Kyun Hee University world ranking – 401-500

Total number of students – 31, 453

Total number of international students – over 1000

Total number of faculty and staff members – 2,300

Transport and Location of the Institution

Kyun Hee is a private university located in Seoul, South Korea. It has three campuses: the Seoul campus, the Global Campus in Yongin, and the Gwangneung Campus in Jinjeop-eup. Transport to the school, or within the school, is mainly by university buses. Also, there are nine subway lines in Seoul linking Seoul to other cities like Suwon.

About the School

The school was founded in Korea in 1949. It started as a two-year college institute. It was given its current name in 1960 and a comprehensive education system from kindergarten all the way to graduate school. The University has 24 colleges, 71 departments, 65 masters and 64 doctorate programs, 42 research institutions and 18 professional and special graduate schools. It has a large network relationship with 434 sister schools in over 60 countries.

The Academic Reputation of Kyun Hee University

The university does research on crucial scientific subjects. It strives to constantly improve its research work and teaching, promoting mutual interaction between various disciplines. It has been recognized for its ongoing high performance of students, producing good results, especially in the areas it mostly specializes in such as engineering, medicine and the sciences. Kyun Hee University has always been recognized in China and Asia in general for its research in the field of medicine.


The Seoul Campus has these faculties: College of Law, the College of Politics and Economics, College of Sciences, College of Business Administration, College of Human Ecology, College of Medicine, School of Korean Medicine, College of Hotel and Tourism Management, The College of Pharmacy, College of Dentistry, School of Nursing Sciences, College of Music, College of Fine Arts and the Institute of International Education.

At Global Campus you’ll find: The College of Electronics and Information, College of Life Sciences, the College of Engineering, College of Applied Sciences, College of Management and International Relations, College of Art and Design, The School of Foreign Languages and Literature, the College of Physical Education and The College of International Studies.

Employer Reputation

Students studying at the university are taught important values and a sense of responsibility that help them when they leave the school, which makes employers interested in employing graduates from Kyun Hee University. Because Kyun Hee University’s Medicine School has such a good reputation, graduates from this department often land high-paying jobs.

Research Aspects at Kyun Hee University

Kyun Hee University is committed to research, ensures high-quality learning regarding research and equips students with all the necessary skills required in the job market. This is also at the root of the innovation and technological advancement which Kyun Hee is known for.

The Central Library

Kyun Hee University has a central library which has over 1.8 million volumes of books. It is a spacious 2,000-seat facility, where students can comfortably carry out research, having access to a wide range of resources. The school also has an e-library that holds over 20,000 e-books.

Faculty to Student Ratio

Kyun Hee University has a total of 31,453 students, of which 24,569 are undergraduates, 6,884 are post-graduates and 1,605 are doctoral students. It has an academic staff of 2,976. The student to faculty ratio stands at 1:10.

Recent News Related to the School

On December 13th, 2013 Kyun Hee University’s Vice Chancellor attended the International Seminar on China Economic Cooperation and Academic Seminar on Social Sciences to discuss academic issues. The School of Law at Kyun Hee University expanded its curriculum to matters relating to Asia, which will help its students to work in areas concerning Asia specifically.

Extracurricular Activities

The university offers several extracurricular activities, including sports like gymnastics, football, handball, basketball, rugby, hockey, badminton and tennis. Kyun Hee University has a Taekwondo Academy, which aims to enhance cultural development of the sport, internationalize the Taekwondo program, promote Taekwondo knowledge and standardize Taekwondo techniques.

Opportunities for International Students

The university offers opportunities for students from other countries to study there. International students can study at the university, if they have met the requirements for new students. Scholarships are offered by the university to academically gifted students. These scholarships help to cover the students’ tuition fees and accommodation.

Inconveniences at Kyun Hee

The main inconvenience studying at Kyun Hee University is that accommodation is very expensive. Rent costs in Seoul are relatively high, so students studying there might find it very difficult to find good accommodation that they can afford. Accommodation within the school is cheaper compared to outside the school but most of the time hostels on campus are full, leaving students, especially students from other countries, with no other option but to look for accommodation elsewhere.

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