Human resource personnel are a central part of any organization as they bridge the gap between the company and the employees. They are the most responsible people for the welfare of the employees, recruitment, selection, salary and remuneration, and performance appraisal. The HR personnel deal with other central issues that are directly related to the manpower of the company. They are the first people you encounter the first time entering a new organization.

Their job is very exciting but at the same time, it is very crucial as they are supposed to optimize the output of the worker and increase their learning capacity.

The following are the typical HR interview questions to expect:

1. Tell us about yourself

Among all the HR interview questions, being asked to tell about yourself is the top choice for any employer. Many will claim they are hardworking, loyal and dependable. Remember that you have to be remarkable while not appearing nonchalant or arrogant.

2. Why should we hire you?

hr interview questions

Be careful when answering this HR interview question, as it will sell you. Expand on your achievements, abilities, knowledge and skills. Note that everything you will say has to be correlated to the position of Human Resource to make the interviewer see you can be an asset to this organization.

3. What is your greatest weakness?

Do not hesitate, to be honest when answering this question. Sometimes accepting defeat will show people how you balance your professional life. Tell him that through recognizing your flaws; you have developed ways to improve your skills and manner of responding to a particular situation. This then can also become your greatest strength, which is to have foresight and open-mindedness.

4. Why do you want to work for our company?

Before going for any interview conduct a thorough research on the internet and collect the competitive edges that the company has. Tell them their HR friendly policies and their outstanding values.

5. What do you know about our company?

Give them the details that you have gathered containing the establishment, promoters, market coverage and the positive traits of the company.

6. As an HR how will you handle the employee conflict?

Do not be aggressive, stay cool and calm when they give you a certain situation and then take a few seconds to form a favorable answer which you can produce before them. To answer this question, first, classify the conflict’s category.

7. Why did you leave your last job?

This is perhaps one of the most intriguing HR interview questions. First of all, do not speak negatively of your previous work. Tell the interviewer that you left because you want growth in learning new things and experiencing a new environment. However, disclose any legal issues or related problems as this company will probably ask your former employer for an evaluation.

8. According to you which laws and policies are important to be consulted as an HR?

Here are a few to consider: Reimbursement, wage and salary management and incentives, Industrial Laws, grievances and health benefits, performance management tools. There’s also the Indian Disabilities Act, actions and procedures, violations in the workplace, interviewing techniques and recruitment policies as well as sexual harassment in the workplace. As an HR know these important factors to ensure smooth working.

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Tell them your professional short term goals that you aim to achieve in the next five years working with the company and conquering the milestones.

10. How much salary do you need?

Towards the end of the interview, you should expect this HR interview question. Do not over/underestimate your and the company’s worth. Research beforehand about the salary per employee level the organization offers. Analyze which tier you belong to by evaluating your skills, experience and knowledge. Then you can safely say that you found out this particular amount is the compensation for an employee in their company range.

11. How long can you see yourself working with us?

hr interview questions

Lastly, you will also be tested as how long you will see yourself working for them. An acceptable answer could be that part of your long-term goals is to thrive financially and professionally. And you can only do that with their company.

Most of the HR interview questions are a familiar blend of stress mixed with mistakes and finally gives you a chance to improve your odds. The HR interview questions frequently relate to the background, personality, work experience and topics of that nature.

Essential Preparation Tips

You will need some good interview tips if you are applying for a job in the human resource department, to set yourself ready. These tips will help you nail the HR interview questions and pass the test.

Be prepared

If you are well prepared in advance, you gain confidence to face the interview mentally. Go through your resume in detail before your interview.

Location and punctuality

Locate the organization. Ensure that you have a map or directions and the information of the nearest railway or bus station. Go 10 minutes early as it will reflect your punctuality.

Be professional

Professional look appeals the employer and helps to leave an impression. Be careful about your outfit and overall look. Don’t do last minute planning as it will force you to make a wrong choice. Decide the night before, about your outfit, file, certificates, etc.

Be polite

During the interview, don’t interrupt the interviewer. If the meeting is arranged in a restaurant, manage your table manners.

Be positive

Take care of your first impression. Every company needs an employee who is target-oriented, a careerist, passionate and motivated. Try to fit yourself into the shoes of their expectations. Conclude your interview positively.

Be practical

When salary is being discussed, state that you are aware that they will make a fair offer. If you are offered a position during the interviewing procedure and you want the job, then accept it. If you don’t find the offer worth, ask for time to consider the offer.

Conclude with a thank-you, immediately after the interview. If there is a panel of interviewers, then send an email of greetings to all of them.

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