World Ranking: 451- 500 and one of the top 10 universities in China

Total Number of Students: 7,000+
Faculty: 6,540

The Jilin University or JLU is a Chinese based research university. It’s one of the leading research universities in China and whole world. Jilin University comes under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education of China.

jilin university

Jilin University is located in the province of Jilin in Changchun city which is located in Northeast China. Jilin University has expanded its branches and is now located in six districts with seven campuses. These seven campuses are home to thirty-nine colleges which teach in thirteen different academic disciplines including Philosophy, International Relations, Law, Economics, Literature, History, Education, Science, Agriculture, Engineering, Management, Medicine, and Military Science. Additionally, the university has six laboratories allotted to the university and seven bases which are used for the development of basic science in the university.

The University has also been awarded 22 different laboratories across China for its development and research by the Ministry of Education and by other ministries as well. It also has five research bases for the fields of humanities, as well as social sciences which the university has offered for many years.

Jilin University has its research programs running in various fields and subjects which include Chemistry, Biology, Engineering and others. These projects are renowned across the world for their authenticity and the hard work the people behind these research projects. The University is considered as one the key universities of the country because it has so many undergraduates and graduate programs to offer. Currently, the university is offering almost two hundred undergraduate programs and masters degree programs, and seventeen post-doctoral degree programs.

This university has said to have enrolled almost fifty-nine thousand full-time students and several hundreds of students for different programs at different times. With more than six thousand faculty members, the Jilin University has a great number of professors teaching in different fields.

Academic Reputation:

It is recorded that more than 30,0000 people have graduated so far from Jilin University in the past decades. With more and more students deciding to go to the university, there must be something great about the academics of the university which can be seen in it’s high ranking.

Research Work:

The university itself is basically a research university and is known to be one of the greatest research universities not only in China but in the whole world. The university has made its relations and mergers with different universities not only in China, but all across the world. The major subjects where the university is making progress is in nanotechnologies, computer science, chemistry, biology, neuro technology, etc.

There are people coming from different parts of the world who are becoming the best researchers all across the world. The university has joint hands with more than a hundred universities within the country to gain the advantage in its work from others universities’ work in research and development. This will help Jilin University to expand its vision and work with others to get better results.

jilin university


The faculty of Jilin University consists of more than six thousand people. Apart from the professors, the university also has associate professors who are working under these professors.


The university provides some opportunities for students to get involved in extracurricular activities. There are different sports courts in the university and people are encouraged to go there and have their fun time. Apart from that, there are student councils and parties which play their roles in educating and involving students in different activities apart from just studying. However, it should be noted that Chinese students often study intensly and there is less emphasis on extracurriculars compared to Western countries.

Recent News:

The international students of Jilin University are now taking part in various activities and competitions around the country. They have just won prizes in recital competitions in China. Apart from what the University has just announced, the inclusion of some new programs has been added.

International Students:

With more than twenty thousand international students currently studying at the university of Jilin, this university is one of those universities which has the highest numbers of international students in the world. With that many international students, the University is offering a lot of facilities to the students, from scholarships to accommodation, everything is being made available for the students so that they will not have any difficulty in coming and studying.

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