Jinan University is a public research institution of higher learning in China. It is located in Tianhe District, Guangzhou in Guangdong province. The university is the oldest of its kind, situated in mainland China, and it traces its origins back to the Quing era (1644 -1911).

It is recognised as being the very first to accept international students in this country. As we speak, it has the biggest number of international students, who account for a sizeable number of its total number of students.


The official website for Jinan University is its main campus which is situated at 601, Huangpu, Avenue West, Guangzhou China, PC 510632.

World ranking

According to recent data from the Center for World University Rankings, Jinan University is currently placed at number 955 globally. With its quality of education standing at 367+ worldwide.

Total number of students

Jinan University University currently has a total number of students that stands at 48,068, 23,421 of whom are undergraduate students. While 9,446 of them are graduate students, 8,181 masters students and 1,259 PhD students.

Total number of international students

Jinan University, as earlier noted, has the largest number of international students. The number now stands at 11,625 students, drawn from 107 different nations from around the globe.

Total number of faculties

Jinan University currently boasts of 29 colleges that consist of 62 departments. These colleges offer 89 different undergraduate major fields. There are also 37 level-1 masters degree programs, 15 PhD degree programs along with 24 professional degree programs. These colleges are divided among five different campuses. The main campus is in Tianhe District Guangzhou. The College of Chinese Language and Culture is also situated in Guangzhou. The new campus in Guangzhou and the Tourism College are in Shenzhen and the Zhuhai campus is in Zhuhai.

Academic reputation

Jinan University is among the 100 key universities in the 21st century and the whole of China. It was among the first batch listed in the project 211 by the ministry of education way back in 1995. The project was formulated by the Chinese government to improve research standards in high-level of institutions of higher learning in the country.

The programs it offers are more than adequate and can be likened to those provided by the best universities in the US. It is also important to note that all of these courses fully meet the prerequisites of credit transfer courses in the US. Jinan University makes it a point to hire lecturers and professors with excellent teaching experience in relevant courses from acclaimed US universities.

Employer reputation

As a public research institution, Jinan University always strives to recruit the young and talented from both China and abroad. Through its thousands talent plan, it employs researchers on remarkably competitive remuneration terms. Some of the openings you might find include Optical Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering. Electronic Science and Technology, Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering. Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry. Mechanics, Nursing, Science of Chinese Pharmacology, Ecology to name but a few.

Research aspects

This Chinese university places a firm emphasis on the research attributes of its varied operations. It currently has no less than 16 post-doctoral research sites, 1post-doctoral research base and more than 200 hundred research institute laboratories.

Faculty to student ratio

Jinan University has an unparalleled faculty to student ratio in the entire nation of China. All of its courses and programs take place in small classes, where each student enjoys the full attention and guidance of the lecturer.

Social activities

Besides academic excellence, Jinan University also lays great emphasis on suitable and enriching extracurricular activities for its students. There are a number of sports complexes erected within the main campus, where students can participate in a wide variety of games. Also, students can join associations and clubs that are promoted by the university.

Recent news

For recent news and information about the university’s courses and programs, check out the institution’s main website.

Related videos

Some of the most relevant multimedia files from Jinan University are also available in their online archives.

Best programs and courses available

Some of the most popular undergraduate courses that you could enroll on include Computer Science, International Economics and Trading. Clinical Medicine, Accounting, Pharmacy, Public Administration, Finance, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. It is worth noting that this Chinese university’s MBA program has recently gained international accreditation by the AMBA.

Academic and research opportunities for international students

As expected from any higher education institute of its calibre, Jinan University is highly acclaimed for offering a wide variety of beneficial opportunities to all its foreign students. The courses and programs, the university offers are on par with those of the finest teaching institutions in the US.

On the other hand, when it comes to scientific research opportunities, this happens to be one of the major hallmarks of this university. It is critical to state that Jinan University is an internationally renowned public research institution in mainland China. Over the years the university has been able to put in place world-class scientific research facilities on its campuses. This has included a significant number of post-doctoral research sites on its main campus, along with its post-doctoral research base. …Not to mention the more than 200 research institute laboratories, which are dotted all across its campuses.

All in all, Jinan University can be regarded as one of the best Chinese institutes of higher learning that you as an international attend.

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