LaowaiCareer Provides the Perfect Path for Foreigners to Their Dream Jobs in China.

Staying true to our name, LaowaiCareer is dedicated to providing as many opportunities to foreigners looking for jobs in China as we possibly can. That’s why we attended the ChinaJob job fair in Beijing! It was the ideal place to make more professional connections. We had the opportunity to reach out to companies so that we could provide even more chances for foreigners looking for jobs in China.

Furthermore, our goal as one of the most successful foreign talent recruiters was to establish a good working relationship with organizations and make the entire process of hiring foreigners even more seamless.

LaoweiCareer — the Ultimate Job Platform

We created LaowaiCareer to breach the language barrier for foreigners looking for jobs in China. With that goal in mind, we have created a user-friendly platform that connects skilled foreigners with dependable Chinese companies. 

Helping Eager Foreigners Get the Chance They Were Looking for

Getting a job isn’t such an easy task, even without the problematic circumstances that allocation brings with it. Still, when you’re looking for a job miles away from home, and when everyone is speaking a (quite tricky) language you don’t understand, the difficulties are tenfold. 

The Struggles of Foreigners

Those dreaming of being working expatriates in China are probably not aware of how complex living and working in China actually is. The language barrier alone is stressful. But, no one can deny that the Chinese economy is as fruitful as it is tempting. 

Ever since the enormous economic crisis in 2008, foreigners have been steadily turning to the Chinese job market while looking for opportunities other countries couldn’t offer. And indeed, China has one of the fastest growing economies, with steady annual growth. Unlike Europe, South, and North America, the Chinese economy is booming, and the jobs are there, within reach, ripe for the taking.

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Seizing the Job Opportunity in the Right Way

It used to be very easy to get a job in China. The simple fact that you’re a foreigner brought a sense of novelty, which, in turn, opened many doors. However, things are a bit different now, and companies, employees, and organizations are seeking value and commitment. And without ample language skills, it’s hard to compete, even on such a vast job market as China has.

One of the advantages of the Chinese job market is that it is one of the most candidate-short markets in all of Asia. On top of that, it has a high turnover rate when it comes to staff. Furthermore, the salary levels aren’t that shabby either. 

So, China is the best place if you’re a highly skilled and highly specialized worker. On the other hand, if you’re searching for teaching jobs, China is the place to be. For example, ELS teacher is one of the most popular positions for young, openminded foreigners in China. Unlike the highly specialized positions, it doesn’t require several years of work experience. Job fairs, like the Beijing job fair for foreign talent organized by ChinaJob, are the perfect place to find opportunities like that. 

Why Is It so Difficult for Foreigners to Get a Job in China?

So, jobs are there, and the opportunities are plentiful. Still, why is it so hard for foreigners who want to travel overseas and work abroad to find a job in China?

Well, unless you’re planning on making a trip, you need to find job opportunities online. Sounds easy, right? But it isn’t. Job sites and various platforms are not easy to navigate for non-Chinese speakers. Furthermore, they aren’t even that user-friendly. 

How LaowaiCareer helps foreigners finding a job in China.

How LaowaiCareer helps Them Along

Thus, the language barrier is a real stumbling stone for foreigners. However, it doesn’t have to be. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the companies in China and proficient foreigners. With that in mind, we attended the ChinaJob job fair in Beijing. The Foreign Talents Recruitment Conference in Beijing in April allowed us to make reliable connections that will benefit foreign workers. As one of the leading job platforms for expatriates in China, we have proved time and time again that the entire process of getting a job in China doesn’t have to be hard. With the help of our platform and other useful apps, breaking the language barrier is simple.

There’s More to Life Than Just Work — Our Assistance Spans Across All Aspects of Life

We are always looking for new opportunities to spread our reach so we could help foreigners get jobs in China. Our goal is to help them not only get a job but also successfully navigate life and work in China. 

For example, did you know how hard it is to order food in China if you don’t speak the language? Something as simple as getting a meal can turn into a bit of a nightmare when an unknown language is involved. 

But, just like LaowaiCareer helps foreigners get a job, the Sherpa’s app helps them get food. It might seem like no big deal — until you’re hungry and unable to order! Sherpa’s is a food delivery app designed specifically for foreigners. If your Chinese isn’t that good, you might be scared or reluctant to order food. You probably resort to wandering the streets and pointing at food at street vendors to explain what you want. But why bother with that? Sherpa’s offers 50 Yuan off to every newly registered user. So, you’ll get delicious food and save some money! This app makes food delivery and getting a meal as simple as it should be.

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Therefore, with LaowaiCareer and Sherpa’s app, the language barrier is no more!