University world ranking – 1,432
Total number of students – 3,043
Total number of international students – Approximately 500
Total number of faculty 95

Location and Transport

The University is located in the Tuen Mun District on the western coast of Hong Kong. Transport to the university can be by bus, railway, or taxi.

University Facts

Lingnan University was established in 1888 as a private university by a group of American missionaries who gave it the original name Canton Christian College. Since the school was first founded, it underwent a series of movements, being moved from one place to another and the name undergoing several changes. It was given its current name, Lingnan University, in 1927.

Academic Reputation

The school provides academic and non-academic facilities to students both locally and internationally. It is an internationally recognized liberal arts university distinguished by its outstanding learning, teaching and community performance.

The school is the only liberal arts university in Hong Kong, thus it is committed to an individual aspect approaches to education which helps the students think and act responsibly in all areas. Lingnan University offers liberal arts curriculum in Contemporary English Studies, Chinese, Philosophy, and Social Sciences. Other than language courses and courses in Chinese, all other courses are taught in English. The university has also established themselves as a good center of learning because of the strong technical background and the research-based curriculum.

Employer Reputation

Due to the school’s reputation of giving quality education and knowledge, employers often look to employ individuals who have graduated from Lingnan University. Students are nurtured to excellence, helping them gain attributes such as critical thinking, versatile skills, broad vision, social responsibility values, and leadership qualities, all which are very important in the job market.


Lingnan University aims at perfecting its research. The University is ideally suited to the pursuit of research excellence and perfection. As to advance further its reputation as a liberal arts university excelling both in teaching and research, Lingnan continues to pursue high standards in the focused areas of research. This is facilitated by the universities well-equipped libraries, research institutes, and advanced laboratories.

Faculty-Student Ratio

Since its establishment, Lingnan University has attracted many students and teaching staff at all levels. Currently, the school has 95 faculty members, including 25 assistant professors, 36 associate professors, and 34 professors. Out of these, there are 31 Ph.D. supervisors and 35 master supervisors all who have acquired Ph.D. degrees. The school has approximately 2,000 students who bring the student to faculty ratio to 12-to-1. This shows that every student can capture the attention of their professors.

Recent News

On 27th June 2016, the University, in collaboration with 11 more leading universities, hosted the International Postgraduate Summer School cum International Conference. The university’s Faculty of Business is recognized for its international standing by extension of its AACSB Accreditation. Additionally, the school’s Faculty of Arts introduced a new Interdisciplinary Major in Chinese Literature, History, and Philosophy in May 2016.

Extracurricular Activities

The school provides a campus environment that promotes self-learning and opportunities for social, cultural and extracurricular activities such as sports, dance, and singing contests. World class infrastructure, air-conditioned classrooms equipped with computers, and internet facilities, libraries and more are available in the university and affiliated colleges of the university.

Sports faculties include basketball, tennis, soccer, Badminton, and gym. Physical entertainment faculties are available like yoga studies and gym classes. The school also holds an annual cultural festival in which interested students are allowed to participate in.

Best Courses

Currently, the university offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the following: Arts: Chinese, history, philosophy, Visual Studies, English, Business Administration, Computing, Accountancy, Decision Finances, Management, Marketing, Finance and Insurance, and International Business. In Social Sciences the options include Economics, applied Psychology, Sociology, Social Policy, and Political Science. Courses are in English except for translation courses, languages, and Chinese. According to the State Language of China, Lingnan students have been performing the best among all institutions in Hong Kong.

Opportunities for International Students

The school boasts of vigorous international relation exchanges and cooperation. Lingnan University has established strong academic links and cooperation with many other foreign universities. The university has gained great domestic and international influence in fundamental and applied science research.

Students from other countries willing to join the school can apply and submit their applications having met a minimum GPA of 2.75. The school also offers scholarships for excellent students from other countries, and these students are provided with the necessities they need to study in the university. Each scholarship offered is renewed annually assuming the student continues to perform well. The popularity of this higher learning institution has helped the students achieve success in their careers and thus has made a good number of students come for completing their education.


Adjusting to a new culture for international students can be challenging. If you do not know Chinese, the language barrier can make building friendships difficult.

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