An interview marks the big day as it is the first positive step towards landing that dream job you have been eying. To most of us, an interview is intimidating especially if it’s your first time or if it has been a while since you have done one. Besides, it is unnerving if you are going to work in a foreign country. The best way to prepare is through practice. However, no amount of practice and training prepares you if you are still making the same rookie interview mistakes. In this article, we are going to identify the most common interview mistakes that are prevalent in interviews and how to avoid them. The article focuses on Westerners looking for employment in the East.


The most common icebreaker in an interview is when the interviewer opens with the question “Tell me a little bit about yourself”. That statement is the start for the most common interview mistakes made by people, saying more than necessary in an attempt not to undersell themselves. The more you share, the higher chances you are to reveal a weakness and a shortcoming about yourself. Interviewers are looking for a person who is straightforward and oversharing makes you sound complicated, and is one of the most common interview mistakes made. Always try to remain composed, eliminate bitterness and nervousness when addressing a delicate question such as why you are leaving your former job or are jobless.

interview mistakes

Lacking Warmth

Being professional and clean is good. However, professionalism should not deprive you of the innate human warmth that is necessary to connect. Remember, you are dealing with a human being and not a machine. It is important to try and smile, maintain eye contact with the interviewer and try to detail why you are looking forward to working in the company. However, there is a thin line between kissing ass and being warm. You should not overpraise the company as it will sound contrived and you will appear desperate. In short, try and be at ease, relaxed and be who you are with the interviewer.

Giving Uninformed Answers

You should always remember that the purpose of an interview is for a particular role. The interviewer may ask “Are you familiar with SPSS.” The most common interview mistake that people make is trying to be a jack of all trades; this may inspire an employer, but honesty is essential and should prevail. You should not feel embarrassed if you realize how little you know about the program in question concerning the role you applied. Try to be honest, and indicate how the opportunity would help you learn about the program in detail. If a case like this arises,  focus on your abilities and how you can utilize them to achieve the goals of the organization and don’t make the interview mistake of lying.


Portraying a negative attitude towards employment is yet another of the common interview mistakes. Employers are looking for positive attitude since positivity produces results. Whatever, the case, do not tell the interviewer that you hated your former job nor should your talk ill of your former co-workers. On the contrary, paint a picture of gratitude and the experience you earned in your previous position. Convince the interviewing panel that you have reaped a lot from your time with your former boss even if you were dismissed and let them know you are moving on because you want to grow your career.

Leading the Interview

Among the interview mistakes discussed so far, a detrimental mistake is taking the lead in the interview. Some people try to divert the attention from themselves to the interviewer through asking personal questions. As seen earlier, it’s nice to be warm and approachable. However, asking personal questions in an effort of engaging the interview will count against your favor. It is paramount to know that you were called and not the other way round so irrespective of your leadership skills, it is essential to answer the questions as directed and not sway the interview.


An interview is the only platform for an individual to convince the employer why they stand from the rest of the pack and are the best fit for the job. Qualifying to this stage means that the company considers you. It is your personality that may come between you and your dream job. Avoiding the above-identified interview mistakes will go a long way in ensuring that your interview goes without a hitch.

interview mistakes

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