When you are just from college or have been teaching in your country for some time, you may feel the need to try different things in your career such as studying abroad. Many people have dreams of teaching abroad, but they never get to transform their dreams into reality. Sometimes there is a common misconception that getting work abroad is difficult. Although some formalities are required for you to secure a job abroad, you stand the same chance compared to another applicant.


The reason why a lot of people miss out on jobs in China for foreigners is that they do not have the qualifications for the job. This is usually because most people do not make early preparations to find everything they need. Different countries will require you to have some basic requirements such as a working Visa to allow you to work in their country. For this reason, it is critical for every interested candidate to find all the necessary documents. An excellent way to know what is required is to go through all the details of each job you are interested in. Typically, the employer will include some things they expect the applicant to have. This will enable you to know exactly what you need, and it will put you in a better position where you stand a chance of getting the teaching job. The same case applies to China. Preparation will give you better odds.


The other thing that makes people shy away from applying for China teaching jobs is an experience. Many people assume that people abroad only want people with a lot of experience in teaching. They, therefore, give up before they enquire about the position and all it entails. In most cases, however, you will find that a lot of employers do not focus a lot on the number of years of experience of the candidate. What they focus on are the person’s credentials which give them information on whether or not the applicant can do the job as perfected. It is, therefore, a great idea to always be confident in your teaching skills. You might not have ten years of experience, but you might be better at teaching than someone who does.


One thing a lot of people worry about when they are seeking a job abroad is the salary they will get. Most people are afraid of leaving their secure salary jobs and going for the unknown although the best things are always the ones that require the greatest risks. If you are looking for a teaching job in China, however, this is something that you do not to worry about. China is a place where the salaries given to working China residents and foreigners are excellent. China is categorized among the top paying abroad countries when it comes to teaching jobs. This means you are missing out on a perfect opportunity every time you fail to apply to the numerous jobs there. It is, therefore, a great idea to apply for these jobs and experience the adventure you have always wanted.

Knowledge of Local Language

Language is another barrier that people create when it comes to applying to China teaching jobs. Many people assume that to work in China; you need to be fluent in the language as well. This is however not the case. If you are teaching English in China, your employer will only require you to be fluent and able to teach that language. Whether or not you speak Chinese is therefore not a requirement if you want an English teaching job. It might help in communication out of class, but it will in no way affect your work or consideration as a worthy candidate for the job.

Choice of Teaching Job

If you are in search of a teaching job, it is paramount to now exactly what you want before applying for a job since the jobs vary. Some of the differences you will get in China teaching jobs include the difference in duration of the program, the age of students and classroom environment. It is, therefore, important for you to consider all these aspects before you apply for a job. Look for a job that has all the aspects you are good at and the ones you are looking for. This is important because it gives you a higher chance of getting a job you will enjoy.

TEFL Certificate

A lot of people in search of teaching jobs in China are reluctant to apply for these jobs because they do not want to go through TEFL certification. This is probably because it can take some time and because many people do not believe it is important. This is however not the case. TEFL Certification is vital and is a must have if you are looking to teach abroad. Although there are jobs that will not include it as a requirement, it is ideal for you because it improves your abilities as a teacher and gives you an upper hand over other applicants.

Apart from getting your TEFL Certificate before you apply for a job, there are certain organizations in China which require their applicant to take the course once they have passed the interview and have been awarded the job. The great thing about this is the fact that it gives you time to adjust to the new country which can be quite fun.