With a long history, rich culture and friendly people, Beijing is a city where you can enjoy your holiday. Lively nightlife and parties all across the city are some of the key attractions. Many joints are serving as sources of after-hours entertainment, and most of the Beijing hotels in the area will point you in their direction.

The HOPS International Beer Fest

Among the many festivals held across the globe, beer festivals seem to have the majority of attention. Many people love to participate in beer festivals due to the fun events. China, in particular, Beijing, has not been left behind from hosting any beer festivals. The city is about to make history with its first international beer festival. The HOPS International Beer Fest Festival is expected to be held on July 1st and will last for three days. According to HOPS, the official publication in China of beer culture, the festival takes place at the beautiful MGM Beach.

For those in love with beer festivals, The International Premium Beer Festival in Beijing should be on your calendar of must-attend. The party organizers have put measures to ensure that all those in attendance enjoy the event to the fullest. Here are some of the engaging activities you should not miss:

A wide variety of beers — All the best brands from all nations around the globe will be served. On average, 80 different types of the best and quality beers will be availed. Some of the mind-boggling brands will be from Japan, England, German, Belgium, Italy and the United States of America. You should rest assured that these drinks will give your mind the necessary fun and make the whole festival unforgettable. As a promotion bit, many foods will be provided free of charge to match up with the beers you take.

Lively music with Live DJs — Usually, each and every Beijing party is not complete without some loud music. Music is well known to be additive to the fun in drinking. Arrangements have been put in place to bring some of the best DJs, singers, comedians, dancers and other entertainers aboard to spice up the festival. You should expect a beer-soaked extravaganza for those three days for that is the sole purpose of having entertainers on the Beijing party scene.

Mouth watering food — Dishes that will leave you salivating and ask for more. Drinks go hand in hand with a well-packed stomack. During the International Premium Beer Festival, the best and quality meals will be at your disposal. Diversity in preparing these foods is present. Regardless of your background, culture or taste, expect to find an ideal dish for you at the festival. Some of the world famous delicacies like Fly Pizza paired together with an Italian Ale, or Homeplate Burgers spiced with American IPA. Grab a Jay Mexican Burrito and Spiced Beers, Billy’s Fish and Chips paired with a British brew, Glacial Ice cream or Artdog’s Frankfurter with a German Pilsner; all will be at your disposal. These will get you from the vendors to pair up with your drink!

For those who have been dreaming of meeting the manufacturer of their favorite drink, the International Premium Beer Festival will provide the honor. Also, during the festival, you will witness the official beer launch of Hitachino, which is the Japan’s craft premium beer. You can have the honor of being among the very first ones to taste this great brand of beer. Here, you will get a seldom opportunity to meet with the teams behind Cuvee Des Trolls as well as those who create Westmalle Trappist.

International beers will be in constant supply for those three days. The global brands provided at the festival include: Antonina, Baladin, Rochefort, St. Louis, Stassen, Brewdog, Delirium, Estaminet, Flensburger, Bush, Kasteel, Konig Ludwig, KVB, Chimay, Cuvee Des Trolls, Goose Island, Gulden Draak, Hacker, Hitachino , Hoegaarden, Lindemans, Omer, Palm, Piraat, Steen Brugge, Viola, and Westmalle. Visit the festival for more surprises.

The stunning beach, formerly known as Uper+ but known as MGM Beach is the right place to have such a great party. This venue is on the rooftop of the MGM Club, which is near the southern gate of the Workers’ Stadium. For the event, all club seats, as well as tables, will be taken away so the terrace can turn into one huge dance floor. Consequently, at the beach, you will have all the space you need to dance for days and the nights. Come and have a piece of fun in this awaited festival.

Presale tickets are now available at https://yoopay.cn/event/35427394. Benefits are accruing from an early purchase of these tickets. Usually, the presale tickets are priced at RMB50 for each single day, and you get one free premium beer. If you don’t book your ticket now, you will have to part with RMB80 for each ticket per day at the entrance.

Those with inquiries, compliments or comments about the tickets, you can easily get help by sending a message to WeChat (Hops_Magazine). The other way to get to us would be calling our line (010)58700535-282 or send us an email; gambrinuschina@live.com

HOPS is a body with an objective of providing accurate and an in-depth publication of the beer market in China. Their role entails identification of venues and events, creating awareness of the science of beer brewing and publicizing the markets. The body tries to identify the ideal beer pairing and innovative recipes hoping that the readers out there will have a deeper understanding of beer.

Beijing night clubs are hugely popular with international travelers, but also with locals due to the number of stylish bars, shops, and restaurants, between ancient structures and gardens. Tens of thousands of people visit Beijing every single day, to obtain a sample of ancient history combined with modern nightlife. Have it in you plans to visit the HOPS International Beer Fest for an experience you will never forget.