Laowai Career offers the best international job opportunities available, as the leading platform for professional work in China. China has the fastest growing economy in the world, a rich history and culture, and much to offer young people, especially foreign professionals.

Regardless if you are already working in China or if you are dreaming of business opportunities abroad; here we will help you find the job you have been longing for. LaowaiCareer  helps you cross the language gap and provide access to the perfect job in an exciting country.

International experience is often sought-after by employers, and may both be a good start after finished your studies. If you have been working for a few years and need a refreshing break and some new perspectives, then working abroad may the ideal solution for you.

Exciting Possibilities for Young Professionals

LaowaiCareer offers internships, graduate jobs, full-time careers as well as part-time job opportunities. You may work from home as a freelance, or find the workplace of your dreams. We can help students, graduates, entry-level talent and young professional find their dream job in China.

Whether you are looking for a new direction in life or want more candidates for your workplace, Laowai Career is a safe choice. The platform is free and easy to use, and job seekers may access the best employers all over China.

From teaching to management, from copy editor to engineering; there are many business opportunities waiting to be discovered. China offers industries to match all skills, interests, and backgrounds. Choose between local companies and multinational corporations; at Laowai Career there is a job opportunity for every candidate.

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Develop Your Career

In addition to being a gateway to a wide range of exciting industries, we will help you develop your career. Graduates, students and young workers alike may benefit from our excellent career guidance.

We will provide you with data about the latest job trends and information about the most popular sectors in China. This is a great chance for career advancement and development, as companies seek out our expertise to find the right candidate for their job.

Laowai Career features employers from the top multinational and Chinese companies, as well as interesting startup firms that you may help build and establish. The first step is identifying where your skills and interests lie, and what your background enables you to do before you start targeting your desired sector and industry.

Our Best Opportunities

Fancy teaching? At Laowai Career you gain access to some of the best job listings for foreign teachers in China. You may choose to work as either ESL or subject teacher, and English language skills are sought-after. There is a wide range of salaries and benefits, largely depending on a type of school offering employment, and your qualifications and skills.

If you do not hold a degree, do consider a TEFL accreditation. To enjoy some of the highest paid opportunities advertised on Laowai Career, this certification may qualify you for jobs such as teaching at international schools. However; to teach in universities, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree.

There are many other, desirable options available at Laowai Career. Applying for an internship in China may be just the ideal way to access international job opportunities. We provide you access to internships in a wide range of industries and sectors, from management to web development, and engineering. Also, you may get access lucrative business opportunities if you choose to intern at one of the multinational corporations in Beijing, or at a big city company.

If you have a way with words, excellent English written skills may secure you a job in China. There are opportunities for freelancers wanting to work from home, and for those thirsty for a career, there are often both internships and full-time positions available.

For example, if you can produce professional content and proofread English texts, you are well on your way to becoming an editor at a Chinese magazine, website or newspaper. Also, due to today’s global market, companies may often require international professionals who are able to market and advertise their company in the English language.

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Considerations and Advice for Job Seeking in China

You don’t need to be able to speak Chinese to work in China. Employers at Laowai Career are looking for candidates exactly because of your non-Chinese language skills. However; even though it is not a requirement, it might be useful and interesting to learn some of the languages as you go along.

Living costs in China are fairly low. So even if your salary is fairly low compared to your home country, you may live easily and comfortably with your wages. Food, accommodation and bus tickets are all reasonably priced.

If you are wanting to move to China and kickstart your career, you do need to apply for a visa. Even if you are only going for a short time, all foreign citizens need to apply, both for work and for holidays. It may be hard to obtain a work visa before entering China. If you do not already have an employer who may help you, you may go as a student and change your visa type during your stay.

Start Job Seeking

To access our best job opportunities, spend a few minutes of your time to register at Laowai Career, and get found and hired without any complications. Submit basic info, information about the job you are looking for, and your skills and background, and you will be good to go. You may now search through our many, available jobs, and start applying to those you are eligible for. Once you´ve been successfully interviewed, you are ready to start your Chinese career.

So save yourself agonizing time scrutinizing the web for job opportunities in China; simply access our business and career opportunities by signing up today. Whether you want to teach, write or work with management, fill out that application and get the job you´ve always been longing for.

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