A profile without a summary section is like a book without a jacket cover. Book jackets typically offer a tight, teasing summary of what’s inside. If they didn’t, few people would pick up a tome and buy the thing. A profile summary, like a book jacket, is likely the readers’ first impression and can be a most powerful marketing statement, so knowing how to write a LinkedIn summary is vital for jobseekers.

A LinkedIn summary is an overview of the qualifications that prove you the perfect person for the job in question. It advertises you to other users, and your chance to hook that reader and keep him reading. It basically focuses on your skills or competencies .It provides the best arguments and prove as to why you are a perfect match for the a specific job. The goal is to intrigue the reader and motivate that reader to explore the balance of your profile with the predisposition that the job qualifications have already been met. Follow these tips on how to write a LinkedIn summary and be sure to have a unique and outstanding one.

Should The Summary Entail Your Objective?

Some how to write a LinkedIn summary blogs might say no to the answer above, but in some cases, the answer should be yes. Your objective is not always necessary or even advisable. If you choose not to include an objective, your summary section will need to pull extra duty: Though opinions will vary among career counsellors, I believe a objective remains an asset to your profile if at least one of the following holds true:

Write a LinkedIn Summary

1) You know the actual position or job title you hope for.
2) You have a diverse work background and experience that does not lend itself to a natural focus.
3) You are changing your career, or you are in the job market for the first time.

LinkedIn Summary Structure One

People who know how to write a linkedIn summary, keep theirs brief, as the word “summary” would imply. A summary can be a solid block of text (2-3 sentences, or a paragraph) that summarizes your qualifications for a targeted position. Or it can be a sentence or two that sets the stage, followed by a bulleted list of three or so important specifics that act to reinforce that statement of qualification.

How To Write A LinkedIn Summary Example

Division Merchandising Manager offering ten years of progressively responsible managerial experience in the retail industry – including bBudgetary accountability for up to $20 million and the management of up to 18 direct reports.

  • Special expertise in trend analysis and forecasting, merchandise planning, inventory control, and advertising  and promotion.
  • Proactive style of management; take charge of situations and deliver effective results.
  • Effective communicator (written and verbal) with polished presentation skills.

You can use this how to write LinkedIn summary sample when developing yours. Make sure it depicts your competencies , skills and experience.

Making The Perfect LinkedIn Business Profile

Social networking sites are crucial in achieving business success. LinkedIn, which is looked upon as a place for job seekers, helps businesses gain clients.The popular social media marketing site is an excellent tool as it is business focused, provides the opportunity to connect with millions of people and allows its users to join groups and take part in conversations that interest them. The networking site is beneficial to companies, however, to garner all of the benefits offered, one should know the correct way and the incorrect way to use it.

LinkedIn is becoming a place for finding business opportunities, promoting your profile when looking for new professional challenges, establishing business contacts, as well as finding new employment. Like in other professional networks, you are required complete a LinkedIn profile. It acts as a card of our personal brand. You should take advantage of the resources that this social and professional network offers so as to foster relationships with other users.

Build a Unique and Outstanding Profile

Your profile is what gives you credibility. Poor synopsis of who you are does not bring in relevant contacts. Make sure there is enough information on your profile to help you get noticed and establish yourself and your business as professional. Enhance your professional summary with SEO strategies, using keywords that people are more likely to search for in Google.Keep your profile critical to ensure you find new professional challenges. Some aspects worth considering that can help raise your LinkedIn profile and give impetus to your profession are:

Write a LinkedIn Summary


Almost everything in SEO is about using keywords to highly position pages in search engine rankings, for instance, we use particular keywords as search indexes on the labels of a blog, use such keywords when developing your profile LinkedIn. Keyword usage – In “Extract,” where you provide a written summary of your specialties, skills, and aspirations; describe your business using relevant keywords so as other professionals can find you.

By Optimizing your profile for searches, you increase your chances for other professionals get you through LinkedIn search. Make your profile public and maintain a simple personalized URL, it will help in positioning your profile high when searches are done. Google disables the “profile under construction”. At the moment you make updates to your profile, they are published in LinkedIn as news; your contacts always get notified of the changes. Typically, this functionality suits you well because your network notes some momentum and progress in your curriculum. If you make some considerable number of updates and changes, it may be of interest off feed, Ensure you complete all changes before it is re-enabled.

Disable Notifications To Ensure No One Sees Your Profile Until You Have Finished

Create and enable a custom URL that links your profile to other social networks- for example in Facebook set up a customized URL that directs users to your profile. Make it simple and easy to remember by removing the alphanumeric sequence used to identify LinkedIn profiles. Use a simple link that will ensure sharing of your profile in other sites to maintain and improve the SEO ranking of our profile.

Extend your profile visibility- LinkedIn allows you to define the accessibility of your profile. It can be private meaning it is only accessible to registered and validated LinkedIn users or public such that it is visible to anyone.Public profiles act as a promotional opportunity you should not miss as they allow you to use the profile URL for sharing on blogs, Twitter profiles and include it in business cards, and any person can access your profile quickly.

Providing Relevant Data

When writing the profile content, you should be honest and ensure that all the published information is genuine and true. The data must also be relevant and concrete.
Ensure your profile is available to search engines – Make your profile page on LinkedIn visible to search engines. This site is viewed quite often by the major search engines, especially Google. Create a public profile and enable full view.

Using LinkedIn To Improve Your Business Networking

LinkedIn is quite different from other social networking sites online. It is positively geared towards businesses. As such, it can help you find work, or build a robust business network and the community does not frown upon the action of promoting yourself, as long as you do it properly and at the most appropriate times. Use these tips when making the perfect LinkedIn business profile.

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