Today, China offers many opportunities from school with excellent scholarships and grants to various high-paying jobs. Finding a job in China is very easy. The market for goods and services is huge, and there are even more consumers.

Millions of stores and malls, bars and restaurants, factories and new businesses that simply need labor are opened every year in China. Plus, the Chinese firmly believe that it is the foreigners and their work experience that can be trusted. So if you are thinking about employment in China, you have a lot of opened doors! Today we offer you a list of the most sought-after professions of this year in China!

The Popular Jobs for 2019

If you know Chinese languages, then you have a little bit more chances to get work in almost every field. This significantly increases the chances of not only employment but also a high salary.

It is worth noting that without knowledge of Chinese, the list of jobs that foreigners can get in China is significantly reduced. But do not be upset! There are enough jobs for everyone! The best option to look for work in the offices of international companies that operate in the country.

The Popular Jobs for foreigners in 2019


Whatever one may say, but for many decades the translator remains the most relevant profession in China. Despite the steady growth of educated Chinese who know English, this profession will always be in demand. Language proficiency allows foreigners in China to solve a wide range of tasks. For example, to become a guide, negotiator, consultant, and others.


This is one of the most common professions for foreigners in China. Here, the specific specialization is determined depending on your professional skills. Managers of various categories, logistic, specialists in international trade, procurement, and sales representatives work in this area.


English language teachers are needed in every city in China. But most job ads are offered specifically in the field of education. Many foreigners work as teachers in various educational institutions and receive a stable and good income. So if you have a philological education, you can safely go to China.


The Chinese often prefer traditional medicine. However, despite this fact, a good specialist always has a chance to get a job in a private clinic or hospital.

Fashion Designer

Everyone knows that this country is one of the major clothing manufacturers in the world. For the production of high-quality and interesting clothes, Chinese manufacturers need cutters, seamstress and clothing designers.

IT Sphere, Programming, Testing

High technology and software development has long been a significant export of Chinese goods. The rapid development of the industry requires the involvement of experienced but not very expensive professionals. The most popular are engineers from India and America with experience in medium and large companies. Native speakers for testing, localizing programs and electronic devices are also required in this field.

Private Business

In China, there is every opportunity to start a business. Soft terms for registering companies in any sphere, tax preferences and a large sales market make it easy to open and develop your own business. At the moment, China remains one of the most attractive countries for self-realization and the implementation of projects. If you have cool ideas for startups, this country will help you in their implementation!


Despite the popularity of traditional medicine, medicines in China are not prohibited. Therefore, many graduates of medical schools prefer this particular area of ​​professional development.


The popularity of this profession is connected with actively developing online commerce. Delivery of things and equipment both in China and out of it requires a large number of skilled workers. It is worth noting that the presence of higher education is not necessary!

Landscaping Designer

Perhaps this is one of the most suitable countries for a specialist in this profession. The demand for them explains the growing concern of the Chinese for the state of the environment.

Auditor and Insurer

Business in China is developing every day! People prefer to work with trusted companies to calculate financial and other risks themselves. To do this, they involve the relevant specialists. And believe they need not a small number of professionals. If you are considered true professional in this field, then in China you will find really attractive career offers.

Marketing and Sales Specialist

Strengthening the position of this country in the international economic arena necessitates the urgent need of Chinese companies for such specialists. They seek to build their strategies in line with global trends. Therefore, foreign specialists are attracted to introduce new markets.


There is a job for both girls and boys. Chinese people often invite foreigners to advertise their goods and services, since such appearance enjoys special sympathy with local consumers.

Babysitter jobs in China


This profession is gaining momentum in the labor market. This is due both to demography and an increase in the well-being of the population. So if you have the perfect resume, work experience and love for children, you can safely try to work in this country.


This is one of the most popular professions among young people. And it’s not just about bars and nightclubs. Foreigners attract with their appearance, so there is always a demand for dancers. If you have an education in this field, then you may be invited to work even in a circus.

TV Presenter

This is considered one of the highest-paid jobs in this country. Foreigners also have the opportunity to work in this direction. But there are far fewer offers than in other fields. Also, most likely you will need knowledge of the Chinese language. And the appearance like in many other professions will be your main weapon!

Tips for Your Job Interview in China

  • The Chinese are true lovers of bureaucratic. So get ready for long conversations with several people in turn. So you will meet first       with the representative of the HR, then with the head of the personnel department, with the assistant director, and after a few          hours of conversations about the same thing, you may reach the CEO.
  • Predicting one question or another is difficult, but most likely, you will be    asked about the knowledge of Chinese (if you don’t speak Chinese, that’s okay, but the opposite will be a significant bonus) and about your attitude towards China as a whole.
  • In preparation for the interview, it is worth remembering that the Chinese, like no other nation, are visuals, that is, the picture is above all. So between an unskilled handsome candidate and a person who has a great understanding of his specialty, but who is less     handsome, the Chinese will choose the first. The logic is this: first, you can master all the intricacies of this position, and your photogenic face will be useful to the organization more than once.
  • Be prepared for the fact that your hirer will check your personal data several times. This scrupulousness is explained by the fact, that in China the background of people, especially those who work for the state is very important.
  • The main national feature of the Chinese mercantile spirit. Be prepared for the direct questions about your financial status.
  • And of course, smile, smile, and smile again. This is the main rule of all Chinese interviews. Show yourself as a versatile, positive and human with glowing health. Then the desired position will be in your pocket.

If you are looking for a serious and well-paid job in China, then your resume will play a key role. The resume should be made in 2 languages: English and Chinese. Translate and notarize all documents and certificates of education. If you have serious intentions for employment, it will be a great advantage of having passed a test for knowledge of Chinese.

Legislative Features for Foreigners in China

The rules for entering the country are not marked by rigor and complexity. Foreign citizens have the right to employment in compliance with the established procedure and are responsible for its violation, up to the criminal law. The criminal law of China completely extends to foreign workers who reside in the country.

The minimum that is required of foreigners in China is:

  • to be law-abiding;
  • to respect for local culture and customs;
  • possess such qualities as politeness, tolerance, tact, and punctuality. The Chinese are proud of their homeland and are very kind to it, and this must always be remembered!

Learning what is needed for employment in this country is not difficult. Every year, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of China compiles a list of eligible occupations and criteria for hiring foreigners.

In conclusion, we would like to point out two important things. First, foreigners find it much easier to get a good job, unlike the Chinese. Here, the key role is not even education, but a pleasant appearance. It’s not necessary to be a super professional in your field. Secondly, in each city, and the region of China, there are different wages in the same areas. Well, we, in turn, wish you a successful job search in China, and a good salary!

Thanks to Barbara Elliot for providing this great piece of content.

Barbara Elliot lives in China and works as a translator at  international company. Also she is a freelance writer for TheWordPoint translation service. She also learns Chinese and Jananese languages.