The opportunities for Westerners landing international teaching jobs are plentiful. Teaching internationally ranges from working in a regular school to jobs in thousands of language schools. There’s certainly something out there just for you. So, if you are a professional teacher looking for a long term overseas vacancy, rest assured that there are sufficient albeit somewhat more competitive options available for you. Such teaching jobs are obviously well-paying, and hence rewarding.


Why teaching overseas is for everyone

Are you a teacher looking for a change of environment? Chances are you are getting bored by a dull teaching routine in your home country, and you are considering teaching abroad. International teaching jobs provide the best solution for you. The fact that you have never worked or traveled abroad before should not concern you at all. You can still teach abroad, even if you don’t know the native language.

Some people also mistakenly think that since they do not have a long experience of over ten years, they cannot be allowed to teach. To teach English at an international school, you need an experience of only two years.


First, you need a certificate from your home country. Since there is a slight variation from one school to another, be sure to familiarize yourself with the regulations of each of your potential schools. It is very expensive for schools overseas to move teachers abroad. They may try to find out if you know what you are doing before investing in you. Be ready to supply as much information as possible. Let your prospective school know that you are aware of what is in store once you begin your job.

Why every teacher should consider international teaching jobs

1. Improve your tolerance

International teaching jobs will impact your life a great deal. While teaching, you will immerse yourself in a foreign culture.  During the process, you will be more tolerant and you will have to be able to understand other people thus broadening your horizons. You will also build a universal personality while living with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Teaching internationally has lasting rewards.

2. Financial rewards

Teaching overseas is more financially rewarding compared to subsequent jobs in your home country. While some schools peg your salary to what you are paid in your native country, there are schools which pay you handsomely.  Most schools provide housing accommodations, so it cuts the living cost for certain teachers.

How to find international teaching jobs

1. Search online

With the assistance of online international listing sites, start your international teaching jobs search by completing an application and having your references submitted. With international teaching jobs, you will not be required to apply to each of the many schools you are targeting individually. Instead, the online platform that you choose will do that for you. All you have to do is indicate what schools you are interested in to the site. However, you are free to see the requirements of one international school or a number, depending on how urgently you need a job. Of essence is to start your search early because the process takes a long time.

2. Contact school director

Ask the director of your potential school about the position. In most cases, they do not write back to you, so you better be ready for such.

Writing in advance will go a long way since most expect you only to attend a job fair. It also serves as a reminder so that for international teaching jobs to contact you in advance.

Be open to variation

Do not be rigid on where or the school you want to teach. Your precedence is most likely the priority of several other people. On the contrary, the most amazing experiences and the best schools exist in the least “desired” localities of foreign countries. Besides, such localities are least expensive for everyday living.

Certification required

International teaching jobs demand that you attain certification in your subject area as well as grade level. Depending on the country and province or state it could be K-12, K-6 or K-3 license both for your grade level and subject area. Check the Department of Education of the relevant state for the exact requirements. International schools accept certification from any state or region.

Benefits of international teaching jobs


The following are some of the general benefits you can expect from international teaching jobs. Since schools differ, ask what the schools you are considering have to offer. You can expect most if not all of the following from your potential international schools.

Housing: Most international teaching jobs either provide you with housing or housing allowance. If you’re promised housing allowance, ask how much and find out the type of house you can rent. Note that you need to add in utility costs and hence need to be a reasonable amount.

Transport: most schools pay for your transportation from your place of residence to school. They also undertake to pay for your flight back home when your contract expires. Some even provide yearly trips to your hometown.

Teaching materials: While some international teaching jobs are open and may permit you to teach using whatever materials you are comfortable with, others are rigid and require that you stick to a particular set curriculum. So, you should find out about teaching materials in advance. Also, ask what precisely is needed from you as a teacher.

Tips on how to find the best international teaching jobs

  • Take steps to attain the necessary qualification certification and experience
  • Attend international teaching job fairs to meet administrators of such schools. Few schools hire first-time overseas teachers without first conducting interviews
  • Create a high-quality CV while applying for international teaching jobs complete with your picture attached. Having a face attached to your name will make a big difference.
  • While when looking for international teaching jobs it is not wrong to target a particular region, do not disregard other possibilities.


While searching for international teaching jobs, find out as much information as possible about your desired schools by researching and reading about them online. Virtually all international schools have comprehensive websites full of valuable information. Such knowledge will give you valuable insight about both the school community and the school itself.

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