If you have ever tried looking for a job you will know that the first impression to getting a job is to prepare an effective resume.When we talk of a resume the first thing that catches the attention of the employer is the objective which is mentioned on the top of the resume.

For every job that is posted, there are thousands of people who consider themselves the right fit. In that case, what should be done to make the employer pick you up from the rest? The objective of the resume is highly effective in such a situation. In this article, we will tell you about the importance of a good objective and tips to write them.

What is a resume objective?

A resume objective is a small statement which tells the employers about your previous work experience and also projecting you as the right person for the job posted. Your objective should be such that it shows the employers not to waste any more time and select you as the right choice.

A resume objective is a synopsis of your achievements so far and what you intend to aim for in the future. If your objective is short, concise and to the point nobody can undermine its importance at the time of job applying.

How it helps you?

If you are looking to target a particular job opening, then a resume objective helps the employer to know what is that you are hoping to achieve by applying and how. A good resume objective stands out among the rest and makes the reader consider you for further discussions.

Employer’s perspective

The objective is the first thing that an employer glances upon. It is also the first text by which the employer forms an opinion about the applicant. If you can successfully incorporate all your previous skills and experience in your objective itself, it gives the employer a better opinion of you.

The first thing that an employer looks for is that the objective should be worth their time and attention. If after reading your objective the employer does not feel the clarity of your views he is most likely going to toss your resume aside. The employers appreciate objectives which talk about giving priority to the company’s benefit than their own.

How to write?

First of all, whenever you start writing an objective make sure it is very specific. Take care that the objective that is written only targeting the job you are applying. Which means you have to write five separate objectives for five separate jobs.

Secondly, try to emphasize on how you can prove valuable to the company instead of writing how the company is going to help you. Use the KISS idiom that keeps it short and sweet and please avoid the adjectives.

Thirdly if you are looking for a career shift, try telling the employer how your experiences count and will help in the present job.

Common mistakes made in writing

First of all, do not use one objective for all applications, modify the objective as per the job opening. Secondly, do not talk about what you want but tell what you can give to the organization. Do not keep writing stories which do not make any sense, be precise and impactful.

Do not write something which does not add any value to the statement; say how your resume is different from the rest and why it should be picked up.

Some examples

If you are somebody who is looking for a middle-level career shift than an objective like the one mentioned below is highly recommended.

Experienced and distinguished guest relations officer with more than ten years experience wanting to use the past communication and public relations experience to gain an entry level position as an administrative officer with XYZ Company.

This is a classic example as it is short, straightforward and precise. From this objective, it is clear what that person is and what he wants to achieve by applying here. In only a few words the person has very clearly told the employer how he will use his skills and experience from a different field into this new job.

Resume objective example for a fresher

Committed and motivated science graduate looking for an entry-level laboratory assistant position with ABC Labs

Again through this short objective, the applicant is telling the HR Manager that he is looking for a job as a laboratory assistant with ABC Labs.

Resume objective example for any job

To get a job with a stable and profitable organization where I can use my previous skills, gain more experience and enhance the company’s image and output in return.

This objective is very generic and can be used in a multitude of jobs at the same time. An objective of this type can be used when we are looking to apply to many companies at the same time.

Resume objective example for customer service

Obtain a job position as a team member in a people friendly organization where I can enhance and use my past customer service experience in a motivating environment to achieve the corporate goals.

Again a specific and to the point objective telling about your past experience and what you want to gain by applying to the organization.

Resume objective example for teachers

Seeking a position of headmistress that can gain from my ten years of experience in guiding and motivating teaching staff in ABC School

Here the applicant is clearly informing the employer about her total experience and how she intends to use it to her advantage while applying for a job in ABC School.

Resume objective example for students

Server position where I can use my communication skills to increase a customer’s dining experience.

The applicant does not have experience here, but he is talking about the best skills he has to offer and how he plans to use them.

I’m sure after reading this article you will be clear about the purpose of a resume objective and how to write an effective one. So now go ahead and based on the above requirements write a resume objective in the comment box below and let us see who can write the best one. Wish you all the luck.


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