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About the University

Established in 1953, Nanjing University is a public institution of higher education located in the metropolis of Nanjing, Jiangsu. It is officially accredited and recognised by the Department of Education in Jiangsu Province; Nanjing University is a co-educational institution with an enrollment range of around 25,000 to 29,999 students. Nanjing University offers programs and courses leading to officially recognised higher learning degrees including bachelor degrees, masters, doctorate degrees in various areas of study.

The institution is 63 years old and uses a selective admission policy based on some entrance examinations. International students are eligible for an enrollment application. The University also provides some academic and non-academic services and facilities to students such as a library, housing, sports facilities, scholarships and financial aids, abroad study and exchange programs, and administrative services.

Constituent Campuses of the University

Nanjing University has three campuses, Xianlin Campus, Pukou Campus and Gulou Campus. Gulou Campus situated in Gulou District is right at Nanjing City Centre. Hankou Road divides the main campus into two sections: North Garden, at Bei Yuan, is where almost all teaching and research activities take place while the South Garden, Nan Yuan, is the living area for students and staff. Situated in the northeast of Nanjing is Xianlin Campus. There is the stop of Xianlin Campus on Line 2 of Nanjing Subway, which connects Xianlin and Gulou campus through the subway. Located in a suburban area is Pukou Campus in Pukou District.

Nanjing University Schools and Departments

The University has twenty-one schools, fifty-nine departments and as well other academic units such as; School of Continuing Education, the Graduate School and SDE, the School of Distant Education. It has 78 bachelor`s programs, offers 213 masters programs, 147 doctoral programs and also 23 post-doctoral research stations. The university runs nine professional master`s course programs, such as MPA, MBA, Law, Engineering, Clinical Medicine, Fine Arts and Accounting. Engineering programs include 12 disciplines: Computer Science, Software, Electronic Science, Chemistry, Environment, Geology, Management Engineering, Civil Engineering, Pharmacy Engineering, Logistic Engineering, Architecture, Integrated Circuit Engineering, and finally Industry Engineering.

Undergraduate Programs

There are over 12,000 students taking 78 undergraduate programs; currently pursuing their bachelor`s degrees at Nanjing University. The undergraduate programs offered strive to achieve some balance between the depth of knowledge gained through specialised courses offered and the breadth of knowledge students learn through general courses. Nanjing University is very dedicated to teaching, and distinguished professors teach many fundamental courses.

Graduate Programs

Nanjing University offers masters and doctoral programs in various disciplines. The graduate programs give students access to some specialised training and therefore enhance their professional and academic experiences.
International Students in the University comprise 10% of the total number. International students are a valued part of the Nanjing University campus. Interactions among these students with different experiences and backgrounds create a dynamic living and studying environment.

International Students Institute

The International Students Institute was founded in 1955 and has received over 18,000 international students from more than 70 countries. Presently, its enrollment is around 1,700 students. The website provides relevant information on academic programs, admissions, application and tuition.

It has a student to staff ratio of 13:3
The higher learning institution has a male to female ratio of 54:46

Recent news in the university

1. Prof. He Changzhou Elected Member of the Academy of Europe
2. Nanjing University President Chen Jun Meets with President Seiichi Matsuo of Nagoya University
3. Xiao Zhang Chunfeng’s Group Published in Nature Communications

Study at Nanjing University and Land a High Paying Job

Taking a course at Nanjing University paves the way to getting that job you want. It does not only get you the job, though. You have the right to demand how much you get paid for the services being rendered to specific employers because of the adequate skills and talent, plus the enhanced personality that you achieved at the University. It is possible for you to get your dream job.

Once enrolled at Nanjing University, you will get to experience quality education online. Taking any course here will give you the right armour in getting that dream job. You won’t get lost in choosing what career path you would like for yourself because at Nanjing University you will know what kind of job you like. And it is not just some other job, but a high paying job as well! The aim of the school is to give you the necessary knowledge that you will need in pursuing the job that you like. It will open up your eyes to the many opportunities scattered in every corner of the world.

It is not easy to get that high paying job that most people are dreaming of. But those who have enrolled at the University took the courses, studied and learned the techniques and methods, and the achievement program that the school offers, wouldn’t have the difficulty to aim for that particular job. Why? Because Nanjing University prepares you, moulds you, and teaches you how to get that job.  Personality development, which is a huge part of the university’s curriculum, will make you stand out from the rest of the applicants. It will give you the best position, and let you get what you are aiming for.

Nanjing University Presents Many Opportunities

Having the right program for you plus the personality development that comes with it, make it possible for you to get hired immediately. There is a lot more opportunities for you once you completed the course. At this University, more opportunities mean more choices and more choices give you the chance to choose a better job.

Nanjing University offers you the opportunity to make something of yourself. With the advanced methods that they incorporated to their programs, you will finish the course with the mindset of being successful. You will have the motivation to pursue your dream and make it big. You will have the drive and initiative as you are equipped with the right education and good personality. Whatever skill you have, have improved after studying at Nanjing University, daring you to free that new you and discover what you can do. At Nanjing University, you get to learn only the best. And that best is getting that high paying job.

Some of the negatives you face while in the University are:

1. Some difficulties when coping with an urban environment.
2. Gender discrimination and imbalance.
3. Social Inequalities to foreigners.
4. The Economic well-being of migrants in China.
5.Drug and substance abuse, in particular through peer pressure.

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