On interview day, everything has to be perfect, including your clothes. Getting hired through a job interview is all about projecting the right image that is appealing to the interviewees, a large portion of this comes down to your look and body language and image. Even if your resume is not the best in the bunch, your outfit could help you make that impression which will give your application an edge over your competition.

Interview attire for men will make a huge impression on any interviewer. Your interview attire is the first thing the interviewer sees when meeting you. It is important to choose clothes that will indicate that you are taking the job opportunity seriously, and are a good judge of what is appropriate in a work setting.

Maintain Your Chosen Office Style

interview attire for men

If you plan to set foot in any office, a shirt and suit and a tie are the bare minimums, it is hard to go wrong with that combination. A black tie, crisp white shirt, appropriately colored tie, and good-quality black leather shoes can bring you just about anywhere, from the reception desk to the CEO’s office. Slight modifications such as a smart pair of brown shoes can help to improve the overall image of the outfit.

Wear a normal, long-sleeved, button up shirt. It should be of a light color with no pattern or a relatively non-distracting pattern such as a gingham check design. Pair the shirt with a plain-looking tie. You want the interviewer to see quickly that you have a quality tie, but then stop paying attention to it. If you choose a strange pattern, the interviewer may focus on it over you.

Your overall appearance will have a great impact on the impression that you make, so do not stop there – thinking only about what you are wearing. Consider everything else – the cufflinks on your shirt, the bag you will be carrying, if any. Many fall at this hurdle because they make the faux pas of bringing a slouchy backpack or a shopping bag with them into the interview area.

Research the Company First

Human resource directors and recruiters are often impressed with interviewees who know a thing or two about the company and their dress code. How do the current employees dress? Dressing in a $1,000 designer suit can hurt your credibility if this is not the usual dress code. For example; would you wear an expensive suit to an interview for a fast food position? You want to dress-to-impress and assimilate into the company as easily as possible. If you are unsure about the right outfit to wear look on their website and note the attire the employees wear.

Know When To Wear a Suit

It is not always a good idea to wear a suit to an interview. The best time to whip out a suit and tie is when applying for jobs in a formal industry such as banking or law. Choose basic and neutral colors such as black or dark blue. Avoid bright and distracting colors like yellow, red or light blue. Patent-leather shoes are a good choice to wear with clean suits.

Dressing Casual

If the job position you are applying for is not considered a part of the formal industry, dress in casual attire. For men, this type of attire would jean, dark khakis. Buttoned-up collar shirts with a sweater over the top, which can be removed or added based on the environmental conditions.  For this look, boat shoes or any suede shoes except for trainers are a good option. A suitable belt will help complete the look, preferably a belt matching the color of the shoes. If your pants are dark-colored (navy blue, black or brown), opt for a black belt.

Don’t Forget Your Accessories

Most men neglect to include accessories into their wardrobe. Studies have shown that during interviews, the recruiter looks at two things first; your wrist-watch and shoes. Because of this, it is important to make sure to shine your shoes the night before the interview. Make sure shoes are free from scuffs and marks. Invest in a nice watch to bring out the best interview attire for men. Other professional accessories can include a leather briefcase or vinyl portfolio. Avoid regular manila folders or high school binders.

Restrain Yourself

interview attire for men

One thing you will have to learn about dressing for job interviews are the limits for how to dress. It is easy to make the mistake of dressing too much in a certain way too dressy, too casual or too formal. Each of these excesses gives a negative impression to the interviewer, and that spells bad news for your application. Be careful not to be too casual with your interview day outfit. Stick to just the basic and you won’t have a wardrobe disaster. At the same time, it is also possible to be too formal which represents a people pleaser personality. Even suits that are clearly premium- or designer-brand are risky, even when you are after executive slots.

In an Interview

Remember that it is you and not your clothes that should be the star of the show. The message you send to the interviewer does not necessarily have to be something along the line of ‘I can dress well and do the job’. As long as you can convey the message I can do the job and will make prudent and safe choices as an employee, your interview day ensemble will have done its job.

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