Job description

A job description is one of the most important pieces of documents for someone who is venturing into a new field of work. As the title very well implies, a job description describes in detail what the employers want the candidates applying for the job. It states the main duties and responsibilities to be fulfilled in the course of your tenure in that particular profile.

Project manager job description includes many facets of managing a project such as creating and executing project plans and revising those plans if necessary to meet changing needs for the project. A project manager will need to identify any and all resources that are necessary and will need to delegate individual responsibilities too. Also, a project manager will also review and evaluate all deliverables by the teams he manages and will need to report all progress back to his client.

What a project manager’s job entails

A person in this position is also an accountant to some degree and is responsible for tracking and reporting all of the team’s hours and expenses each week and for projecting profitability and revenue margins and utilizing of these funds appropriately. A project manager must also assure that all legal documents related to the project are accurate, legal and properly signed by all parties involved in the project.

A project manager job description and experiences are the end results of many years of experience and exposure. They learn best by managing the issues and problems that exist in the project and understand what the critical success factors are for each project. Of course, with the appropriate educational qualification, such as having a ‘Project Management program Certificate’ will be a good thing as it tells your employer that you have got what it takes to manage a project, and the PMP certification process provides all the necessary insights into the theoretical aspects of project management.

Before getting into the real world of project management, look out for working opportunities, especially those dealing directly with the customers. You may volunteer yourself to work in call centers during weekends attending to call-in customers who require assistance. Occupations which request direct communication with customers is very tough and challenging. However, by learning how to deal with their clients well is indeed a valuable experience as it gets to build up the confident level for anyone to deal with many different people in society later. The following are factors to put into a project manager job description:

1. Creating a positive atmosphere

A good project manager is always there to secure a good working atmosphere for his team members where they can facilitate internal organizational communication well. Team members will open themselves more willingly to share views and ideas effectively with the leader and other team members in this friendly atmosphere. The result is with a strong and cooperative team; projects can be managed more successfully compared to when the team members have conflicts of opinions and fight among themselves. This is one of the most important project manager job descriptions.

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2. Building a team

A project manager needs to consistently provide positive encouragement, encouraging the team members to voice out their ideas and suggestions at anyone time. They should also endeavor to provide prompt and constructive feedback to the team members necessarily for their continued progress and career development. Building good rapport and understanding among the team facilitates the progress of any project as their shared the same objective and direction.

3. Motivational skills

A good project manager needs always to motivate and inspire their team. This is to secure the strong bond within the whole team. Issues are discussed openly, and the team members are allowed to provide their suggestions and feedback in the meeting. The sense of belonging to the team helps employees grow as they felt their importance when they have the opportunity to voice and share their thoughts.

4. Faith and trust

The ability for the Stake-Holders to build their trust and faith on the project manager for the project is a major accomplishment of the project manager. Only with strong support and trust from the top executive, the project manager can earn his authority and power to drive for the success of the project. This is one of the project manager job description.

5. Flexibility

Just as importantly, the project manager needs to be sharp and observant when it comes to analyzing an issue or problem. He also needs to be a fast thinker to propose for possible workarounds promptly during emergencies. He needs to understand the priorities of the project well to make the right call in time of crisis.

Being flexible is important to being analytical and collaborative, these are all superior skills for the job. A project manager must have a positive thinking and problem-solving nature because they have to deal with numerous challenges. Project management, planning, negotiation, and multitasking are vital skills which one must possess. Being confident is important for leadership and organization, as running a team is not easy. A PM must be opened minded, approachable, willing, helpful and commercially aware as well.

The levels of responsibility and authority that’s given to project managers vary considerably from one organization to another. In some cases, they act simply as planners and coordinators. In other businesses, the project manager will have complete authority over all those responsible for achieving the project objectives.

The project manager may have started as an information technologist, as a specialist in one of the operational research disciplines, a contracts manager or a qualified engineer. One of the more common routes to project management lies through the engineering design department. Frequently the engineer in command of a particular project design is charged with some degree of overall responsibility for seeing the entire project through to completion. When this happens, the engineer has a dual organizational position, exercising direct line authority and supervision over the engineering design staff, which act only in a functional role when trying to influence all the other departments engaged on the project.

Project manager job description for a small company

The project manager job description in a small company might be conducted entirely on a part-time basis by one of the existing department heads, or by some other individual as in the case of the engineer described. Other companies could be forced to recognize the need for a full-time project manager, the incumbent being held responsible for either one individual project or for several projects which are being handled simultaneously.

A person in this position must effectively communicate to his client and his crews by holding regular meetings with contractors and clients to make sure everyone is kept abreast of progress, any problems that may arise during the project and how he resolves to address them. They must be effectively able to utilize all tools and appliances necessary to get the job done and should be able to create presentations to explain his project and databases to store all project related information properly.


The project manager has to possess top-notch organizational skills to be confident that all parties involved in the project have a good understanding of all facets of the project. There are many responsibilities of the project manager job description and for which essential skills and education are required. Motivating a team, monitoring project resources, scheduling, allocating and analyzing work for the entire team is his responsibility. He also provides assistance to the team members in solving problems and also performs reviews of the work of the team.

They have a crucial role to play in an organization and if the performance of the person deserves then he is also rewarded with the promotions and other perks. For this position, the experience is required. Many organizations are seeking a perfect match for this position.

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