Job searching can be a headache, especially for fresh graduates. The most hindering aspect that makes finding the job a hassle is a fact that new graduates have limited experience. Drafting a catchy and straightforward cover letter can serve as the stepping stone to your future job. Besides an appealing note, it is important to be unique and sell yourself as much as possible. Due to limited time, it is advisable to make your letter short and precise while delivering the intended message to the manager or hiring company.

Format of a Cover letter for job applications

There are various forms of cover letters; however, some of the essential components must be reflected.

Sender’s address


Recipients address and name




As you write the letter, traditionally it is prudent to start with Dear Sir/Madam or to whom it may concern. As mentioned above try to convince the employer. Mention about your importance to the company, your qualifications and capabilities. Be concise, unique and personal.

Well covered cover letters include areas such as:

Cover Letters

What job are you able to do?

Work, experienced, skilled, able

Will you do the job?

Ambitious, interested, willing, capable

Are you going to fit in it?

It depends whether its shape is square, oval or rectangle

Sample funny cover letters

1. I have proof HR resigned

I have been sending application letters in your organisation for the post of the human resource manager in vain. All the time I get the position the response that the post has already been filled. However, the former HR is my neighbour; he informed me that he resigned yesterday. So, I know now the position is vacant, and that is the reason I have re-applied for it. Attached is my CV and former HR manager resignation letter.

2. Inborn experience

My dream since I was one year old was to work in your company. Now I’m 22 and graduated yesterday. I hold bachelor’s degree in computer science and economics. Although your advert states you require a five-year experienced person, mine is one day and exceeding ten years. I am waiting to hear from you soon.

3. Experienced driver found

Dear madam/sir. Following your announcement for the post of driver, I take this opportunity to apply for the job. I can assure you my experience is superb. I have been on super highways for the last six years. You can find my experience on the on the attached Compact disk. What I can be able to achieve includes, driving without getting busted by cops and avoiding traffic jams. The disk contains my latest racing game prowess.

4. No need for a cover letter

Hello there, regarding my experience I do not see the need for a cover letter. My experience is unlimited and natural. Many companies are struggling to hire me, but I want to be engaged in your organisation. No certificates and attended no school only essential experience. I hope there is a slot for me. See you, Marcus.

5. Clerk job

Dear sir/madam
I am a qualified public certified clerk seeking employment on your press company. My area of specialisation is obituaries since I like reading great people histories. Additionally, who doesn’t like to know the life of worst folks?

6. About experience

Dear madam/sir, I’m well experienced having been a security person for over ten years. However, my resume can only include the list of things that I don’t to experience again in life. These include

Opening gate for visitors, they can be thugs
Working at night, it is freezing, and I fear darkness
Wearing uniform, everyone knows I’m a security guard.

Yours sincerely

7. Can I get the job without hassling?

Dear manager, my name is Katie. I am very qualified to fit in the position of regional director you advertised last week. My only problem is I want the job but bored of writing a resume. I hope you can invite me for an interview.

8. Desperate job seeker

Frankly speaking, I have spent thousands of dollars on education. Now the only way to recover them is getting employed. I am cute as per my friends and relatives comments. Also, I think I’m a hardworking fellow, thus fit for your organisation. I desperately need any available position in your company. I am looking forward to securing an interview with you.

9. Reasons to hire me

Cover Letters

Dear HR,
I am applying for the post of advertisement manager in your company. I truly deserve that job because; I have over 10k followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, flick, and Gmail. Additionally, I can say ‘hi’ in more than fifteen languages. I think that is more than enough reasons to get that job.

10. Funny internship letter

I am a student at one of local university perusing degree in international relation. I have been saving few pennies to travel to the capital city so as to gain experience through your organisation. I will show you how much I was able to keep to prove my dedication and commitment. Do not hesitate to call me anytime, weekdays, weekend and even during the night.

Funny Application response to cover letters

We take this opportunity to inform you that your resume best rated among thousands of application we received. In fact you are the best of best; regrettably, we wish you luck in life as you search for a job. We have kept your letter in our records.

 You are beyond our ability

Dear James, following your application to be the chief computer technician, we first want to congratulate you for your experience. Our company for sure would like to hire you but, you are above our level of expertise. By employing you will be underutilising your skills and underpaying you. Thank you for your interest in our company and good luck.

First class dishonesty

Dear applicant, we have reviewed you application details. We can say your experience is exceptional. Your certificates are impressive. However, we regret to inform you all the information you provided was a total lie. Upon investigation, we were able to identify all documents belonged to different people. Nonetheless, you impressed us welcome to your new marketing job.

For every person who has been involved in the job application, he/she can bear witness that it is not a smooth process. There are many setbacks as companies try to employ the best brains. As we have seen above, some people have decided to go the hilarious way to secure employments. The scenario is one of the approaches people are using to exploit existing opportunities.

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