Learning Mandarin is not easy, but it is not as hard as people say. As for the people that do try, they find that just as with any other obstacle they will encounter in life, it is merely a geological matter; even mountains will move with pressure and time. You can try to move the whole mountain, or you can target the section of the mountain that suits your objectives most, and tunnel through it.

The mountain analogy rather breaks down after that smile. However, the argument does not. The reason that it is better to tunnel through the mountain rather than try to move the whole thing is that once you have made one tunnel, making the next one is easier. Try to target a specific set of words, rather than tackling the entire language at once, which would be like moving a mountain.

Of course, no one will ever hand you a dictionary and try to pass if off as a good Mandarin curriculum. However, what most schools will do is have only one well thought out curriculum. If we are searching for the optimal way of learning Mandarin, this way of studying Chinese is not it.

It makes a lot of sense that a curriculum made to suit thousands of students won’t be an exact match for anyone. The best way would be to tailor make each student’s curriculum for it to suit them perfectly. What would such a process involve then?

Well, for starters it would rank the interest of the student, not regarding the final objectives of the student’s Mandarin studies, but regarding usability. What words will the student need to use sooner than others? Lets go with hobbies on this one, though it may not necessarily be the case that this is what matters most in the students daily life. It may be a young professional that we are dealing with, for example.

Say that Christa enjoys diving – should we not then teach her diving terminology rather than how she can find the way to a library (a favorite of most textbooks. I guess they imagine that most students are heading there most of the time…). She could go dive to enjoy herself while practicing not only the vocabulary we just taught her but also the basic grammar to have a conversation (or at least to form simple sentences) related to diving.

Of course, this way of teaching would be hugely expensive, too pricey for most people right? They would have to tailor the class material to each student individually. Or would it? What if the school would instead just form a basic structure of this extra vocabulary that would suit most types of words and then just tailor the words to each student?
When you are teaching yourself Mandarin, you can take any Mandarin textbook and do the same in order to best meet your needs and interests. As a bonus, it will surely be a fun way to learn Mandarin while living in China.

Mandarin is the way forward

China as a country is emerging as a leader in various business opportunities. Although there are two key flavors of Chinese language, Cantonese and Mandarin, there are many people interested in learning Mandarin. To learn a different language you must have an open mind and should not be time bound. You must be willing to make the extra effort to learn a foreign language. Mandarin specifically is not an easy language to learn however there are options available to learn Chinese Mandarin online which will help you in learning Mandarin quickly and effectively. Below are few of the points which can be considered while learning Mandarin

Systematic approach

As Mandarin is a complex language, it is very important to follow a structured approach for learning Mandarin. Identify steps which need to be followed for you to learn Chinese Mandarin online. There are four tones in Mandarin, and the same word may mean different depending on the tone used, so it is very important for you to understand these tones thoroughly. There are online audios available for you to listen to these tones and understand the variations. Once you are comfortable with the tones, then you can take up the next steps of learning the pronunciations, understanding Mandarin vocabulary, grammar, and finally learn to read and write Mandarin characters.

Practical usage

Try to use Mandarin as much as possible and do not rely only on your theoretical knowledge. You can master the language only when you use it frequently. Start with some easy words then you can go for simple sentences.

You can start speaking some of the simple sentences on your own and practice them by a mirror. You can also record your voice and listen to it to understand if your pronunciation is correct or not. There are many online portals available where you can interact with other Mandarin speaking people through email, chat, or video calls.

One of the best ways to learn Mandarin is to appoint an online native Chinese tutor who can help you with tricks to learn the language faster. You can also refer to a lot of free videos available online to learn Mandarin as well as try to listen or watch videos in Mandarin for a better understanding of the language.

Be determined

It is not simple to learn a new language and a lot of patience and determination is required. Please do not lose hope if you are finding challenges in learning Mandarin. Give yourself enough time to learn this language and try to find out new innovative methods which will keep you interested and motivated enough to continue learning.

Keep learning

Even after you have learned the language your learning does not stop. You need to keep yourself updated and connected to the language so keep speaking to your friends or watch movies or listen to your favorite music in Mandarin.

Learn Mandarin online

Once you have decided to learn Mandarin online, you must go through all the available tutorials and courses available for learning Mandarin online.

We now live in a completely different world. It has gotten to the point that it is important to speak Mandarin if you do anything internationally. More and more people from around the world, especially in the United States are doing business in China. This is why it has become essential to study and learn to speak Mandarin.

It is therefore not surprising that many world leaders today can speak Chinese which makes this language very useful in government. One world leader who learned Chinese and attended Beijing University is Timothy Geitner. Another fluent Chinese speaker is Jon Huntsman, who was a former Utah Governor and is now the Ambassador to China. When he was a missionary in Taiwan, he learned to speak Chinese and adopted a child from China.

Another prominent leader is Kevin Rudd, who is the Austrian Prime Minister known for being able to speak fluent Mandarin. If these world leaders do not inspire you to learn to speak Mandarin, then maybe knowing more about the Chinese culture will.

By trying to learn the Mandarin language, you begin a quest in learning about the Chinese culture which is more than 5000 years old. Additionally, by educating yourself to learn another language and culture shows that you are willing to have a better understanding as to how the Chinese civilization came to be. Also, you will get to know more about Chinese art which includes Chinese poetry that normally gets lost in translation when interpreted in another language. Chinese poetry is known as one of the most beautiful in the world and by understanding the language, you get the essence of what it truly means.

When you learn another language, studies have shown that you create another viewpoint, which is another reason to learn Mandarin. Research also shows that people, particularly children, who can speak more languages are noticeably much smarter. This is because words trigger associations in the child’s brain. When numerous mental associations play in the head of the child, it brings about new ideas and opens their minds to new things which only get better with age. It is no wonder programmers claim that learning a new computer language keeps their minds fresh, bold, and alert.

Students who are currently learning to speak Mandarin are given a huge competitive edge especially since the Chinese language is now the fastest growing foreign language that is being taught in schools, particularly in the United States. This is not surprising since the US and China often trade especially now that China is the second largest economy in the world today.

So as to study Mandarin successfully, you have to put in a great deal of exertion and drench yourself in the dialect and society. In this sense, a Chinese study abroad program is crucial to pick up Mandarin familiarity. While the lessons you get as a component of your college course will give you the basics to build up your dialect abilities, it is critical to consistently rehearse and take in more than you are taught in class.

Here are a couple of tips to recall when searching for a private Mandarin mentor in China.

1. Do not pay excessively. While the majority of your showing expenses are incorporated into your China Study Abroad bundle, if you look for further educational cost outside of this, you should consider charges. Indeed, even in significant urban areas, you ought not to hope to pay more than around 50rmb an hour for a customary educator or maybe up to 80rmb for an exceptionally experienced private coach.

2.Know what you need. Most great mentors will have some thought on where to take the lessons, yet don’t be reluctant to request what you need. On the off chance that you have particular needs or target territories you need to concentrate on, then please let the mentor know. Along these lines, you will get the most out of your additional educational cost and will advance all the more rapidly.

Regardless of what sort of additional educational cost you pick, communicating in Mandarin as regularly as could be expected under the circumstances will be greatly useful for your movement. It is beneficial to the point that some expert coaches are procured in light of the reality they can not communicate in English.