Your hair is the crown of your personality, next to your personal fashion, it describes you and how you’d like to be perceived. Women with long straight hair are thought to be efficient, ladies with naturally curly hair are considered to be risk takers while those with very short hair are supposed to be fun loving. Men who style their hair short are thought to be dapper while those with long hair are loving bad boys.

With so much stereotyping choosing the correct interview hairstyle is quite a challenge for people who want to look good and professional at the same time. Hair can be complicated. It comes in different types of textures, volumes, colors and lengths, since there are so many different styles, it’s hard to know the standard hairstyle for job interviews. However, there are steps women can take to look professional such as keeping their hair off their faces, avoiding bright accessories and heavy, loud highlights. The following are the best interview hairstyles you can pick as you prepare for your interview.

For Women

1. Long Hair Job Interview Hairstyles

interview hairstyles

Long hair can be easily managed; you can tie your long hair in a bun or a chignon. A French braid is an easy job interview hairstyle for women with long hair, and a low pony is highly recommended. You can tie your hair with a complimenting scarf to subtly add some style. Long hair looks practical and cute in a braid too. Whatever long hair interview hairstyle you choose make sure that you are at ease with it.

2. Job Interview Hairstyle for Natural Hair.

Managing natural hair is quite difficult; women often use hair styling products and relaxers to control their curls. Hair can be worn in any way as long as it’s not distracting. However, those who do not want to straighten their hair should make sure that the hair looks neat and well-coiffed. The key to wearing natural hairstyles is to make sure that the curls are kept under control. If you have dreadlocks or twists, make sure they’re neat and styled in a professional fashion. Pull your hair off your face so that the interviewer can clearly see you and make eye contact with you.

3. Interview Hairstyles for Short and Medium Hair

interview hairstyles

Short hair is easy to wear, style and maintain; one favorite is the French Twist. It is easy to do and gives you a neat, professional look. Short hair can also be worn in straight bobs and wedges. The longer top layers of these hairstyles keep the hair in place all day. Hair accessories are sometimes necessary for a suitable business hairstyle for a medium length. You can pull it up using a big claw or hold it away from your face with a jaw clip. Just make sure that the color of the hair accessory matches the color of your hair.

For Men

1. Short haircuts

The major benefit of short haircuts is its marketability. With the current economic situation, employers have become more stringent in hiring practices and hence the need for nice interview hairstyles. This not only includes job history and experience but physical appearance as well. Keeping your hair neat and clean can indeed generate more interviews as this is a standard style.

interview hairstyles

2. If You Have Long Hair

If your hair is long and you want to keep it that way during your interview, make sure that it is out of your face. Wash and comb it and then pull it back in a ponytail so that it doesn’t distract the interviewer. If your hair is medium length, you may want to cut it short and grow it back out later once you land a job. Employers are less averse to gradual changes than they are to sudden ones.

Your hairstyle should present you as efficient and professional whether you wear it long or short. Your hairstyle should not show you as a high maintenance person or as someone who spends a better part of the day in front of the mirror. A practical hairstyle, both for work interview and for office, is the one which does not leave strands of hair that you have to tuck behind your ears or remove from over your eyes. One of the most important times to look your best is for an interview, so wear your crown of hair well.

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