Statistics show that corporate professionals spend as much as 50 percent of their typical work-week in meetings, and admittedly, that isn’t a bad thing. Face to face forums are the best environments for teams to bring up new ideas, review progress, and make consensual decisions that move the company forward. However, experts estimate that at least half of this time is wasted, and that means a whopping 25 percent of all working time is lost in meetings of one type or another. Meetings are a necessary tool for business, but without proper management, they can turn into costly timewasters.

Thankfully, technologies that can help you to keep your employees on one page during meetings exist, and among the most effective ones in the bunch is Dropbox Paper. In recent years, Dropbox has been investing heavily in the enterprise solutions space, and Paper is yet another addition to the company’s wide range of business tools that help professionals make the most of collaboration. With Paper, Dropbox has taken digital workspaces a level higher by enabling professionals to edit docs, review and approve work, and manage projects in real time.

Redefining Meetings with Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper

Paper is undoubtedly the convenient solution your staff needs to connect efficiently during meetings. You can promote proper time management and organization by creating shared docs, assigning to-dos, mentioning relevant persons and adding due dates from within the document itself. Your employees can also give real-time feedback by commenting on specific parts of your doc. Moreover, when you connect Dropbox Paper to your company’s calendar, your team can easily find the docs they need for every meeting. And if you’ve been finding it hard to draft an effective agenda, Paper’s meeting minutes and agenda template has everything you need to create one!

Below are a few great ways that Dropbox Paper can help you make your office meetings more efficient.

Start Your Meeting the Right Way

One of the essential requirements of productive meetings is that all members must come prepared and ready to play their part. Paper streamlines your meetings by automating the time-consuming tasks of designing meeting agendas and creating presentations. You can use the cloud-based minutes and agenda template to fill in attendees and discussion items quickly so that the meeting can start as soon as possible. Additionally, if you integrate Paper with your company’s Google or Outlook Calendar, you can reduce the manual typing you do on your agenda doc. With a few short and straightforward steps, Paper will create a template that is auto-populated with the date and time of the meeting, subject and expected attendees.

Arguably the best thing about Paper when it comes to managing meetings is that you can start interacting with your staff before you meet face to face. Creating and sharing agenda docs in advance gives the relevant attendees prior context for the discussion. Furthermore, you can turn any materials you have into sharable professional-looking presentations with a click of a button. That way, your team can start to familiarize themselves with what you have planned for the meeting before they gather in the room.

Make Interactive Notes During Meetings

Paper’s clean design and smart formatting mean you can create appealing, interactive and memorable work, including meeting notes, with ease. Paper enables you to make your notes noticeable and meaningful by linking in related Dropbox resources, be they existing docs or images.

By allowing the addition of elements developed on multiple platforms into one document, you can build interactive notes that every member of your team can view and provide feedback for in real time. You can also use the Paper mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android, to snap quick pictures of whiteboards and stickies and place them in your meeting notes to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Turn Any Document into A Dropbox Paper Template

To ensure a streamlined discussion, you can use Paper to gather and automatically convert relevant documents into one uniform sharable template. Just open an existing doc, click the ellipsis icon, and select “Templatize,” and Dropbox will generate the template for you. You can then share your new template with colleagues so that they too can use it.

Templates appear on the template library, and a member of your team can access them when creating their docs by clicking “Create with templates” from the Paper homepage. With Paper templates, your staff can get all documents, be they team notes, creative briefs, project plans or presentations in the same format, and they will, therefore, know precisely how to navigate through them and fish out the information they need during a meeting.

Define the Outcomes of Your Meeting Clearly

results of a discussion on your shared meeting notes

Including the results of a discussion on your shared meeting notes is an excellent way to make sure your team is aligned before they go off to handle their tasks. Without a quick record-keeping solution, however, it’s possible to miss a few valuable pointers.

Paper’s Task List feature makes it a lot easier to track essential action items. You can create checkboxes automatically before and during the meeting so that you know what topics have been tackled and what is remaining. If you resolve to give someone a task, you can mention them with the @ sign longside the action, and they will see it, whether or not they were in attendance.

The efficiency of your meetings can significantly impact your company’s productivity. So, if you reckon you’re not doing enough to save time during those vital face-to-face sessions, consider giving Dropbox Paper a go the next time your team gets together.

This is a sponsored post for Dropbox. All opinions are my own.