Mark Zuckerberg was born in White Plains, New York in 1984 and went on to establish facebook out of his college dorm. He cleared out of Harvard after his sophomore year to focus on the site which now has more than 250 million users, making Zuckerberg an extremely rich person.
While compensations of top organization’s CEOs set numerous tongues wagging, Mark Zuckerberg, founder and chief executive officer, a standout among the most advanced organizations, draws a pitiful pay of $1 every year. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Not only this, he likewise denies himself of any reward, new investment opportunities, or new value grants. In 2013, he reported that he was surrendering his pay and might draw $1 every year in the limit of Facebook’s CEO.

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He had made enough profit and that he ensured he did the most conceivable things with whatever he had. He stated, “The principle way I can help is through Facebook – giving individuals the ability to share and interfacing the world. I’m additionally concentrating on my training and well-being generosity work outside of Facebook too. An excessive number of individuals kick the bucket superfluously and don’t get the open doors they merit. There are heaps of things on the planet that need to get settled and I’m only fortunate to have the opportunity to deal with altering some of them.” Others chief executive officers who also draw a base pay of $1 are Meg Whitman of Hewlett-Packard, Larry Ellison of Oracle, and Larry Page of Google. A year ago he joined the most influential club of all.

While he didn’t participate in the reward plan, he got $653,164 for “other remuneration,” the vast majority of which went to cover bills for travel by means of privately contracted planes. Obviously, other than an indication of esteem, Zuckerberg’s new compensation amounts to nothing. He may have “asked for that his base pay be decreased to $1 every year for 2013”. However, he additionally took home almost $3.3 billion by practicing investment opportunities.

In 2012, Zuckerberg received a pay of $503,205, got $266,101 in rewards in addition to an expansion $1.22 million in “other remuneration” for an aggregate pay of $1.99 million. Again, however, that figure is superfluous. Mark Zuckerberg’s salary in 2011, the year Facebook opened up to the world, was $2.3 billion he acquired through investment opportunities.

The $1 remuneration is not about sacrificial benevolence. It’s an announcement. In any event in presentation, it’s a path for the CEO to say to the Board and the general population, “I’m in with no reservations.” The thought is that it implies that the CEO’s sole source of pay is the gratefulness, if the organization enhances, of his own stock. It’s a method for saying, “I trust in myself so much that I’m willing to lose if the organization does,” from a certain point of view. However, it’s significantly more confusing.

In principle, it just portends well to take a $1 pay on the off chance that you sincerely trust that you are the best individual on the planet to deal with that organization. Else, you would need another person to deal with the firm and get unrivaled stock appreciation.


The soul behind $1 pay is greatly invited. Moreover, Zuckerberg is not modest with making liberal gifts for different causes including technical innovation, education, immigration reform, and community development. This incorporates the greatly discussed gift of $100 million to the Newark Schools. The reality, in any case, is that the CEO’s $1 compensation is to a great extent a showcasing ploy. It’s an approach to persuade the people that he’s a worker as opposed to a plundering official.

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Is Mark Zuckerberg the richest man in the world?

All things considered, his base compensation may have decreased to $1 every year, but still, Zuckerberg holds shares worth $27 billion in Facebook. Furthermore, the organization spends a gigantic lump of cash on his travel and security, which is clearly legitimized.

The CEO needs to demonstrate, through $1.00 compensation, that he’s tying his financial fortune in totality to the organization’s execution; however, he truly gets paid in any case. If he gets fired due to poor performance, he gets a gigantic severance contract to make up for his harm in reputation. If he excels in his performance, he gets stock as well as more stock. So what he really has is a straddle, and any first-year choices broker will let you know that this implies he needs instability.

The myth is that corporate CEOs are genuine alpha-male business people who bet everything on the organizations they “serve” by tying their whole money related fortune to the association’s execution. In reality, the $1.00 compensation is generally about their reputation, since CEOs take such a great amount out of their organizations in such a large number in different ways. Renouncing a couple of hundred thousand every year in pay, keeping in mind the end goal to enhance one’s picture is, indeed, a truly shoddy arrangement.

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