Chinese cuisine has a very rich and diverse culinary heritage, so it is surprising that McDonald’s is more popular than other fast food.

McDonald’s came into China in 1990 as a western food outlet. Since then it steadily expanded to become the most successful. When it launched in the Chinese market, competition for western food was low. Now the restaurants are centers of attraction with high-end food, delightful flavor, self-service and smiling attendants.

Today China is home to around 800 McDonald’s restaurants. As the population of the country is 1.3 billion there is plenty more room for growth. Taste, convenience, cleanliness and price are very important for Chinese people. To meet these demands McDonald’s provides hand sanitizers at restaurants, some Chinese taste elements and reasonable pricing.

There are several reasons that McDonald’s is one of the most popular food restaurants in China:

Great quality

McDonald’s consistently makes delicious burgers, crispy French fries and icy shakes, which meet popular demand in China. The menu has been adapted to includes foods tweaked for local tastes and to satisfy customers. McDonald’s created recipes according to the Chinese taste, which make it more marketable in China.

popular in China

Good customer service

McDonald’s is known all over the world for its fast service and smiling workers. They believe in serving their customers above anything else. McDonald’s also do regular quality control inspections in stores to make sure they are taking care of food safety. In addition, their restrooms are kept clean. Maccas takes care of every single detail to make sure local customers are looked after.

The Chinese McDonald’s slogan

‘Get together at McDonald’s; enjoy the happiness of family life!’ As the slogan says, McDonald’s outlets are pleasant fashionable places for get-togethers with your family and friends. They are places where you can enjoy happy moments together under one roof.

Celebrations at McDonald’s

If you are thinking of getting married, engaged or holding an anniversary party with friends and family, McDonald’s provides you with a cheap venue. The trend of tying the knot at McDonald’s has also increased and is very popular in China. You can save a great deal of money; it is fun and you can enjoy everyone’s favorite meal at the same time.

Franchise business model

McDonald’s has spread through China by selling franchises. This strategy plays a major role in the company’s global success. The franchise-type business helps the company achieve rapid growth and outrun its competitors as it is a brand known by most people. McDonald’s operational capability and current management has made it a popular investment in China. Although China has a large number of markets, McDonald’s hires local managers, who understand the needs and wishes of local people.

popular in China

For the children

Each McDonald’s outlet has a special space called ‘children’s paradise’ in Beijing. This is a play space that doubles as a type of schoolyard. It is a place where children can enjoy other children’s company after school. China has over 300 million young people and the McDonald’s brand appeals to them through their reference to education and family values. The company also sponsors essay competitions and awards for academic achievements.

The bottom line

So far, China is the number one growth market for McDonald’s outside the USA. The food is less greasy and has less sugar, which makes it more palatable for most Chinese people. McDonald’s is very popular in China and is the favorite western food for kids and adults. Although McDonald’s has slowed the rollercoaster of increased numbers of outlets in China, it offers people affordable prices, good service and delicious flavors.

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