An internship is something every recent graduate has to think about. It is an opportunity for you to get a test of how the real work environment is like and to put some of your skills to action. Most people when thinking about internships think about their local industries. This is probably because they are a safe choice because they are easy to access. The sky ought to be the limit when you are thinking of an opportunity to better your career and hopefully get an amazing job. This is why you need to think about taking an internship out of your home country.

Take one in China which has the second largest economy in the entire world. Many businesses are coming up each and every day in the country since many investors from different parts of the world want to be a part of such a fast growing economy. Many businesses create even more internship opportunities for you. An internship in China is an opportunity you do not want to pass on. It could give you amazing opportunities in the job market in any part of the world. An internship there means you get to learn from the best people in your field which is an amazing platform for your career.

Internships in China

Steps to Secure an Internship in China

The main reason why a lot of people do not consider internship opportunities in China available for international students is because most people do not know how to go about securing a summer internship program in China. Below are some steps that can help you go about it.

Know Where to Look

In order to get internships in China, it is very important to know where to find them. The bad news is that in China, you will need to know someone who can connect you to the company you want to intern at. You will sometimes need to be in the country to better your chances. This however does not mean you do not stand a chance if you are not in the country. You still have a chance. You can utilize the internet, connections from your school or your local company that may have connections with China. When it comes to your school there are several places you can get assistance. First and foremost, you can your ask Chinese teacher. Chances are they know a lot about internship programs. If they do not, you can utilize your career centre. You can also check to see if your university may be in touch with some of the companies offering internship opportunities in China such as The Hutong School and CRCC Asia.

When it comes to local companies, what you need to do is find a company that is already thriving in China. Ask them about their China Internship programs in person to get more details about the program. It is also important to ask about paid internships in China in their company and other relevant information such as internship Chinese translation. You can make the applications back home to make the process easier.

When utilizing the internet to search for internship opportunities in China, you will need to be specific in search engines. You can use internships in china summer 2016, how to say internship in Chinese or internship in china fully paid in the search bar in order to bring all the information about internships in the country. Read reviews written by individuals who have taken internships in the country and be sure to look for companies dealing in offering internship opportunities in the country.

Choose and Understand Your Field of Interest

Internships in China

When looking for an internship, one thing that gives you an upper hand over other students is knowing details about the industry or field you are applying to. This is because it shows the person that you are passionate and focused. You therefore need to learn about different things about your field such as how it is faring in the country, the developments that have been set to improve it, the challenges and even where it is possibly headed in the future. Apart from giving you an upper hand, knowing your field of interest also enables you to narrow down your search to the area you are interested in instead of doing a broad search on internship opportunities that are available in China.

Prepare Your Resume

One thing that will definitely make you stand out is your resume. A lot of people use one resume for all their applications. This is a huge mistake. When it comes to applying for an internship opportunity especially abroad, you need to be creative. One thing you need to do is tailor your resume to each specific company. This means you need to do research to find out more about the company and what they expect. Make sure some of the important details they are looking for are reflected in your resume. Once this is done, come up with a cover letter stating why you are interested in interning in the country and why you choose their company. Make it personal but catchy as well and send the two documents in time.

Get a Visa

When applying for an internship abroad, you might think the hardest part is securing the job. This is however not the case. The hardest part is actually getting allowed into the country after your application has been approved and you have been accepted. It is very important to start applying for your visa early in time. You will have different options of visas that are determined by the amount of time you will be in the country. It is advisable to get a third party to back you up in the application process to make it easier.


In conclusion, there are many internship opportunities for expats in China. However, you need to go the extra mile and do your research and everything possible to get the internship. It is not just applying. You need to be ready to do research and identify the best company to intern at. You also need to know which companies deal in internship placements in order to better your opportunities. It is basically about how committed you are to the search.