Hong Kong Baptist University Details and Stats

Address: Graduate School
AAB 904, Level 9, Academic and Administration Building
Baptist University Road Campus
Hong Kong Baptist University
Kowloon Tong
Hong Kong
China HK

Key Statistics

Hong Kong Baptist University was on the World University Rankings 2016 at 351-400th and 44th on the Asia University Ranking.

The Student: Staff Ratio 11:1 while Female: Male Ratio 61: 39

Hong Kong Baptist University is a tertiary institution that is funded by the public and has a Christian education heritage established in the urban setting of the Hong Kong metropolis.

It was founded in 1956 by Baptist Convention of Hong Kong with support from American Baptists as Hong Kong Baptist College committed to the provision of whole person education. Hong Kong Baptist College would then become a fully-fledged public tertiary institution by 1983. In 1994, it gained university status and was renamed HKBU( Hong Kong Baptist University). HKBU and Beijing Normal University came together in November 2014 to form the International College to act as a bridge between the higher education institutions in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Hong Kong Baptist University is renowned for its holistic approach to education which is delivered by an international team of scholars in a supportive and caring environment. The students, staff and faculty members continue to strive for excellence and are highly dedicated to the mission of becoming Hong Kong’s premium Liberal Arts University, delivering on innovation, academic excellence and social progress. HKBU has a holistic approach to education which is committed to helping the students unlock their creativity while equipping themselves with knowledge. The university also has a comprehensive international learning program which helps broaden the student’s global outlook and horizons.

With its main campus at a transport hub, it enables the students to immerse themselves in the Hong Kong’s cosmopolitan way of life as they gain an all-round education which nurtures the attitudes and abilities requisite to be creative and very capable leaders around the world.

Information about Honk Kong Baptist University

Currently, the university has more than 10,000 students and provides a wide range of bachelor’s programs, postgraduate programs as well as research programs that lead to the doctoral degrees and the award of MPhil. HKBU has nine schools/faculties/ academies including the Faculty of Arts, School of Chinese Medicine, School of Business, Graduate School, School of Business, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Science, School of Continuing Education and Academy of Visual Arts.

Vibrant Campus Life

Hong Kong Baptist University is located in the heart of the city and it has five campuses (Ho Sin Hang Campus, Baptist University Road Campus, Shaw Campus, Shek Mau Campus, the Kai Tak Campus) which offer an inspiring research, teaching and learning environment. The university has invested in a well-equipped laboratory, research infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities which offer the students a dynamic study environment.

Among the university’s world-class libraries is a European Documentation Centre, the Dr Stephen Riady Chinese Medicine Library and the seven-floor main library. HKBU also has a swimming pool, a comprehensive sports facilities which contain two multipurpose gymnasiums, a multipurpose sports hall for ball and racquet games and a full-size outdoor athletics stadium and soccer pitch.

Hong Kong Baptist University has developed an internationalized campus environment. The university’s academic staff members come from more than 25 countries and regions, and they pioneer programs such as the International Writers Workshop, the European Union Academic Program, the Pulitzer’s Prize Winners Workshop and the Consul-General-In-Residence Program. The university brings renowned experts from across the world so as to add a globalized effect to the campus experience.

The university is also committed to creating a low-carbon sustainable campus as well as fostering an environmentally-conscious culture within the university community.

Ultimate Window Into China

When you study in Hong Kong, it opens a unique window into, not only China but also into other Asian countries. This gives the students the opportunity to gain first-hand information about the many challenges facing Asia as a whole, and China as a country. With the establishment of strong partnerships with institutions in mainland China, HKBU has a number of collaborative projects running.

Focus On Impactful Research

As much as HKBU’s research covers a wide range of Vision 2020’s areas, the University has a 10-year development plan which encourages theme-based research and interdisciplinary research mainly on four major focus areas including health, cross-cultural studies, environment and Chinese and China studies.

There is the Hong Kong Fellowship Scheme which interests most of the research postgraduate students. With the aim of attracting the brightest students from around the world, it was established by the Hong Kong Research Grants Council to help the students pursue their doctoral studies in Hong Kong.

For up to 3 years, the Fellowship provides an annual stipend of $30,000 as well as a research and conference-related travel allowance of $ 1,300 annually.

Global Recognition

HKBU’s programs have received global recognition. For instance, the School of Business received accreditation from the Association of MBAs-AMBA and The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools- AACSB. It also won EQUIS recognition from the European Foundation for Management development. On the other hand, the School of Communication was among the best journalism and media schools for Asian students as compiled by the Asian Correspondent Website.

Medium of Instruction and Internationalization

HKBU uses English as its primary medium of instruction for the formal classroom teaching save for the courses that have been exempted. The university also has a network of over 300 partners from across the world which enables over 400 students to present themselves for the exchange programs.


The accommodation arrangement of the first year bachelor’s international students is nine-month provision of accommodation in the Undergraduate halls. For the postgraduate students, it’s majorly dependent on the occupancy, and they can either be provided with off-campus or on-campus accommodation.

Fees and Scholarships

Since 25% of the students are international students, the University has standardized the school fees to make it relatively less expensive. For government-sponsored programs, the cost of studying at HKBU as an international undergraduate student is around HK$170,000 annually with accommodation, tuition fees and basic expenses inclusive. For academically outstanding international undergraduate students, there are full scholarships available.

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