There are so many articles about being a candidate in a job interview, but there are few for employers on how to conduct a job interview. Hopefully, there are not too many hiring managers out there who have no idea how to interview. But if it is your first time and you are new to interviews, this article might provide the information you need to conduct a perfect interview

As an employer, you need good interview skills if you want to get the right candidate for your company. You should know what to do at the start of the interview, the different types of interview and how to conduct a job interview.

A job interview is essential. Many candidates will have a winning CV but they don’t make it through the personal interview. As the hiring manager, interviews are where you meet someone face to face and get more information about them than is written on their resume. The job interview also helps the interviewee to figure out whether or not they want the job after all. You are the face of the company and you need to know the ins and outs of the position and the company. This is why you should know how to conduct a job interview especially if you are new to the process.

Interviews don’t need to be scary, formal or intimidating. According to the latest ‘How to conduct a job interview guide’, interviews have distinct parts that you will need to know about.

how to conduct a job interview

The Basics of How to Conduct a Job Interview

Go through the job description

Go through the job description very carefully. Make sure you know what the job is all about (focus mostly on the selection criteria). If it is accurate about the job requirements and you understand them all, go ahead with the interview. Otherwise, focus on only the relevant criteria.

Prepare a schedule

Ensure that you set up the general structure of the interview. This only needs to be basic. But make sure you have enough time to cover everything. Sticking to the schedule you come up with will mean you can start and finish the interview on time. This will make the process efficient and the candidate will know that you respect his/her time.

Review the applicant’s work history

Everything that the applicant has submitted should be reviewed. Note down any areas that need clarification, such as hobbies, quirky job titles or just parts that you have questions about.

Prepare the interview questions

Write down absolutely every question you plan to ask. If you see that some areas of the applicant’s background need to be explained, ask about them. Having a list of questions during the job interview is handy, but keep as much eye contact as possible between you and the candidate during the interview.

Find a comfortable place for the interview

The interview room should be private and comfortable. A board room is more suitable for conducting a job interview than an office. However, if the office is the only option close the door, mute your phone and clear your desk.

Tips on How to Conduct a Job Interview – Getting the Perfect Candidate(s)

Know exactly who you need

Credentials, experience and qualifications all need to up to scratch if you want the perfect candidate. However, a great employer thinks about the team. He/she knows all the qualities of the top performers and which qualities blend in with your culture. Will this candidate fit in with the team and the culture, even if they have all it takes otherwise?

How you will get the perfect person to fill that need?

If you need an excellent teacher, you should work out what ‘excellent’ means to you. It might involve skills, accomplishments, certifications and references. But personality and attitude are important too, as is the ability to work with young people. You’re looking for the perfect candidate for the job, not the best candidate from the pool.

Explain the process to every interviewee

A hiring manager who knows how to conduct a job interview also knows how important the process it. Candidates who qualified for the interview should know exactly what to expect – who will be interviewing them, when the interview will be and where it is held. There should be no surprises, no uncertainties, no loose ends and no tricks.

how to conduct a job interview

Create a conversation, not an interrogation

If you have been to job interviews yourself, you know that the best interviews are actual conversations. However, you will be having a conversation with someone you don’t know. So knowing about the candidate ahead of time will give you the chance to engage in conversation. You are not interrogating. Once you ask a question, listen carefully. Give the conversation some room to breathe.

Give them room for questions

The perfect candidates will be evaluating you and your company. They can tell whether they really want to work for you. Some of the questions they might ask include: What will you expect from me in the first three months? What drives the results for your company? Are there any bonuses or perks? Give them time to ask, and answer thoughtfully. Be candid and open but never try and sell.

Let them know the next steps

At the end of the interview, tell them what will happen next. Let your candidates know what you will do and when you will do it. The most important thing is to give them a time frame for feedback.

Keep your promise

It’s very rude not to follow up. If you don’t, people will not complain about you and your company. You should do this for every single person who applied, whether they were interviewed or not.

Additional Tips on How to Conduct a Job Interview

Be flexible

Give enough time for follow-up questions. An interview without follow-up questions will miss out on fully getting to know candidates.

Invite someone else along

Having more than one interviewer will increase the chance of agreeing on the right candidate. This is good for you, but make sure that the interview is not too intimidating. Too many people asking questions can be overwhelming. As tempting as it may be try not to play good cop, bad cop.


During the interview, take detailed notes but stay focused on the interview. No interview should be too long or too short. Armed with some of these ideas about how to conduct a job interview, you might well get the perfect candidate for your company.

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