For those looking into international jobs, you may be going towards the right direction.  I recently finished the book: Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization by Dr. Parag Khanna. Khanna is a global theorist based in Singapore, but grew up in the UAE and holds US citizenship.

His work speaks of his personal experiences of international jobs, and years of conducting a compelling analysis of today’s economy. Khana reminds us that in this age of digitalization and globalization financial capital knows no borders.

So where is it all going?

The international trade advisory firm sheds light on the dynamism of Asian economies. They state that the continent boasts $27 trillion GDP (48% of global GDP), 4.438 billion people (62% of world total), over 500 major cities. On top of that, is a key export hub across a wide array of sectors, from oil to technology.

Silk Road Associates, like other firms such as McKinsey, reminds us that the world’s economic center of gravity is shifting east. So should we shift with it?

If you’re considering applying to international jobs take advantage of this global change, we’ve listed some international jobs that may help you gain that millionaire status within a 5-year period.

International Jobs

Financial Services

When considering international jobs, Hong Kong arguably offers the highest average wage for a middle manager.  Hovering around $379,000, including essential benefits like “accommodation, international schools, utilities or cars – and allowances for tax,” according to Lee Quane, a Regional Manager for the consulting firm: ECA International Asia.

It has a proximity to China’s manufacturing centers. As well as its financial hub for both East and Southeast Asia, allow those seeking international jobs in the region to be exposed to a wide array of sectors.

Civil Engineering

Chinese policy makers are facing a double-edged sword. They are fervently trying to lead major Asian infrastructure projects with its launch of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank while aiming to curb drivers of pollution. Even if expats may not know the Chinese language, international jobs in the engineering sector may be abundant in both the short- and long-terms.

Software Development

Software developers will never run out of demand, thanks to the ever-changing landscape of the “Internet of Everything.” For this reason, it is one of the few international jobs that will give you some real bucks in a matter of very few years.

Singapore continues to rank in the top 10 cities for software developers worldwide. It hit hosts much space for tech events and fast internet speeds. And is also home to superior universities with outstanding computer science programs. Singapore offers incredible benefits packages for expats seeking international jobs.

According to the same research, these international jobs at the middle management level averages approximately $257,000 per year. Specifically, the city-states international jobs highlight the quality of life for software developers.

IT or Startup Management

According to Aaron Le Cornu, who has served as deputy chief executive of HSBC Bank International, “The huge demand for human capital and people with experience in management, financial services, and the IT sector means that expats have been able to demand increasingly higher salaries.” A recent study by Teleport Cities also ranked the Indian cities of Bengaluru and Delhi as top cities for startup founders, both higher than San Francisco. Just like its counterpart – software development -, this sector is bound to keep changing, and the change will only come with proportionate benefits.

International Jobs


Have you seen Dubai’s skyline? International media sources report that middle management positions for construction firms operating across the United Arab Emirates may earn over $17,500 per month. And as the UAE continues to diversify its economy in ways that do not necessarily depend on its oil revenues, there should be plenty of international jobs available for years to come. Did I mention that expats live a near tax-free life in the UAE?

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Apparently, the demand for not butchering the English language in Thailand’s private sector is skyrocketing. As teachers could earn $45-80,000 per month. The math speaks for itself. However, teachers may need certification, but once you gain certification, the scope of international jobs available becomes incredibly vast.

However, I have heard my fair share of horror stories from my time in East Asia. Tales of expats seeking international jobs being lured by sketchy companies to work only to find that it was a sham that wanted foreign payments or passport information. Just like any opportunity abroad, please do your due diligence and become well-versed in the country’s employment policies. Particularly regarding the treatment of foreigners.

Manufacturing Management

Outperforming other Asian economies, Vietnam’s manufacturing sector has expanded every single month since August 2013. Vietnam has even become the largest exporter to the US of all of the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) economies.

As China’s wages rise, Vietnam is strategically positioned to provide international jobs in firms seeking to maintain low manufacturing costs. The goal to serve both the Chinese and U.S. middle classes, which arguably number around 1 billion people in total. International jobs for expats primarily rest in electronics and apparel manufacturing, where supply chain optimization will remain a priority. Management skills become crucial to financial success in Vietnam.

Myanmar: The Wild West of Sanctions Relief

As the U.S. prepares to lift sanctions imposed on Myanmar decades, the country is poised for an economic boom. Myanmar’s growth rate should hover around 7% this year. And with new access to the world’s largest economy, the number of international jobs available should expand. Whether you are looking into construction to support the country’s growing urbanization, or booming tourism (those Bagan temples, though!). Or its abundant natural resources, such as “gems, industrial minerals, oil and offshore natural gas reserves estimated at 10 trillion cubic feet,” there should be international jobs available for all kinds of professionals.

It goes without saying that the country’s extractives sector is “infamously opaque.” It may serve you well to pair up with an intelligent business expert to map a network of needed relationships. Myanmar is surely a place to look for international jobs.

Honestly, gathering key insight or intelligence on a particular business climate is key. I recommend perusing HSBC’s “Expat Country Guides” for more information on international jobs.

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