many Confucius institutes all over the globe. The University praised for its policy of overall development of students. It has always attached a broad importance to student’s development in intelligence, sports, and art. With such overall development, the students perform exceptionally well wherever they are employed.

Best Programs Offered

The University offers many programs in subjects like Liberal Arts, Science, Political Science and Economics, Engineering, Humanities Management, etc. The most renowned courses are International Economics and Business, MBA Master of Business Administration, Clinical Medicine.

Opportunities for International Students

Each year thousands of students apply for a course in the Nankai University. So far more than 10,000 students have graduated from the University, and all of them have achieved places in reputed organisations. Facilities offered to international students include an active student exchange program, providing extensive Chinese language courses and an active scholarship program for certain outstanding international students. Facilities like these make Nankai one of the most student-friendly universities.

Though the Nankai University is a favourite of international students due to the kind of superb facilities offered the cost of living in the campus is slightly on the higher side compared to the nearby areas. The academics offered are top notch however they are very different compared to the Western universities curriculum. So you might feel the difference if you’re education has previously been in the West.

Academics and Research Options

Nankai’s chemistry research was ranked at No. 1 according to the statistics from the Ministry of Education in 2008 while Economics, mathematics and history were ranked as 2nd among over 2000 Chinese universities. At present, the University has 21 academic colleges, a graduate school, and colleges for continuing education and long-distance learning. Courses are available in 12 major disciplines, which comprise of literature, history, philosophy, economics, management, law, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, education, and military science. Nankai University has ardently developed programs that prepare students for the existing cut throat competitive Job market.

Nankai University with its comprehensive teaching methodology and student-specific policies emerge as an ideal place for the younger generation to sharpen their skills.

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