If you are looking forward to one day studying in China, it becomes an arduous task for you to determine the best university that will help you advance your education needs. You must have realised that China is a vast country, which makes it even more difficult for you to shop for the university that will give you the quality education you deserve.

The university you choose may be the thin line between your success or failure in whichever career or profession you choose in life. Numerous higher learning institutions exist out there, which promise to offer impeccable learning experiences and guaranteed progression in your career. The following sections are designed to be informative and provide you with critical details that may help you in your search for a university.

Nanjing Normal University

Perhaps, one of the best universities that may provide you with the opportunity to advance your education abroad is the Nanjing Normal University in China. Located in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province, Nanjing Normal University puts at the heart of the ancient capital of the Six ancient Chinese dynasties. The university was established in 1902 and boasts several campuses such as the Saiyan, Xianlin, and Zijin Campuses.


If you desire to become an international student at the Nanjing Normal University, it would be more convenient to contact it through its International Student’s Office. The full address is International Students’ Office, Nanjing Normal University, Ninghai Road 122, Nanjing 210097, Jiangsu Province, China.

World Ranking

According to the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR), Nanjing Normal University was ranked position 864 globally and 53 nationally in China in 2015. It also has a mean score of 44.17 when all other factors such as quality of education, employment rate, publications, and quality of faculty, citations, influence, patents, and broad impact are considered.

Total Number of Students

Currently, the University boasts of having over 25,000 full-time students in all of its major campuses.

Total Number of International Students

Since 1965, the university has always accepted and admitted international students. As of 2015, Nanjing Normal University had 1,700 international students.

Total Number of Faculties

The University has 25 colleges and schools, which help to serve the huge number of students pursuing different programs at different levels.

Academic Reputation

Presently, Nanjing Normal University is ranked as one of the top five universities among other normal universities in China. The university has been reputed with producing some of the most prominent scholars in China in fields such as science and education. Besides, the university has become world famous for its outstanding program of teaching the Chinese language as a Second Language to its international students.

Employer Reputation

If you want to work abroad after your or during studies, the city of Nanjing has a variety of local and international companies that may offer you employment. As one of the best universities in Jiangsu Province, graduates from Nanjing Normal University can quickly find employment. However, your student visa will not be legally valid for work.

Research Aspects

The university is involved in a wide range of research in different disciplines such as chemistry and material science, health, physics and so on. With experienced faculty members and professors, you can be assured that all research projects are supervised by qualified teachers from within the institution. Some the studies funded by Nanjing Normal University have resulted in cutting-edge innovations in different fields.

Faculty and Student Ratio

The university boasts of over 3,000 faculty and staff members who serve a population of 25,000 students. The faculty/student ratio now stands at 1:8. In other words, every faculty member serves around eight students at the institution. Among the faculty members and staff, there are close to 570 professors, over 900 associate professors, and over 1800 teachers and researchers.

Extracurricular Activities

Apart from Education, Nanjing Normal University also provides you with the opportunity of exploring other extracurricular activities meant to improve your learning experiences. The university has a sports centre with two gyms, which have swimming pools, badminton, volleyball, ping-pong, and basketball courts. The institution also has a state of the art stadium.

Recent News

Quite recently, the university invited Professor Robert P. Weller, an anthropologist from the Boston University to come and conduct a guest lecture. He is a renowned authority on various religious issues in China. The lecture was dubbed as “Leisure and Ritual in Modern Chinese Societies,”, the university also received an academic report from Professor Chen, a visiting professor at the University of Arizona.

Related Videos

Nanjing Normal University has posted several promotional videos on youtube, which may be helpful in learning more about the university. One of the videos, dubbed as “Introduction to Nanjing Normal University 2015” provides a picturesque overview of the institution. However, the voiceover is in Chinese.

Best Courses/Programs Available

The University offers a mosaic of courses and programs in different academic fields. Nanjing Normal University offers over 80 undergraduate programs, 199 master’s degree programs, and 130 doctoral programs. All these programs are spread throughout its twenty-five faculties.

Academic and Research

This institution has sought to establish international cooperation with other leading universities across the globe in academics and research. Currently, the university cooperates with over 145 universities in approximately 28 countries and regions in the world.

Opportunities for International Students

The university accepts over 1,000 students from different countries annually, which has set it aside as one of the most open-to-all universities in China. It means that international students have an increased opportunity to be admitted to this institution.

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