Is really life all about a career? Well, that’s one question that people respond to with different answers and opinions. While others say that career and life go hand-in-hand, others say that it is what you do when you are not working that defines you. This article addresses everything about life career goals, life career changes, mid-life career change, and the importance of pursuing a career.

Go with the flow. There’s nothing to worry about. Something will show up. That’s what many people say to comfort themselves. The truth is, life isn’t as easy as most young people think. Expect some lowest lows and some highest highs. On the other hand, this is your life. You can control it. This is why you need to know how to make good career choices if you want to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

How to Make good Career Choices

When we were young, we always wanted to be…

Human beings tend to make their career choices when they are young. Of course, it isn’t easy to know whether or not that career will suit you for life. Making a good life career choice is more about choosing a job. It’s about choosing something that will offer you the lifestyle you seek. Today, many young people are pressured to make their career choice before they are ready. Therefore, you shouldn’t decide until you’re ready.

The choices you make reflect your values

The path your life takes depends on the choices you take. Every choice made is a reflection of who you are, what you want, and what you value which shapes your reality. Therefore, you shouldn’t make life career goals that will conflict with your underlying values. Otherwise, you will be dissatisfied and restless.

Keep an eye on your emotions

Emotions influence life career choices, especially when it comes to the decision-making process. Therefore, you should let your head and heart work together while choosing your career. Be realistic about what you can achieve at first. Don’t expect to have the most heart-fulfilling career right after graduation.

Volunteer or intern

There’s no better way of knowing whether or not a certain career is for you then volunteering or interning in your desired career. Just get your hands dirty for a few months or weeks. If you can handle the work being thrown at you and still want more, you are on the right path.

Talk to people who work in your desired career

This is where you ask your role models about their job. Do they enjoy working in their field of work even after so many years? What do they hate and like most about the job? Does the job offer a good work-life balance?

What are some of the most achievable career life goals?

Now that you know how to make wise career choices, it’s time to know how to set a career goal:

· Decide what you want to accomplish in life

· Split your larger life career goal into smaller and easily achievable goals. This will make it easy to reach the ultimate goal

· Lastly, formulate and develop a proper plan for your goal. For instance, come up with a step-by-step plan which will enable you to start working towards achieving your goal.

Career Life Goals Examples

Start your own business – Have an idea? Make it a reality. It’s a viable life career goal that will enable you to be your own boss. In fact, people aged 18-34 years desire to start their own business.

Earn a certificate or degree – This is a great way to jumpstart your career goals. Why? Most careers will require you to have some education, knowledge, or a specific degree.

Getting a job – With this economy, most people prefer getting employed, then finding a career as they work. Getting short term employments will act as a stepping stone towards your final goal.

Earning a promotion or management position – After working with a company for a while, you will definitely want to get promoted. Therefore, if your lifetime goal is to earn an executive or management position, this is your chance to do it.

What about a midlife career change?

Is it the right time to change careers? Are the working hours too much for you to handle? It’s estimated that about 60% of American workers say that they would choose a different career if given a chance. However, starting from scratch in your late 30s, 40s or 50s is very risky. Here are some tips that’ll get you started:

· Know who you are and what you want. Make sure that you understand your needs and priorities.

· Take advantage of the internet and networks you may already have.

· Test the waters. Midlife adults are more likely to be successful when they make experimental transitions rather than analytical ones.

· Seek advice from the pros or experts. People who have been there are wise when it comes to making career changes.

Why Do Most People Neglect Their Passions?

They aren’t sure about their passion

It’s not easy to pursue something you aren’t sure about. In fact, most people struggle with their own ideas of what “dream job” is. If you can’t figure out what you really love doing, you aren’t alone.

Too busy with work

Your current employment might be taking most of your time. Also, most young people argue that the passion doesn’t pay the bills. Stop being too busy and follow your dream.

My free time is mine to use

If you can’t use your free time to pursue what you love, then there’s a high chance you aren’t that passionate about it. Get out of your comfort zone. Your free time is the best time to work towards something.

Is passion more important than money?

Yes, following your passion is more important than money. Here’s why:

· While working for money sounds sweet, most people end up choosing careers that don’t make them happy.

· You will love your work more and relate with it and come up with better ideas.

· You won’t feel like you are being forced to work.

· No matter how much money you make, you will not enjoy doing something you hate.


Follow your career. Don’t be pressured to do what you don’t like. Money isn’t everything. Sometimes, just being happy with what you do is all that matters.