About Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the wealthiest and largest cities of China located in Yangtze Delta of China. It is one of the richest economies regarding commerce and trade, transport, and technology among other sectors. Another iconic feature that makes up Shanghai is its blend of different cultures both traditional and modern. Therefore, it is one of the best destinations for both living and working.

Have you ever thought of working or living in Shanghai?

Perhaps you have no idea. This article will give you remarkable insights that will truly change your mind. After reading this, you will find that Shanghai is one of the best destinations in the world regarding technology, commerce, and culture among other aspects. If you are living in the west, you need to explore the east and for sure, you will never regret residing in Shanghai.

As a matter of fact, Shanghai is known for so many good things that you will explore as you read through. In this case, there are so many benefits living and working here since it offers so many advantages that might not be found elsewhere in the world. Therefore, you need to redefine your choice and think of this spectacular destination. The following are some of the importance and benefits of living and working in Shanghai:

1. Cost of living

Of course, this is the first thing that may come to your mind is the cost of food and other related things that are crucial for living. It is always a concern for many people to spend little and save more for their future life. In Shanghai, this is more than possible.

According to the world statistics, Shanghai is ranked best regarding expat expense table; this is what measures the ability of the expats to afford food and other basic services. In this case, expats enjoy their stay due to the lower cost of living that comes due to the cheap and subsidized services for expats.

2. Housing

Housing is a no worry issue as an expat. You might be wondering on the availability or even the accessibility of houses for rent, but this is something not to worry about. Regarding availability, you will find so many apartments, rental quarters, and hostels that are well designed to suit your needs and lifestyle desires. As a matter of fact, the houses that are available for you are affordable and thus manageable.

Another iconic feature that comes with housing is the accessibility. The houses are accessible everywhere and depending on your choice of residence; you can always find accessible houses or hostels.

3. Security

This is another thing that may concern you the most. Security is always a number one issue for everyone to consider before moving to a new place. In this case, Shanghai is a stable country with its defense mechanisms and security. At least in every district, you will find that security is highly enhanced for by the district police and these are the first people that you will meet when you visit this country. That means security is highly enhanced, and thus, there is no need to worry.

4. Shopping

Shopping in Shanghai is an awesome experience that you will ever enjoy. Once you land in, the first thing that you can do after you have settled is to go for shopping. This is the best experience that you will ever have and is so fantastic. You will find lots of shopping malls, supermarkets, and boutiques that are so welcoming and friendly.

Apart from doing your shopping, you will have an opportunity to interact with most of the people whom you will meet, and this becomes a chance for you to adapt and to understand more about the culture of the Chinese people. Therefore, shopping in Shanghai malls and shops is not just shopping but an encounter, an experience that will make you interact and understand people.

5. Banking

Banking is also another thing that may come into your mind. Of course, as an expat, you may not do your shopping directly before you can exchange your currency. This is just easy. Here, you will find so many banks and institutions that will do the same for you. There are so many banks in almost all the districts that can allow you to open a bank account for your banking needs.

Some of the banks that are available include the Bank of China, China’s Merchants Bank, ICBC, and Agricultural Bank of China among others. The same can be found in every city and district and have got friendly services for you to enjoy.

6. Food

Amazingly, there are plenty and variety of food for your choice. If this will be your first time visiting Shanghai, though food choices differ by culture, you will always find your best option. Shanghai is a city that is well known for a variety and clean food for the expats.

Also, you will find lots of hotels and restaurants that have got variety and friendly services. Also, you can find some of the designated places in the supermarkets that are offering dining services at affordable prices. Therefore, in this place, dining is an awe-inspiring experience that comes with fulfillment and satisfaction.

7. Weather

Of course, you cannot expect to find the same weather as that of your homeland. This aspect is subject to change and may be a bit different from your expectations. This does not mean that the weather in Shanghai is bad, it is always friendly, and you can adapt within the first few weeks of your stay.

Another thing that you should expect is the weather change from season to season. This is not a new idea as it happens throughout the countries of the world. That is, you should know what to expect in every season, and this comes with the four seasons of the year; winter, spring, summer, and autumn. During winter, you will have to experience colds, and this is no different from that of your home country. Also, summer is the hottest season throughout the world and thus no reason to hesitate to live in Shanghai.

8. Entertainment
Psychologists who have studied entertainment have come to the conclusion that, it can, in the long run, lead to a longer lifespan. It is evident that it releases stress and other associated diseases. Also, one of the major killer diseases according to studies is caused by stress. Therefore, entertainment should always be your priority.

If you are looking out for entertainment, it’s plenty in Shanghai. As a matter of fact, entertainment is believed to be the best relaxer and stress reliever. After your long day of work, of course, you are pressed up, tired, and you need something that will entertain your mind to bring about relieve. In this case, there are a lot of designated places that are friendly to everyone even you as an expat. Therefore, you can identify with clubs or bars among other places for entertainment.

9. Professional opportunities

Working in Shanghai is an excellent experience that comes with the desire to learn more. Therefore, if you are working in any of the organization or institutions, you will always find many ways to grow your career. One of the ways is by undergoing some of the professional courses that are related to your area of expertise.

Factually, there are so many professional opportunities being offered in different institutions. Shanghai is one of the best cities with the best institutions of learning. In connection to this, you can identify yourself with the nearest institution. Also, the same institutions are affordable and thus manageable.

10. Transportation

Transportation is very available, and you can easily identify with affordable and reliable trucks, shuttles or taxis just from the airport. Ideally, transportation has been a matter of concern in the past. Fortunately, with the advancement in technology and commerce, infrastructure has been developed and to a great extent especially the city of Shanghai.

Due to the same, you can plan your transportation needs depending on your budget since you can find different affordable means. Not to forget, Shanghai is accessible to the best railway transport in the world, and you can take the advantage of the same since it is highly convenient for bulk transport, it is cheap and also reliable. Therefore, you can always enjoy the service that comes alongside transportation and thus is a no issue to worry about.

11. Adventure

Asia is one of the most adventurous continents and thus, is the best spot for tourists. Coupled with the beautiful scenery, the topography of the land, culture and arts, this place offers the best adventurous experience ever.

The best places that you can find for pleasure include the parks and museums among others. Once you are in Shanghai, you will get the best directions and guide of experts who can give you all the advice you may need for your adventure throughout Asia.

Therefore, living in Shanghai is more than an experience; you will experience a lifestyle that is full of fun, adventure, and fulfillment. In this case, you will also find it easy to access other adventurous places of Asia through the rail that passes through many countries.

12. Culture shock

Whenever you go to a new place with an entirely different culture, you always wonder how people behave towards each other and may become difficult for you to understand or adapt quickly. This is what is known as culture shock, and it happens to anyone.

In Shanghai, if this is the first time visiting a bank, you might become irritated with how people behave in the queue. It may not be happening in your country, but you have just to tolerate since with time, you will adapt to it. If you will experience difficulties in coping, the following tips will enable you to keep culture shock in control:

· Know your immediate neighborhood. Knowing your neighbors is an activity that is so fruitful since it will make you have a sense of belonging. In this case, you may need to interact with your neighbors, get to know different neighboring places like restaurants and markets among other social locations.

· Learn language. One of the things that promote culture shock is the language barrier, and thus, you need to escape from it. The majority of the Chinese population may not understand English, and this may serve to create a gap between you and them. Therefore, it is always the best practice for you to sign up for Chinese classes in the evenings or during the weekends.

· Reflect on your feelings. Reflecting on your feelings will enable you to evaluate yourself, identify the feelings that are not impressive towards a particular aspect of culture and device ways of coping or improving from the same. That is, if you have decided to live in Shanghai, you should try to learn the different cultures and adapt to the one that fits you.

· Change your attitude. Attitude change is another strategy that is best for coping and adapting to different cultures. This is because; it will enable you to gain a new perspective in the way you look at things and so to your perception. Once your attitude is changed, you can adapt to different cultures very easily.

· Tolerate. Tolerating different cultures are the best way of coping and adapting. Once you land in Shanghai, some cultures may annoy you especially when it comes to food. Therefore, since you cannot change it, you may need to appreciate and live well with everyone.


In summary, working and living in Shanghai is a fantastic and awe-inspiring experience for everyone. Having gone through all the above insights, I am sure you are not spoilt for choice. However, this is just but the tip of the iceberg. If you can decide to work and live in Shanghai, surely you will enjoy everything and the ones that cannot be exhausted in this article. That is to say, living in Shanghai is a lifestyle and an experience by itself. You just need to pack and go, no need to hesitate or to contemplate since a lot is awaiting you there.