How to Create a Perfect CV

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How to make a great CV

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Having a perfect CV will open any door in front of you. It can be your ticket into the job of your dreams. However, how to build this magical paper? What does it take to create a perfect CV? Well, quite a lot, actually. CV writing is a rare and delicate skill. First, you have to work on it every now and then so you’ll never lose a grip. Some people may not be as sharp in CV writing as they used only because they haven’t needed a new resume in a long time. That’s understandable.

Yet, the job market is always evolving while the competition is getting harder every day. So, polishing your CV skills every now and again is a necessity.

Fortunately, we have come up with a few simple tips on what you should do when in need of a resume. Here’s how to create a perfect CV in five simple steps.

Upgrade your layout game

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The way you write and format a CV can have a major impact. HRs look through numerous applications. It’s a tough job. Do you know how to make their task easier? Do it by upgrading your layout to a whole new level. Trust me when I say it, HRs love good layouts. It’s those papers that speak clearly and loudly earn their owners a chance at an interview.

So, before everything else, research what types of CV formats you can use. In fact, there are many CV generators online that can also help you with this task. Overall, you want to have all the important information shine right away. You should expect HRs to dig for the info they need to learn. If they don’t see within the first few seconds, they will never see. It’s simply a matter of time and convenience.

Perhaps, divide your CV into several sections where each one of them delivers specific information. Overall, try to avoid having big chunks of text without any visible separation lines. Make accents, and don’t shove everything together. Be smart about your page space.

Don’t skip a single keyword

How careful are you when reading a job application? That’s one of the questions all HRs are trying to find in your CV. You should find the main keywords of the job posting and insert those into your resume. The more keywords you can include (without it looking awkward or out of place), the more chances you can have for a follow-up interview. In fact, in large corporations, your application can be first viewed by a bot before people can have a look at them. Thus, those bots are programmed to find keywords to recognize prospective candidates.

So, the next time you read a job posting, just say, “Thanks! You do my homework for me!” Now you only need to include those keywords and restate the mentioned qualities and skills the job requires.

Show how good you are

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Many applicants, especially the younger ones, are often afraid to praise themselves in CVs. That’s a big mistake. You have to show how good you are at what you’re doing. Of course, it doesn’t mean you can say it in plain text. Yet, you can and should show it. How? Well, first of all, add any certificates, additional training or classes that you had in the past. Those things do two things at once. First, they show your interest in the career path you’ve chosen and the desire to grow. Second, they do show your advantage over other candidates.

Also, don’t be shy to include any projects, big wins, or successful changes that you have completed in the previous workplaces. Your great results should speak for themselves. So do be shy to add those to your CV. It’s exactly the perfect place for them to be.

Add recommendation

You have already said enough about yourself and how good you can be. Let others speak for a change. Thus, adding a recommendation letter or two will greatly enhance your chances for an interview. Indeed, having another (often well respected) person to confirm your words about being a great worker will increase your value on the job market.

So don’t be shy to ask your former boss, colleagues, or professors (if you don’t have much work experience) to say a good word about you. It’s okay to ask them to write a brief recommendation letter. Though, don’t delay with such a request. Ask them for a letter during your cooperation. Also, some job applications don’t require recommendation letters. Instead, they ask for the contact of your former employees. Make sure to always ask permission before inserting anyone’s personal contacts into your application.

Always edit

Last but not least, never forget to proofread and edit your resume. There is nothing more embarrassing than praising yourself for being a hard worker and having errors and typos at the same time. Having a clean, perfectly edited CV will truly show your dedication to the cause, willingness to go that extra mile and deliver high-quality results.

Overall, an error-free paper is a very minimum standard for any CV. Yet, not meeting this norm will immediately send your resume to the bin.

Remember, HRs often look at dozens if not a hundred CVs every day. They don’t have time for those who didn’t spend an extra hour proofreading.

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