In the United States, getting through and graduating from high school is looked upon as one of the great accomplishments in your life. We put so much emphasis and focus on this achievement in our culture, and while that really isn’t a bad thing by any means, there are still so many things to come once we are finally finished with our journey of years upon years through high school.

All of the schools you’ve had up to graduation has been mandatory, but whether or not you want to continue your education through a college is entirely up to you. If you want to obtain a career in the field of your dreams, attending a highly regarded college is almost necessary in the world that we live in today.

fudan university

While it is possible to obtain the degree you are seeking within your homeland, have you ever thought about continuing your education journey in an entirely new and foreign country?

Studying abroad is a very popular move for students all across the country, as it can create an experience that will live with you for the rest of your life. The people you’ll meet, the culture you’ll experience, and the education you will receive will all come together for one of the most exciting parts of your life that you’re likely ever to have.

For students that are born and raised in the United States of America, China is consistently one of the most popular countries to venture off to when it comes to international studies. Of all of the schools in China for international students, one of the most selective and prestigious options out there comes by the name of Fudan University (

Fudan University is located at 220 Handan Road, Yangpu, Shanghai, China, and was originally founded all the way back in 1905, making the institution over 110 years old! Fudan is home to a total of four campuses and is very well known for their excellent international relations program.

Fudan University houses a total of 31,900 students. Of those 31,900, 3,000 of them are exchange students that are from all over the world. In regards to the amount of staff found at Fudan, there are 2,700 academic staff and 5,800 administrative staff.

To say the least, Fudan is quite packed in regards to both the student and staff count. And those high numbers don’t just stay with the amount of people attending Fudan, as it also translates to the university’s world ranking. For the world rankings of 2015-2016, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings placed Fudan University as 201-250th in the entire world. Additionally, for the News Inaugural Global University Ranking, Fudan University saw itself place within the top 3 for colleges in China and at the 96th spot for the world. Thanks to these numbers, it’s easy to see that why this is one of the most selective and highly regarded colleges in the country of China.

Fudan University is a college of liberal arts. The philosophy that Fudan University preaches it that an education within liberal arts allows for further development in a student’s character, understanding of various cultures all around them, and creates for unique and different ways of thinking. The whole goal here is to provide students with an overall firmer grasp and understanding of nature and society as a whole, and Fudan has been pushing this message since the early 1980s.

As you would probably expect from a university with such a big push for the education of liberal arts, one of Fudan’s biggest strengths comes in the form of their education and courses in Humanities and Social Sciences. When looking at the institution’s long-term and medium-term goals for this area of focus, Fudan is constantly hoping to achieve the absolute highest level in the nation when it comes to the education of humanities and social sciences. The college employs a large number of famous and well-known professors to teach their curriculum, and the college devotes a whopping 1,300 faculty members to just the teaching and education of humanities and social sciences.

Known to few but extremely important, Fudan University was one of the first universities in all of China to accept international students following the Communist Revolution. What’s even more impressive is that Fudan was the first institution in the whole nation to create a fully-focused exchange student center back in 2003. Each year about 7,000 international students from 120 different countries make the trek out to China so that they can study abroad at Fudan. Fudan University puts a strong emphasis on international education. While the cost of attending the university can be rather expensive, the strong push and attention that’s focused on the international body is unlike any other.

fudan university

In regards to student clubs that are held and organized within the University, Fudan is a strong player here as well. Fudan University is home to a total of 310 student clubs, with 260 of those being organizations for undergraduates, 30 clubs for those that are undergrads, and 19 groups for those who are international students.

In regards to those clubs, they are broken up into 18 different categories. Those categories included media, electrical, hobbies, management, skill enhancement, scientific research, politics, humanities, dance, music, ball sports, chess and card games, theater, outdoor activities, fitness, tutoring, public welfare, and international exchange. As you can see, there’s an extremely wide variety of clubs to join and things to do. The options here are essentially endless, and that’s something truly unique about Fudan University. If you’re looking for culture filled clubs and societies, this is easily the college for you.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, making the choice to study abroad can be one of the most impactful decisions you will ever make. The experience that comes out of being an international student is unlike any other, and the experience is honestly second to none. If this sounds like a course of action you want to take, you’ve got our full support!

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