Hong Kong Polytechnic University

World Ranking: 116
Asian university ranking 2015: 27
Total number of students: 22,064
Female to male ratio: 51: 49
Percentage of international students: 26%
Number of faculties: 8 with 20 departments
Total number of faculty and staff: 2417
Student to Staff Ratio: 25.9

University Profile

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University was founded in 1937 as the Government Trade School and  in 1972  it was formally established as the Hong Kong Polytechnic. It assumed full university status in November 1994 and was renamed the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is a public, internationally recognised university located at Hung Hom, Hong Kong. It is highly dedicated to innovative research, academic excellence, and knowledge transfer.

The University aims at unleashing and nurturing students potential, making them competent in their professions. It is the largest University Grants Committee-funded higher learning institution in China regarding students population.

Academic Reputation of Hong Kong Polytechnic University

In 2014, the University was ranked 30th worldwide among universities less than 50 years old. It has groomed more than 35,000 students who have become professionals in their fields of study. The university offers over 200 programs that are internationally recognised. It offers majors in Design, Optometry, Environment, Business, Sustainable Development, and Engineering.

The University has incorporated work integrated education and service learning in its curriculum. This encourages students to apply their knowledge in real life. The University has a network of more than 440 institutions across 47 countries.

Schools and Faculties

The University has eight faculties each having several departments.

1. School of Applied Sciences and Textiles

Departments in this school include Chemical Technology and Applied Biology, Applied Physics, Textiles and Clothing, and Applied Mathematics.

2. Faculty of Business

The faculty has three departments: Accounting and Finance, Marketing and Management, and Maritime Studies and Logistics.

3. The Faculty of Environment and Construction

Four Departments, including Building Services Engineering, Real Estate, Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, and Geo-Informatics and Land Survey.

4. The Faculty of Engineering

It has the department of computing, electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, information engineering, biomedical engineering, aviation and aeronautical engineering.

5. Faculty of Humanities

This consists of the departments of English, General Education Centre, Chinese culture, Bilingual Studies and the English language centre.

6. The School of Health Sciences and Social Sciences.

It has the following departments; Nursing, Optometry, Rehabilitation Sciences, Applied Social Sciences, and Health Technology.

7. The School of design.

8. The School of Hotel Management and Tourism Management.

Research Aspects

Hong Kong Polytechnic University focuses on a multi-disciplinary collaboration fostering innovative research that meets societal needs and advanced technology. Students are provided with various opportunities of engaging in intensive research projects.The university has set up many research centres to promote innovation, each faculty having their research centres. The University has an ultramodern library with holdings of over three million materials, where about 600,000 are electronic resources. The library provides sufficient study spaces and audio-visual aided study centre. The University has always topped and shown an outstanding performance in research globally in the textiles and clothing field. The National Investors Academy ranked PolyU at the top among Hong Kong Universities that receive the highest number of U. S patents.

Opportunities for International Students

Hong Kong Polytechnic University has established good international relation worldwide; this is boosted by the 440 institutions in other countries.The University always welcomes international students to join their International Community, which consists of students from more than 40 countries. For students who would like to take a full-time course at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, you are always eligible to apply as an international student. You should, however, meet some requirements as per the University Acts. For students who would like to pursue a short time course in the University, the Study Abroad program ( Student Exchange) is the best choice. The University also provides great opportunities for international students, where they appreciate their cultures, promoting better relations and embracing global unity. There are scholarship opportunities offered by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University especially to students who have challenges in covering their tuition fee and cost of living. This highly helps all students complete their academic career in the University and land a good job.

Extracurricular Activities

The University has developmental programs, which are also considered as learning activities. They include mentorship programs, study tours, expert talks and industrial based projects.The Hong Kong Polytechnic University offers recreational and sports facilities to its students, to accommodate the various interests and needs, for an all rounded student development. There are also amenities centers such as communal and Shaw buildings. The school offers activities such as athletics, basketball, handball, rugby, swimming, tennis, Badminton, Fencing, Karatedo, Rowing, Soccer, Squash, Taekwondo, Volleyball, and Woodball.

Inconveniences of the University.Since top universities tend to bring about a competitive environment, this environment leads to suicide cases especially to people who are unable to cope up with the environment. This is a common problem in Hong Kong Universities. Other problems common to people with poor social skills is that they tend to have several challenges as they are unable to create good relations with others. The high population of Hong Kong also makes it difficult for students to secure accommodation in convenient places. There are a few security and drug abuse issues in the University, which becomes a challenge especially to new students who are not used to campus life.

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