Yuri Khlystov

Yuri Khlystov (Serial Entrepreneur, CEO @Gi2C @Laowaicareer)

As CEO of LaowaiCareer job board, Yuri has worked for the past seven years with a talented team to establish partnerships with over 2,000 organizations that offer positions to ambitious people ready for a challenge.

The following is a message from Yuri for those people.

‘Laowai’ means ‘foreigner’ in Chinese and is a friendly term. Most foreigners find this is the first Chinese word they learn as they are always referred to as ‘Laowai’. Laowai Career adopted the name because our main objective is to make every Laowai’s life comfortable, pleasant and prosperous.

China is on the world map as the second largest, and fastest growing, economy. The country is a fascinating place to live, work and play, but it can be challenging for non-Chinese speaking people to become part of the success. Laowai Career takes away the hassle for individuals who would like to have China as the springboard for their developing careers.

Laowai Career has tapped into the language gap challenge and has made it easier for foreigners and the best companies to build lasting relationships. The site is the go-to source of information about careers in China for non-nationals.

We offer job opportunities in China ranging from one-off internships and graduate jobs to full-time careers. There are many jobs in China, with most being English teaching, but opportunities also exist in design and architecture, finance and accounting, HR, agriculture and more. Pursuing a Laowai Career provides you with a strong network and genuine opportunities for professional advancement, because we constantly partner with leading companies to match ideal individuals with ideal positions.

Laowai Career offers employers the best international talent for internships, entry-level and graduate jobs as well as long-term careers. Employers are kept informed about the latest HR trends and thanks to our pool of top-notch specialists the best candidates are available each day. And the numbers keep on growing.

Most English-language sites offering jobs in China provide limited opportunities and are complex to navigate. With Laowai Career finding the perfect job is about searching strategically, diligently and smartly. Whether you would like to work in China, or are already here, Laowai Career will provide quality, authentic information that saves you time, energy and money.

As more of the world is looking eastward, most people start their search on Laowai Career. Subscribe today and find the dream job you’ve been looking for.