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Knowing how to write the marketing manager job description correctly, will be the difference between you getting the right candidate and getting a flop. When properly done it will help you come up with a job application that will draw the attention of candidates who are highly qualified for the job. The main responsibilities of a marketing manager include marketing, advertising and promoting products, services, and personnel in an organization. The marketing manager job description, therefore, entails developing, executing and implementing strategic marketing policies for the whole organization so as to attract potential clients and at the same time retain existing ones.

Writing a marketing manager job description

Marketing Manager Job Description

The two job titles available for this position are Marketing Director and Marketing Manager. For marketing manager job description, just like all other job descriptions, the title needs to have the following qualities:

  • Accurately reflect the duties to be performed by the marketing manager as well as the exact nature of the work.
  • Reflect the ranking order in relation to other jobs in the organization besides being free of age or gender implications
  • Sufficiently generic to be compared to similar positions in the industry for purposes of equity in both pay and conditions.
  • Self-explanatory for recruitment purposes (prospective employees searching for similar jobs online use the title as the keyword). Using a  non self-explanatory title, therefore, locks out such online applicants.


Clearly, indicate the functions and responsibilities in a marketing manager job description. These services include managing, coordinating creative and marketing staff, and activities. It also entails initiating market research efforts with the aim of uncovering the viability of new and existing services and products, and liaising with advertising agencies and media organizations. A marketing manager also analyzes customer research findings, competitor information and current market conditions with an intention drawing valuable conclusions from the data.

Educational qualification

A marketing manager job description should indicate the specific background desired. The reason is marketing managers originate from diverse academic backgrounds that include marketing, business, and communication among many other fields. If the background is not of the essence, specify that in the job description. While some companies insist on marketing managers having a master’s degree, generally, a bachelor’s degree will suffice. In marketing, field proven experience is far much more important compared to formal education. Indicate a reasonable level of experience in your marketing manager job description. An experience of at least five years before achieving their present position is fair enough.

Skills and competencies

Skills and competencies being two different things and should be listed distinctly in a marketing manager job description:

1. Skills

Skills refer to activities a potential marketing manager can perform depending on what they have learned either from experience or formal education. The following are some of the skills desirable from a marketing manager:

  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Professional discretion and judgment coming from diverse experience in the marketing field
  • Familiarity with latest technologies, trends, and methodologies in web design, graphic design, and production
  • Exceptional problem identification, problem analysis as well as problem-solving skills to be able to identify problems in the market, analyze and come up with working solutions.
  • Relevant industry and product knowledge coupled with an experience in developing, implementing and managing marketing strategies.

2. Competencies

Marketing Manager Job Description

Competencies are the attributes or traits an individual is expected to display while playing the role of a marketing manager. Note that the latest trend in job market leans towards competency-based job descriptions, and hence extra weight should be given to behavioral competencies. Marketing managers should possess the following competencies:

1. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking refers to the ability to analyze statements and situations thereby determining their validity. Critical thinking is the foundation of marketing manager job description on which serious marketing managers should build their career. Critical thinking results in creative thinking that is very useful in solving problems. Be on the look-out for this attribute from your potential employees

2. Analytical Skills

To be a successful marketing manager, an individual requires an analytical mind. The reason is such an individual understands the value of the extensive data available. They are, therefore, actively interested in what the data can show concerning the efficiency of different marketing approaches and consumer behavior. The best managers know how to pick up patterns and trends leading to improved and more productive marketing efforts. Consequently, a marketing manager job description cannot fail to insist on the possession of this essential competency.

3. Technical skills

Technology will continually advance, and since it significantly influences how marketing is done, it is crucial for marketing managers to have a level of expertise. As time goes by client engagement will take place more online. For a marketing manager to compete favorably for the attention of customers they have to deliver information and services clients need, using user-friendly apps as well as relationship-building tools. Marketing manager job description must insist on technical skills to ensure that the successful applicant will always understand what customers need and know how to deliver it best.

Ability to see a bigger picture

Marketing managers need to have the capacity to think concerning interconnected, integrated systems and how such systems interact and impact each other. From Twitter feeds to trade show displays, it is important for them to see how the entire marketing strategy works to manage the same effectively. A holistic approach is thus a key attribute to indicate while writing a marketing manager job description.


While writing a marketing manager job description, it is always advisable to work out a salary range competitive with another similar position in other organizations. Also allow for variations in experience and education to suit different candidates. The current marketing manager salary range is 81,407 to 10,993 US dollars per annum. Establish the salary range in your locality and update it from time to time according to changing pay scales.

Prepare for success

When writing a marketing manager job description, it is important to keep in mind the fact that the successful candidate will be charged with the responsibility of developing and implementing deliberate marketing plans for the company. The person should, therefore, be ready to stay updated with changes in the marketing field so as to serve the goals and objective of the company best and adjusts strategies accordingly. They also have to be in possession of the essential attributes above and have the relevant qualification, certification, and experience.

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