Introduction and History

Guangxi University is a research-led public university that is situated in Nanning, Guangxi in the People’s Republic of China. The university was founded in October of the year 1928. At the helm of the institution, the first president was Ma Junwu who was an educator and a celebrated scientist. In the year 1936, the university was further molded to become a comprehensive university providing several disciplines such as engineering, agriculture, medicine, liberal arts, and sciences. In 1939, Guangxi University further metamorphosed to become a national university. Tremendous growth was recorded during this period such that by the year 1949 the institution had already expanded accommodating five colleges and twenty two departments.

It was during the year 1952 that the College of Agriculture then became an independent entity and was known as Guangxi Agricultural College. Guangxi University came to be in the year 1997 when the previous Guangxi University and the former Guangxi Agricultural University came together to form the new institution of higher learning. This merger was largely necessitated by the growing need to reform and consequently develop the higher education system. Shortly after, in 1999, the newly formed Guangxi University was entrenched in the 211 Project which is a group of elite universities. In the year 2004, Guangxi University was subsequently approved to become a co-sponsored university by the Education Ministry and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Guangxi University Ranking

In its quest to remain a centre for academic excellence, Guangxi University has continued to rank among the top 100 universities in China. In particular, the 2015 Academic Ranking of World Universities ranked Guangxi University as position 97 among the Best Chinese Universities Ranking. Currently, the university has about 23,649 undergraduate students on a full time basis while there are 6,669 post-graduates on a similar engagement. Additionally, there has been a steady growth of international students’ presence at the institution. Actually, Guangxi University was among the first 66 universities in the region to enroll international students. Presently, these international students come from more than 30 countries around the globe. In addition to this student population, a further 10,000 are enrolled on a full time basis in Guangxi University XiangJian College of Science and Liberal Arts. Guangxi University is located in the Xixiangtang district, of Nanning, in Guangxi.

Faculties and Disciplines Offered

Guangxi University has an extensive reach of disciplines from where interested students can choose their preferred courses. Notably, it has 30 colleges and 97 undergraduate programs. Additionally, the university has 36 disciplines (first category) and 171 second-category disciplines. These are those of Management, Agriculture, Engineering Liberal Arts, Law, Philosophy, Science, Education, and Economics. Among the list of the 30 colleges is; Colleges of Adult Education, Animal Science & Technology, Architecture, Computer Science & Information Engineering. And Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology & Sugar Making Engineering, Sciences, Culture & Mass Communication, Commerce, Agriculture, Vocational Technology, Forestry, Civil Engineering, Electric Engineering, Resources and Environment, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Foreign Languages, Laws, and Social Science & Management.

Research Advancements

Notably, Guangxi University has effectively carried out in its duties as a research institution through collaboration with other institutions as well. For instance, the Sino-Canadian International College (SCIC) established in September of 2001 is a Guangxi University affiliated college whose objective is to introduce polished and advanced teaching methodologies and concepts from abroad and bring them closer home by fitting them into the Guangxi’ education situation. Strategically, the combination of English together with the vast available disciplines present at Guangxi University ensures that extremely strong talents utilising equally strong English application as well as excellent knowledge of other disciplines combine to satisfy both the social and economic development requirements. The effectiveness of such collaborations is evident from the fact that SCIC alone has successfully undertaken a total of 24 research projects touching on reform.

Consequently, it has received quite some rewards like the first prize for Educational and Scientific Research Achievements Award of Guangxi among others. Further, the members of the faculties, as well as the SCIC staff, have recorded a publication of 57 papers. Accordingly, 7 of these published papers continued to be published in various key journals as well as in other publications like the t1 teaching material book. Singlehandedly, the SCIC has further gone ahead and established two key research centers. These are the Comparative Education Centre and the Canadian Studies Center.

University’s Extra-curricular Activities

Ideally, Guangxi University has a total of roughly 3,585 faculty and staff members. Of these, 422 of them are professors; 144 are doctoral supervisors and 711 associate professors. This number of faculty members ensures that the faculty-student ratio is maintained at an optimum. Guangxi University provides an excellent opportunity to the students to partake in various extra-curricular activities. For instance, there exist several associations in which students may join according to their desires and preferences. Music and Operas Association provides a good activity which is both soothing and relaxing to engage in. Various sports are also available as a great way to relieve the stress accumulated in the academic world. Some form of sports undertaken include badminton, tennis, table tennis, cycling, baseball, softball, Ping-Pong among others. Track events are also very common with athletics and cycling featuring prominently. Interestingly, there is also the ability to relax while developing other aspects of life as evident in the availability of martial arts association as an extra-curricular activity. The power of meditation cannot be overlooked as there exist meditation based activities like the yoga association.

Opportunities Presented

International students at Guangxi University have ample opportunities while studying and living at the institution. For instance, the opportunity to be able to interact with fellow students and the community at large enables them to be able to experience different cultures and traditions. Moreover, this may even lead to them learning of a new language. Further, job opportunities are available as contracts, freelancing, employments, and internships or even as volunteering opportunities. In fact, the social services associations at Guangxi University has the Employment, Part-time Job, and Volunteer Associations as active associations within the university fraternity. The wide range of faculty and programs on offer at Guangxi University gives students the flexibility to choose what they are most comfortable with and most specifically in line with their career goals and aspirations. For this reason, each student’s choice of a program is purely based on their interests and abilities.

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