Writing a good CV to get your dream job in China is challenging, as it differs from how we create it in Europe or the USA. In addition to general principles and standards that have to be followed when creating professional documents, the Chinese resume has its own requirements and peculiarities. You should know exactly what data to include and how to format it right in order to make your CV appealing to what Chinese recruiters want to see, as well as show your cultural awareness and interest in the vacant position.

Today, the team at ResumeGet shares some useful tips on how to write a good CV for China.

How does a CV for China differ?

A CV for China differs from the one we write in Europe or the USA. You will be surprised how much personal information and details have to be included. Although it is more flexible than a CV for other Asian countries, it is still challenging and demanding. Be ready to write two copies: one in English and one in Chinese. The peculiarity of a Chinese CV is that previous professional experience should be listed anti-chronologically, which means you start with your first working place and end with a current one. The same with academic background.   

What you should write in your CV?

What do Chinese employers expect to see in a CV?

Personal Information

A Chinese CV should include a lot of personal information. But what exactly should be added? 

Like any other document, it should have your full name, full mailing address with aip code, a contact telephone number, and an email address.

If you craft a resume for China, add your date of birth, gender (Chinese employers may not figure it out automatically because they don’t know what are English male and female names), nationality, marital status, and the number and age of children. It is also obligatory to add photo, although we don’t usually do it here. Your headshot should look professional like the one from your ID card. Don’t use pictures from your social media or selfies! 

Professional Experience

For each job add the following information: your position, the company name, the period of time you worked there, and the type of contract you had (full time, part-time, internship). In addition to listing your duties and responsibilities, you should also explain what new skills you learned and what promotions you gained.


This section is especially important  when applying for a job in China. In order to get a working visa, you must match certain requirements. What’s more, for Chinese employers your educational background proves your greater knowledge and level of proficiency.

Include all relevant diplomas, degrees, training, certificates, and awards with the dates of attendance or year you obtained it.


If you want to create a great CV for work in China, don’t forget to include a section for languages you speak. Note that English knowledge is obligatory in Chinese companies. If it is not your native language, you should indicate what is your English level (intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced, etc) for speaking, reading, and writing. You might be asked to take a test to prove your language knowledge.

Chinese is not essential if you want to get a job, however, it’s a great advantage. Add the level of writing, reading, and speaking skills as well.  

What else to include

Many employers ask to include references, available days and hours, and expected salary. Don’t include this information if it wasn’t asked in the job offer. However, you should be ready to answer these questions, as they will come up during the interview. 

You can also include hobbies and interests but this is not obligatory. Try to use this section to prove your leadership, teamwork, communication, and organizational skills. ResumeGet specialists don’t recommend to write about common hobbies, such as reading, watching movies, etc., as it is too obvious and doesn’t reflect your level of proficiency and skills. Include only relevant information. Add volunteer experience if any. 

Useful tips for writing a good CV.

General tips for writing a result-driven CV

●     Look through the CV examples in your industry

Before start writing, you should make research to see how CV examples for your industry look like. In such a way, you’ll get an idea of what sections to include and how to format it right. Never use the content you have found on the net and don’t use the templates. Plagiarism can be easily defined and most of the templates are not accepted by the special ATS (applicant tracking system) software, so the recruiters will not even see your document.

●     Choose a basic font

Choose a font that is easy to read both for people and the ATS system. We recommend to use 10-12 pt.

●     Learn about ATS optimization techniques

CVs are usually filtered with the help of special software before recruiters actually see them. Follow special techniques to make your document optimized for such bots and help get it past the ATS (applicant tracking system). Tips on how to optimize a resume can be easily found on the net.

● Write a personal summary

A personal summary is an information about your skills, competencies and career objective placed on the top of a CV right below your contact details. It is crafted specifically to meet the vacant position requirements you are applying for. 

●     Add relevant keywords

Adding keywords that are relevant to the vacant position or that were listed in the job description will help you pass through the scanning bots. You can also review the CV samples to find out what keywords to use.

●     Include only the most relevant information

Although you might have long work experience, only include the data that is relevant to the vacant position.

●     Add numbers that quantify your accomplishments

By adding numbers to your achievements in a CV, you showcase your level of proficiency. Numbers add credibility and increase your chances to be invited to the job interview. Try to add as many numbers as possible but never lie as this information can be easily checked.

●     Keep language formal

Keep your resume in a professional style.

Chinese CV writing checklist

The following checklist includes the specific principles and techniques that have to be followed when creating the Chinese CV. Check with it when you write a CV and you’ll see how its quality improves.

  1. I added full contact information (including nationality, date of birth, marital status, etc).
  2. I included a professional photograph.
  3. The CV is no more than two pages.
  4. I used the easy-to-read font.
  5. I kept formatting consistent throughout the CV.
  6. There are no grammar, syntax, spelling, or punctuation mistakes.
  7. I included the personal summary.
  8. I used keywords in the core skills and competencies section.
  9. I used the anti-chronological approach to list my previous work experience and education.
  10. I included promotions I had gained and skills I had obtained at each position.
  11. I included the section for languages I speak
  12. I added the information about my certifications, training, awards, etc.
  13. I used the order of “year-month-day” when writing the dates.. 
  14. I avoided complex list structures.
  15. I wrote about my hobbies that are relevant to the vacant position.
  16. I didn’t include references (if not requested).
  17. I created two versions of a CV (in Chinese and in English).

Write a document with a resume writing service.

Write a document with a resume writing service

We hope that these tips will come in handy and help you create an outstanding CV to get a job in China. Don’t forget to use the checklist we have created for you. With its help, you will not forget to include all the necessary information. 

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It is absolutely okay to seek help from the professionals who are familiar with all the details of this process and know how the Chinese CV should look like. Hundreds of  customers have entrusted us with their CV for a dream job in China.

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