Group interviews are fast gaining popularity in the modern workspaces facilitated by the changing trends of office layouts and process of selection times. Additionally, group interviews are an efficient avenue for an organisation which may wish to fill multiple vacancies. Group interviews are one of the most effective ways that corporations use in the identification of promising candidates.

Basically, one-on-one interviews can be quite a handful to deal with, and the group mentality has been found to increase pressure to outperform peers. Essentially, it is important to prepare thoroughly for any group interview and not to be lost in the midst of the other applicants. Below are some group interview tips which may aid you in performing well and standing out amongst the other interviewees present.

Arrive Early

It is important to remember that interviews are a moment to stand out and be noticeable among the rest of the candidates. Therefore, among the fundamental group interview tips is getting to the interview venue well before time gives you ample time to recuperate from your stress and compose yourself well in readiness for the process. Arriving early will also give you some prime time to conduct some essential first impressions on your prospect employers.

Additionally, you can expect to be monitored group interviews from the very onset, and thus a late start will degrade your chances. Importantly, arriving early assures you the opportunity to interact with other candidates in a more casual environment thereby easing the tension that may come along with meeting new faces altogether.

Craft a Catchy and Exciting Icebreaker

Almost definitely, you will be asked to introduce yourself; this gives you a chance to create your first impressions. Notably, this should serve as an icebreaker, and you should deliver it with a lot of confidence. It is important not to have this introduction too long but rather keep it precise and to the point. Sometimes, you will be asked to give an introduction of another interviewee, here is where your previous socialization with your peers will come to the fore.


group interview tips

Use of Appropriate Body Language

While this group interview tips may not be unique to group interview only, it is important to remember that having more than one interviewee will provide the interviewers with a platform to sharply compare the behavioural aspects for all candidates.

Sitting upright will go a long way in painting you as an attentive and alert candidate portraying the picture that you are genuinely interested in your surroundings. On the contrary, poor body posture and behaviours may be interpreted to mean that you are not interested in what is going on and therefore heavily jeopardise your chances at securing the job opportunity.

Make Sure To Be Yourself

Although you are competing with other individuals for the same positions, it is important to be yourself and not act as someone that you are not. Remember that the interviewing panel has done this many times before and therefore will be well poised to identify those who facade as someone else or those overexerting themselves. This in tangent other group interview tips will ensure that you enhance your chances at being noticeable and consequently acquiring the position.

Avoid Interrupting

Among one of the most important group interview tips is that regardless of the competition at hand, you should not talk over others. It is a fact that as one becomes more engrossed in the interview process, and as the need to impress takes precedence, one may be tempted to shout down other participants. However, among other aspects that may be under investigation are your ability to work well in a team. Talking over others may have serious repercussions and will be one of the biggest risks in losing your opportunity.

Try Not to Be Too Intimidated Towards Your Competition

As discussed earlier, group interviews can be intimidating especially when you meet a more vocal or qualified person in the same interview room. An important group interview tip is that you should not get lost in the group as others try to take control of the interview.

Remember, the interviewers are most likely not necessarily searching for the most vocal person but, it’s an easy way to stand out; chip in as much as you can. Being a passive participant may be interpreted as being someone who is not self-confident and not in control and may be detrimental to your chances.

Be Mindful of Including Others

Among other skills under scrutiny in group interviews is your leadership skills. Try to avoid having a monopoly on the thoughts, ideas, and contributions. Most interview tips advocate for being accommodating of what other people have to say by embracing their positions on various issues.

For example, if there is an introvert in the group, try to go out of your way to specifically involve them. Remember that interviewers are always on the look out for key skills, talents, and abilities and your ability to include everyone else may tilt the scales of in your favor

group interview tips

Maintain formality

Occasionally, group interviews may delude an interviewer to being very relaxed and in the process forget the seriousness of the process at hand. As such, avoid being complacent around formality; refer to your peers and interviewers appropriately. Try not to discuss inflammatory topics and maintain non-offensive language. Remember that despite the presence of more than one interviewee; the process still retains the seriousness associated with it.

Keep Your Concentration

In conclusion, the most fundamental group interview tip is that you should not lose focus in the interview process. Some activities which may portray that you are not actively following in the process include staring off, checking your phone or even constantly glancing at your wristwatch. It is important to look enthusiastic and thoroughly engaged throughout the process.

Hopefully, you will do great in your interview and remember these few tips you will be able to stand above the competition and join the workforce.

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