An interview for an internship is different from an ordinary job interview. Internships are typically short term and are for beginner positions within larger companies. Internship interview questions are staged differently in that the candidate is most likely not getting paid or is getting little pay. Most internships are geared for supplying college credits.

Internship roles are usually taken by college students, or people looking to have a fresh start in a career that requires experience. To prepare you, here are some internship interview questions to expect.

1. Why are you interested in this internship?

Persuasively communicating your reasons for applying to this particular internship is pivotal. You should demonstrate that you are interested and prepared to invest your time into such an opportunity. Be specific about your objectives and expectations, discuss how you trust your qualifications are in line with those required for the position and be prepared to explain why you picked this specific company while applying.

2. What do you know about our organization?

Researching the company or organization you are applying to is an integral part of the application procedure, and this question is an evaluation of whether or not you have officially done such a fundamental task. Prepare to answer internship interview questions regarding the origins of the organization, their present exercises, and their targets for what’s to come.

Furthermore, failing to have any knowledge of the business you are applying for will have all the earmarks indicating and absence of interest in the position. Whether or not that was your genuine intention.

3. What is our mission statement?

While you may not know the company’s “motto” word-for-word, it is fundamental to understand what the company is trying to accomplish, and for what reasons. Using that knowledge, construct a statement that confirms this understanding.

4. Why do you think you are qualified for this position?

Internship interview questions

This should be an easy internship interview question. You wouldn’t have applied, if you weren’t qualified for the job. That is why it’s important to rapidly address how you meet the essential necessities for the internship. Also, expand upon your qualities and experiences that make you perfect for the position.

This is a great opportunity for you to stand out from other candidates and make a case for why they should pick you. You’re more than qualified for the position; this was made just for you.

5. What do you know about the issues faced by our organization?

Your examination of the company and its qualities will help prepare you for this internship interview question. However, you’ll need to do some preliminary exploration in the general market of the company. If you’re applying for an internship at a banking company, it is wise to be acquainted with how the banking sector and general economy has been doing lately. As a result, it shows you’re aware of the bigger context that the company fits into- a rare find in an intern candidate.

6. Do you have any ideas on how to solve or address some of the issues our organization may face?

The interviewer may use this as a follow-up to the previous question (see above). Businesses will, as a rule, ask how you would solve a current issue. Thus, identify the components of the issues the organization is facing or may face, and apply critical thinking skills to address every part of the main problem. Being ready to formulate a well-thought answer, by being put on the spot will demonstrate confidence in your capacities to work in that position, and gives insight into your general methodology.

7. What type of work environment do you prefer?

Internship interview questions

At the point when an interviewer offers this conversation starter, they may attempt to assess how well you would integrate into the workplace. However, they will probably anticipate that your answer will include a description that applies to or encapsulates the atmosphere of their workplace.

Common terms that can be utilized to portray such environments include “professional” or “easy-going,” “open” or “private,” and “quick paced” or “loose,” among others. It may likewise help to investigate how other comparative work environments are portrayed so that you can utilize similar terminology. Keep away from shallow and general descriptions, and be prepared to justify your reasoning.

8. What makes you unique from other candidates?

An interviewer is not looking for an answer that involves certain parts of your persona or general history. Instead, this internship interview question permits you to give a compelling and specific reason to contract you instead of any other candidate.

Furnish your interviewer with a career or scholastic story that highlights a unique achievement that may be pertinent to the position’s essential target, and expand on that as you continue your response.

9. What type of job-related skills have you developed that may help you in this internship?

If you have had job experience before the internship opportunity you are applying for, be prepared to elaborate upon what sort of skills you assessed during your time there. Also to which specific skills will help you in situations, what you hope to experience during your time as an intern and so forth.

Don’t underestimate any work experience you have, anything you learn while working in previous jobs, see how you can apply your acquired skills to your internship.

10. How would you assess your writing and communication skills?

It may appear to be appropriate to be humble about your skills when asked this question in an ordinary context, but an internship interview is not an ideal opportunity to underplay your skills—especially if the position in question underscores a need for such gifts. Speak the truth about the points of confinement of your skills, but enforce the possibility that you are constantly on the mission to enhance and hone your skills further, particularly if you are given the opportunity (or position) to do so.

While answering, it is likewise best to include some anecdotal stories or case experiences in which you’ve been required to use and showcase your skills.

11. What software are you proficient in?

PC skills and specialized skills are indispensable in this contemporary time, and any significant experience you have with software pertinent to the position in question will be profoundly craved. Make certain to tell your interviewer if you do have such skills, and highlight your expertise if conceivable. Also mention any experience using the two key operating frameworks, OSX and Windows, and additionally broad office efficiency programs like Microsoft Office, Apple’s iWork suite, and even Google Drive will undoubtedly be valuable in any position.

12. What do you want to learn from this internship?

Before accepting/coming into an internship, it is fundamental to set objectives for yourself, and to know what you wish to obtain from the experience. Doing so will set a clear path for your time spent at your internship and to appreciate your experience with the company. First, be specific about the things you trust you may have the capacity to learn about during your time there and how you will apply those skills even after the internship has ended.

A business wants to see that you are similarly headed to learn and enhance yourself using the opportunity given to you and that you are not only in this for otherwise shallow reasons. It’s a smart thought to highlight the opportunity to learn from the senior representatives of the company and their years of experience.

13. What qualities do you think will make one successful in this internship?

Reflect on the qualities that you have but in the context of the internship. Keep in mind those qualities you highlighted before, bring them up again. If you weren’t asked about your qualities yet, this is your opportunity to talk about what makes you a strong candidate. A strong, confident response to this internship interview question is critical.

14. Have you had previous internship experience? Why or why not?

If you have had prior experience at another internship, reflect upon the time there and what you learned there that could be taken away. If you haven’t had previous internship experience, be prepared to answer why you’re now seeking an internship honestly.

15. Do you know anyone at our organization?

Interviewers may be interested in knowing if whether or not you have any current connection to the company. They should be especially aware of existing relationships, but be advised if you are associated with a troublesome employee, your candidacy will be questioned. However, if you know one of the star employees, they will expect the same characteristics from you. In any case, it is important, to be honest, and disclose any relationships.

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