How to Juggle Study and Work in China

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How to Juggle Study and Work in China

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Many students worldwide come to China to get a higher education diploma and learn new skills. Even though most undergraduates focus on studying, they frequently experience a lack of money to cover all their expenses. Therefore, they have to work after lectures to have a source of income. Since 2013, learners in China can work part-time or during holidays, which is good news for most international learners who come to the country.

However, while pursuing higher education in China, students have to learn hard. They have to attend lectures and spend a lot of time completing their assignments. As a consequence, they have a lack of time to work part-time and earn money. Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem. All you need to do is follow the recommendations on juggling study and work in China from the post below.

Build Plans and Set Limits

Working in China can experience lots of stress

Planning is vital if you want to juggle studying and working in China efficiently. In order not to compromise on anything in your life, you need to arrange all the activities. Therefore, it’s recommended to make a detailed schedule that involves all the activities. Set realistic time frames in order not to break all the deadlines in your agenda. Also, it has to imply some idle time slots. By having them in your schedule, you will have short rest sessions or spend the time to tackle extra challenges that arise.

Note, it’s vital to follow your schedule strictly. Otherwise, it will appear useless and won’t help you keep your life in order. Also, you have to establish limits that are forbidden to break. For example, it’s recommended to have at least 8-hour sleep every day. If your schedule needs you to compromise on a healthy night’s sleep, you need to cross out other activities from your schedule.

Look for Flexible Jobs

A lot of students have to compromise on their learning in order not to lose their jobs. It’s a huge mistake that brings zero benefits. For instance, when undergraduates work at a job that cannot change their shifts, they are forced to complete their assignments in a hurry. Also, they can surf the “Who can write this essay for me?” question on the Internet to find skilled writers online and delegate their homework. It causes additional expenses that are not good for students’ budgets.

Therefore, it’s recommended to find a flexible job that foresees the ability to seamlessly combine it with other responsibilities. For example, if you’re a native English speaker, you can start working as a tutor. It’s a great side-hustle that will help you earn a lot of money without being strictly dedicated to a particular schedule. Also, students from overseas can work in the entertainment and advertising niches.

Focus on Efficiency

Indeed, all people have only 24 hours a day. There is no ability to get extra hours to cope with all the challenges. To juggle study and work in China, you need to focus on increasing your performance. For instance, you need to learn to get your assignments completed fast. It’s recommended to get rid of distractions and use different time-management practices to achieve this goal. The Pomodoro technique is the most popular one. It can help you spend your time efficiently and not waste it on social media, video games, etc. Also, you need to review your activities and optimize them to allocate as much spare time as possible.

Always Pay Attention To Your Health

In most cases, students who strive to earn plenty of money and achieve academic excellence consider compromise on their health. They underestimate the importance of proper rest, nutrition, and sports. In essence, it results in health problems. For instance, consistent lack of sleep can cause irritability, lowered productivity, and depression that need several weeks to be treated. Students who eat only one time a day because of a lack of time risk getting serious problems with their stomachs. Therefore, paying attention to your health is always required when juggling work and study in China. It will help you avoid severe problems that may ruin all your plans.

Keep Yourself Motivated

Students who pursue higher education and work in China experience a lot of stress. They have tight schedules and always have to cope with a large number of challenges. To not give up and tackle all the problems, it’s required to maintain a high level of motivation. You need always to remember why this challenge has begun and what you want to achieve after graduation. If you can hardly keep yourself motivated by having only one goal to pursue, it’s recommended to set small goals and achieve them. For instance, you may force yourself to work hard to save a particular amount of money or get the best grades in your group.

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